B&B Monday Update 8/28/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/28/17


Written by Anthony

The Spectra office is on fire

Bill sits on his desk with a drink in his hand. He stands up and looks at Skye. He takes a sip and smiles.

Eric makes a fire in the living room. He doesn’t think that Quinn has touched her martini. Quinn is not in the mood. Maybe if they had something to celebrate. Such as a certain someone moving out. She wants to go and check in on James. She would like to see how the exam is going. Eric thinks that is fine but he wants her to remember why Sheila is here in the first place. Quinn guesses she shouldn’t have let things get so out of control. If she is the one who hurt her then of course she wants to make sure she is ok. Quinn just thinks this is a little much. She is having a hard time believing this isn’t a big fat lie.

James asks Sheila how long she plans to drag this out. Sheila will do so as long as it takes. James wonders if she plans to fake it the rest of her life. Sheila wants to know how she is faking. Quinn knocked her cold. James doubts that a concussion would warrant her to be in bed all this time. Sheila thinks that Eric will see how horrible Quinn is and kick her out. James feels that Eric could be able to do that on his own. James wants to tell Eric the truth. Sheila thinks that is fine if his career means nothing to him. Sheila thinks he will lose everything. She wonders if he wants to lose his practice over this. He needs to think long and hard before he says anything.

Justin asks if Bill is having any second guessing. Bill never does. He asks if he has any updates. Justin told them to move it along. It looks like he will get his building. Bill always gets what he wants.

The Spectra office continues to burn. Outfits and photos included.

James doesn’t think that Sheila can still be wobbly and woosey after all this time. His reputation is on the line. Sheila feels that he should have thought about that when he was taking drugs. No one has to know. He doesn’t need to make her tell. She hears them coming and she gets back in bed. Eric and Quinn walk in. Quinn wonders if there are any improvements. Quinn assumes she can be on her own now. Sheila cannot imagine going back to the hotel now. Quinn promises her she doesn’t have to. She has actually been looking into some rentals for her. If she cannot afford the first month’s rent then she is sure that they can work out a loan. Sheila thinks that is a bit premature. Quinn wants her to go by tonight. She assumes that Sheila has recovered from her concussion. There is no reason that Sheila needs to stay here any longer. Eric knows that Quinn wants Sheila to go but he feels bad that this happened to her. Quinn thinks she got what she deserved. Eric asks James if she is ready to leave. James believes she is better but wonders if they want to take the risk. Quinn wants to know what risk. If she can leave then she can leave. James knows Eric wants to keep this quiet but if Sheila relapses then it could get out. Eric asked James to come here. They have to trust him. He knows what he is talking about. Sheila could leave so long as someone calls her to make sure she gets up. She thanks Eric for letting her stay here. She is so thankful. She feels this shows what kind of a man he is. Quinn thinks that this is a phony act. Eric doesn’t think there is any harm in letting Sheila stay. There is potential harm in letting her leave. He wants to do the right thing. Sheila can stay. Quinn rolls her eyes.

Bill believes that this will be good for Sally. People who come from nothing thrive in the face of diversity. Justin thinks he is hilarious. Bill wants him to think of the comeback she can have. He can do a feature on it. He doesn’t want Sally gone forever. Just for now. Bill waited long enough to get the property. He wanted to make sure no one was in the building. Justin promises him that no one will get hurt.

Sally and the crew all arrive back at the building and Saul smells something. She walks into the office and runs to her office. They all try to stop her from going in. Sally cries as she sees the designs on fire.

In the foyer, Quinn tells Eric that Sheila is doing this to torture her. She feels violated in her own home. Eric wants Quinn to breathe and try to relax. This is just temporary. Eric wants her to let this be. If they push her out to quickly then it will never end. He wants to know they did the right thing. He doesn’t want her to stir the pot. They will move on from this.

Sheila doesn’t want James to look so guilty. He did the right thing. Sheila feels that this was for Eric’s own good. His wife cheated on him with his son. James wonders if she thinks she will be able to change things. Sheila cannot help out with the past but she can in the future. Eric is to trusting of Quinn. Eric needs her here to watch out and for protection. That bitch will portray him again. Thanks to James she will be here when Quinn does and take her down.

Justin informs Bill that the fire truck is on its way. Bill was hoping that there would be more time for nature to take its course. Justin thinks that things will be fine. Bill thinks it is fitting that Spectra goes out in a blaze of glory.

Sally coughs. Shirley says that someone already called 911 and they want them out of here. Sally asks if there is a fire extinguisher out here. Sally is not leaving her collection. A fire fighter comes in and tells them to get out. The fire fighters drag them out. Sally is sobbing.

Sheila is walking around the humming. Quinn walks in and sees that she is up and about. Quinn is checking in on the patient. Sheila is glad. She got up to get a glass of water. She started feeling a little weak. She wonders if she would mind getting her some water. Quinn thinks she can get her own damn water. At the hotel tonight. She knew she was faking it. She walked in here and she was dancing around and humming. Sheila was getting water. Quinn thinks that is because she is healthy. She wants her out of here tonight. Sheila doesn’t think he walked in anything. Quinn thinks all she needed was a bandage but she decided to milk the situation. Sheila thinks this is one more reason she needs to be out of here tonight. Quinn wants Eric to see her for who she really is. Sheila throws a vase at her. Quinn says Eric gave her that from Monaco. Quinn goes to hit her but Sheila throws her on the bed and jumps on top of her. She pushes her down on the bed. Quinn punches her. The two have a pilot fight. Sheila pushes a pill on Quinn. Sheila is on top of her again. She start to choke her.

The fire fighters continue to go outside as the Spectra crew watch in disbelief from outside. Sheila thinks that Spectra will be saved. They can get saved. She wonders how it started so fast. Sally keeps coughing. A fire fighter needs them to get down the block behind the tape. If it continues to spread it could collapse. Sally needs him to save Spectra.

Bill smiles. He looks out his window.

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