B&B Friday Update 8/25/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/25/17


Written by Anthony

Bill looks outside. He thinks about telling Thomas that Caroline is dying. He remembers Justin informing him that this is dangerous. Liam walks in his office. He asks if he had a chance to look at that Honk Kong proposal. Bill hasn’t yet. Liam tells him the meeting is this week. Bill will look tonight. Liam asks if he is alright. Bill is. Liam knows that the Spectra show is tomorrow. It will determine if he gets his building or not.

In the CEO office, Steffy asks Ridge if he has spoken to Eric or Quinn. Ridge thinks it might take a little while for the two of them. Steffy knows that Eric forgives most easily. Ridge knows it is ridicules. He suggests that Eric might feel obligated because he wasn’t there when Sheila was in action. He assumes she will be out of there soon. Ridge wonders if Steffy has spoken to Thomas. Steffy has here and there. Ridge knows the Spectra show is tomorrow. He wonders if he will be there or not.

Sally is working on the show and Thomas calls. He just wanted to wish her good luck. He wishes he could be there. Sally does as well. Sally asks if he saw her emails of her designs. Sally gave Liam and Jarret a preview and she thinks they were impressed. Thomas has total faith in her. Sally wonders if there is any chance he could be here tomorrow. Sally would love it if he could be here. Thomas just doesn’t know how much time Caroline has left. He doesn’t think it be right for her. He thinks that it has been a great experience with Caroline and Douglas he will be thinking of her tomorrow and he will be there in spirit. He hangs up. Sally looks angry.

Ridge just wanted to know if Thomas was coming to the Spectra show. He just knew that he was excited to be designing for the Spectra show. It is a little shocking that he would pick up and be by himself. Steffy thinks it isn’t a bad thing for Thomas to be with his family. Whatever happens tomorrow is all on Sally. Ridge knows if Bill doesn’t mess with her like he did last time.

Liam hates to break this to Bill but Jarret thinks that Sally has real talent. Bill knows that Jarret has been known to wear a kilt on occasion. So he needs to consider the source. Liam has seen some of Sally’s designs. He thinks that they will be well received. He knows Bill doesn’t want to hear this but he might have to find another site to build on. Justin walks in as Liam leaves. He already has a plan b and it starts today. They will put a stop to Spectra and make sure the show never happens.

Liam explains that Sally’s designs weren’t terrible. He thought they were pretty good. He feels they have improved. They are even progressive. Liam feels that Sally could rival some of the top fashion houses. Steffy knows he only saw a few pieces. Liam doubts the others are going to be bad. She is rough around the edges. She knows what she is doing though. Ridge thinks he is championing for her. Liam doesn’t think Spectra is going anywhere.

Sally tells everyone the show is tomorrow. They have to go. Shirley feels that everything will be fine. She asks if Darlita spoke to the catering company. Darlita explains no discounts. Shirley finds that rude. Sally thinks that is fine. They will pay whatever they have to. She just wants it to be flawless. Coco thinks it will be. Sally thanks her for being here for moral support. Coco asks what happened to the plug. Sally explains that there was a small fire. Shirley reminds her that the building is like eighty years old. Sally thinks it is fine. It wasn’t that big of a deal. Darlita says that Liam saved the day. Sally cannot afford to fix this until after the show. Shirley thinks this show will put Spectra on fire. No one will put that out.

Justin wonders if Bill is sure he wants to do this. Bill has waited long enough. That glorified sweat shop is going down. Bill looks at the papers. They have no insurance on the Spectra building. Bill thinks that this might mean an end to Spectra.

Liam tells them that Bill says he is not going to get involved in Spectra this time. Ridge guesses if that is what Bill says then they have to believe him. Liam wonders what he wants him to do. He has to believe him. Ridge thinks that it was Bill’s review that made Sally steal from them. Liam knows what she did was wrong. Liam hopes it never happens again. He thinks they have all moved on though. Ridge knows that Thomas has moved on from Sally and Spectra. Steffy doesn’t think Thomas knows what the future holds. Liam wants to see if Sally has what it takes to resurrect Spectra on her own.

Sally asks if the repairman hasn’t reconsidered. She wonders if he can fix it for cheap and patch it up. The repair man is not able to do so. He thinks they need to turn off the power of the entire building and go home. Saul doesn’t think they can do that. Saul guesses that was pointless. Coco could ask around if they could find a cheap electrician. Sally thinks they will be fine until tomorrow. She needs Coco to work with Darlita on the guest list. Darlita says that everyone is excited. They will be the hottest ticket in town. Coco is so proud of Sally. She never doubted Sally. She gets to show the entire world. Sally hopes so. Coco doesn’t think anyone will get in her way. Not even big bad Bill Spencer.

Bill asks what all this is. Justin was able to pull a few strings. Bill thinks that they were well pulled. Justin wonders what is next. Justin has a few way they could go about this. Justin only has one option. Bill wants no one hurt or killed but there can be nothing left of Spectra. Justin has already spoke to someone. He wonders if Bill is absolutely sure he wants this to happen. Bill wants Spectra to disappear.

Saul asks Sally what she thinks of a design. Sally thinks it is amazing. She is so proud of her troops. Shirley is proud of all she has accomplished. Sally is in awe of everything they have built. She is grateful of their never ending support. Darlita wants to work through the night. Sally wants to take them all to dinner at least then. She wonders how she got so lucky to have the best people in the business. Sally thinks about what could have happened if Bill didn’t get involved. Somehow they all survived. Shirley thinks this will be the biggest moment in Spectra history. Sally thinks that Spectra is here to stay. A permanent fixture. They leave to go to dinner. Sally thinks everything rests on these designs.

Liam and Steffy are kissing passionately. Steffy tells Liam that she has to work. Liam thinks they should stay on the couch. Steffy guesses they can avoid the stack of invoices. She thanks him for staying while she works. Liam thanks her for not being angry because he supports Sally. Liam believes everyone deserves to succeed or fail on their own. No manipulation from Bill.

Bill gets a call from an unknown caller.

A fire starts at Spectra. It starts to burn everything including the designs.

Bill looks excited in his eyes.

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