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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/30/17


Written By Anthony

Ridge walks over to Pam’s desk and then into the CEO office. Ridge sees that Steffy is still here. Steffy cannot get over it. Ridge asks what she cannot get over. Steffy explains that there was a fire at Spectra.

Liam thinks it is horrible that he has to ask this. He needs to know if Bill ordered for Spectra to be torched tonight.

Eric gets Quinn a glass of water. Quinn thanks him. She thinks that Sheila gets her so wound up. Eric promises that Sheila is gone. Quinn knows and not a moment too soon. Quinn thinks that she was feeling like a stranger in her own home. Eric thinks that a lot of that was not needed. Quinn feels that Sheila brings out the worst in her. Quinn thinks that Sheila is dangerous and crazy.

Sheila brushes her hair in her hotel room. She promises to herself that she will be back. She will not let that woman destroy her. She will be back.

Quinn knows that they see Sheila very differently. Eric doesn’t want her to think that he is unaware of Sheila’s capabilities. Quinn thinks that Sheila hides things will. Eric reminds her that she knocked Sheila out cold. She was laying on the floor bleeding. Quinn believes she was faking it so she could stay here. Quinn doesn’t want to debate this. Sheila can go poison people elsewhere. Eric kisses her.

Sheila is shocked that the hotel manager is throwing Sheila out. The manager explains that she is behind on her bill. Sheila wonders if the manager ever found the person who was shooting a gun off here. She asks if he was able to locate them. Sheila is sure that he didn’t but he remembers this. Sheila didn’t forget though and neither will his corporate office when she calls them. She promises that he will get paid. She wants him to go back to his job unless he wants trouble. She promises she can bring trouble. She screams for the manager to get out.

Ridge wants to know how bad the fire was. Steffy explains it was really bad. The doctor says that she will be fine. The collection was destroyed. Ridge thinks it is crazy that it was the night before the big show.

Liam wants Bill to admit that he is responsible for the fire at Spectra. Bill thinks that this is dangerous. It needs to stop right here.

Quinn asks if she can make Eric a martini. Eric is fine. Quinn can tell that Eric isn’t. She asks if Eric is worried about her. Eric is worried about Quinn. She has had two fights in this home. He doesn’t want Quinn to fall back into her old ways. Quinn isn’t. Quinn’s capabilities are well known. Eric says that Sheila admitted her conditions were getting better. Quinn walked in on Sheila. She was prancing around the guest room like she was queen of the manor. Eric reminds her that even James said that she was getting better. Quinn feels that James is under her spell too. Eric asks if she thinks that he is under her spell. Quinn doesn’t think that Sheila is worth arguing about. Eric doesn’t want to in this home.

Sheila thinks about her first fight with Quinn and then her second one. She looks at her unfinished portrait. Sheila tells herself that she will never accept Quinn as part of Eric’s life. He needs to be rescued.

Ridge feels that this is a nightmare. Ridge finds it ironic though. Sally loses her collection and they lose their collection to Sally. Steffy guesses she should feel justification but she doesn’t. Steffy guesses she actually feels sorry for Sally. Ridge thinks that Bill will get that building for pennies on the dollar. Ridge doesn’t think thin that the fire couldn’t have happened at a better time for Bill.

Bill wonders if Liam realizes what he is accusing him of. Liam thinks that he needs to think about what he is asking him. Bill wants a little respect. Liam wonders what kind of respect. Bill means the opportunities and life. Bill wonders if he needs a laundry list. Liam loves Bill but this is not something he admires. Bill wants him to accept this and move on. Liam wishes he could do that. Bill thinks that Sally is a thief. Liam thinks that Bill saw what Sally was capable of. He wants Bill to look him in the eye and tell him the truth. He wants to know if Bill was behind the fire. Bill admits he was. He put Sally and that company out of their misery. He doesn’t regret it for a minute.

Ridge suggests that they call it a night. Steffy wonders if he wants to grab a drink. Ridge would love that. He is on a mission involving Eric. He wants to see what Sheila is up to. Steffy points out that Eric gave her the benefit of the doubt. Ridge thinks she is a psychopath. Ridge wants Quinn and Eric to know that he has their back. He wants her to let him know if she finds anything else about the fire.

Bill wants to know why Liam looks so shocked. He already suspected he was involved. Liam thinks it is hard to hear that he actually did it. Bill feels that Liam is alright with this because everything has been handed to him. He is a business man. Bill did everything he could do to prove that he is a good business man. Bill is counted on by thousands. Liam thinks he crossed a line. Bill thinks that lines can be blurred. Liam feels that Sally committed a crime. One crime doesn’t justify another. Bill believes that Sally got away with a major crime. Liam believes that now Sally is a victim of one. Bill guesses he can choose sides but he cannot kid himself. Sally is as big a thief as they come. Liam thinks that honestly there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do to get what he wanted. Bill wouldn’t murder but beyond that no. Liam wonders what he was supposed to do. He made two offers to CJ and he turned him down both times. Liam assumes that shipping Thomas off wasn’t enough for Bill. Bill thinks that worked out great. Caroline got her family back. Liam asks if there is anything that he will not justify. Liam thinks what he did was wrong. Liam thinks that this is what it is all about. Liam thinks that Bill’s ego is all in the form of a shiny ego. Liam asks if that is what feels good to him. That is the legacy he wants to leave his kids. Bill guesses if Liam doesn’t want this anymore then he can get out. Liam isn’t leaving. He is just getting started.

Sheila thinks about telling Eric that she doesn’t trust Quinn’s relationship with Ridge. She will hurt her again. She knows that she can do what is best for Eric.

Eric feels that Quinn could have killed Sheila. Eric wants to know what would have happened if the police were called. Quinn wants to know who would have called them. Sheila has a lifetime restraining order. Eric expects Quinn to be better than Sheila. Ridge walks in and asks what is going on. He asks why Eric is attacking Quinn for something that Sheila did. Eric asks what Ridge is doing here. Ridge heard them talking and came in. Eric says that this doesn’t involve him. Ridge knows it involves Sheila so it is. Quinn says that Sheila is gone. Eric doesn’t think that this is his business. Ridge knows he is upset but they have to try to move past it. There was nothing between the two of them. There wasn’t anything. Eric says that they are fine. Ridge is glad. He wonders why they are fighting then. Quinn explains that she and Sheila had a tiny fight. Eric says it wasn’t once and it wasn’t little. Eric doesn’t think that there is room for physical violence in this house. Eric doesn’t want him here. Ridge has her back. Ridge knows that Sheila will threaten his entire family. He needs to stay away from Sheila.

Sheila knows that Quinn still loves Eric. Someday he will realize that. Sheila will take her place in his heart.

Liam knows that victory by any means is Bill’s way. Bill will pay CJ more than the building is worth. Liam asks about Sally. Bill finds Liam odd. Bill is not the first businessman to cut corners. Liam thinks that this is the way of the world. Bill thinks that if you see an advantage you take it. He wants Skye in the LA skyline. Bill thinks that the end justifies the means. Liam thinks that they don’t have to agree. Liam kept his mouth shut about Caroline but this is different. Bill asks if he is going to turn him in. Liam has his own principles. Bill demands that he keep his mouth shut about this to Sally and Steffy. He is a Spencer. He will act like one. He takes out Liam’s sword. You live and die by the sword. You be true to your blood and your father. Or get the hell out and never come back.

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