B&B Tuesday Update 8/29/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/29/17


Written by Anthony

Sheila is on top of Quinn on the floor choking her. Quinn wonders what happens now. Sheila thinks she will get what she deserves. She doesn’t get to get away with what she did to Eric. Quinn tells her to go ahead. She can choke her out. She dares her. Sheila starts to choke her harder.

Steffy is sorry she is taking so long with work. Liam is fine. He is just thinking. Steffy believes he seems troubled. Liam thinks it is this lie that Bill is telling Thomas. He wants to tell everyone about it. Steffy thinks he has to keep it to himself. Pam walks in. She explains that there was a fire at Spectra.

Sally sits in a hospital bed with the entire Spectra crew surrounding her. Coco and RJ are also there. The doctor examines her. She wants her to take a deep breath. She thinks she is fortunate that she didn’t get to close to the fire. Sally knows it was stupid. Saul believes it was brave. Shirley wonders how things are. The doctor thinks that Sally will be fine. It could have been a lot worse. The doctor leaves. Sally doesn’t know how it could be any worse. Their entire future just went up in flames.

Bill looks at Skye. Justin walks back in. Bill asks if it is done. Justin says it is well done. Spectra is out of the game.

Quinn continues to choke as Sheila grabs her arms. Sheila finally releases her. Quinn thinks she is insane. She almost killed her. Sheila doesn’t think that almost counts. Quinn thinks that Sheila is strong as an ox. Quinn is going to tell Eric what happened. She is out of this house tonight. Quinn leaves.

Steffy is shocked to hear about a fire. Liam wants to know how bad. Pam doesn’t have details but it was pretty bad. Sally has smoke damage. Liam wants to go down there. Steffy agrees. Pam wants to be kept posted.

Sally ass if they can believe this. The collection and everything is gone. Darlita will now believe it. Saul feels that all that matters is she is alright. Sally finds that this is the worst thing that could have happened. Shirley wonders the odds of this happening the night before a big fashion show.

Bill is glad. Spectra is no longer a sorry obstacle to progress. Skye is going up and up.

Sally thanks Liam and Steffy for stopping by. Steffy wanted to make sure everyone was ok. Liam wanted her to know how sorry he was. Steffy never wanted this. Liam asks what happened. Sally was going to pull an all nighter. They came back and everything was in flames. Liam knows that words don’t mean much in a time like this but he is so sorry. Steffy is too. She thinks they deserved to have a shot. Sally thanks them both. CJ walks in. He is glad that they are all alive. He asks if Sally is ok. Sally is fine. She just took in a little smoke. CJ tells her she better be fine. Aside, from his mom, Sally is all he has. CJ spoke to the fire marshal. Apparently, the fire was electrical. Sally guesses it was the wiring. Liam makes a face.

Bill will admit that Spectra is a scrappy little bunch. Scrappy is no match for single minded determination. Bill always finds it disappointing that he had to go this far. Those clowns should have moved out when he asked them nicely. Justin must have missed that part. Bill wants to know when they can start building. Justin feels they have to wait so people don’t get suspicious. Bill is done being patient. Justin doesn’t think this is the time to bring news to Spencer.

Quinn runs downstairs calling out Eric’s name. Eric wonders what is the matter. Sheila is running after her. Eric cannot believe this happened again. Sheila is so sorry. Quinn thinks she tried to kill her because that is what she wanted to do. This woman is a murder and she wants her out of this house. Eric wants to know what happened. Quinn says that Sheila has been faking her symptoms and she knows it for a fact.

Bill hates it when Justin is right. Justin always is looking out for Bill. Bill will wait then. CJ will beg him to take the office from him.

Steffy is shocked there was an electrical fire. Sally explains they had faulty wiring. It is her fault. She was warned. She just put off getting it fixed. She couldn’t afford it. She thought they would after the showing. Sally knows they have been thrown enough punches. Sally knows this is a setback. They can rebuild. CJ tells her that there is no insurance. He made a mistake too. He thought the sale was going to happen eventually so he forgot to pay it. CJ guesses Bill could buy what is left of the building and they could make some money. Liam doesn’t want her to worry about this. She will come back and be better than ever. He has to go.

Eric knows that Quinn thinks that Sheila has been faking… Quinn knows it for a fact. She went up to the guest to find Sheila walking around like she owned the place. Not compromised at all. Sheila was just practicing. Sheila has to push herself a little. Quinn was going to tell Eric that she was lying but before she got to the door Sheila grabbed her. Sheila was trying to reason with her. She attacked her. Quinn was trying to push her off of her. Sheila wants her dead. Quinn says that Sheila had her on the floor with her hands around her neck. Sheila is crazy as ever. Eric wonders if Sheila has been exaggerating the symptoms to stay in his house. Eric asks if she has been exaggerating her symptoms to stay in the house. Sheila says of course not. She just wanted to see what she was capable of. She tried to tell her that. The sooner she is better the sooner she is gone. Quinn doesn’t want to figure out her definition of sooner. She wants Sheila gone tonight. Sheila doesn’t want to leave. She doesn’t trust Quinn’s relationship with Ridge. She knows she will hurt her again. Eric doesn’t need to be protected again. Eric has to agree with Quinn. It is time she leaves. He asks her to wait outside for a car. Sheila is sorry about this. She knows he doesn’t want her to look out for him but he always wants what is best. Eric walks over to the door and Sheila starts walking. She looks at the portrait of Quinn one last time before exiting. Eric says goodbye. Quinn holds her neck. Eric hugs her.

Outside, Sheila says it is not over. She will be back. It will be her portrait hanging above that fireplace.

Steffy cannot imagine what Sally is going through. Sally just thinks that everything went up in flames. She didn’t want to say it in front of everyone. There is no coming back from this though. Spectra is really dead this time.

Liam walks in on Bill. He asks if he is interrupting. Bill asks what is on his mind. Liam says that Spectra went up in flame. He thought the poetry of it was odd. He thinks that this is exactly what Bill didn’t want to happen. Liam just came from the hospital. Sally suffered from smoke damage. Bill doesn’t want to see harm come to Sally. Liam thinks that would make sense. That would force him to feel guilty for once. He is thinking about Bill’s methods. He asks who goes as far to fake a persons illness. It isn’t criminal though. Arson on the other hand… Liam loves Bill. Maybe, that is stupid. There are limits. It is getting harder though. That fire wasn’t an accident. That was him. He wanted those people out of there. He wants Bill to admit he did it. Spectra burnt to ashes because of him.

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