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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/24/17


Written by Anthony

In the CEO office, Brooke explains to Steffy and Ivy that Jarret and Liam were impressed by Sally’s designs. Brooke doesn’t think that they will he having any family dinners anytime soon. Ivy is shocked that Sally was confident enough to give a preview and that Liam wanted to go along to it. Steffy isn’t shocked after what happened last time. Steffy knows that Liam cannot stand dishonesty.

Liam tells Jarret that they are leaving the review as is. Jarret hasn’t written it yet. Justin informs them that they might want to check their contract before he does. Liam was there. Bill asks if he honestly thinks it was good. Jarret feels the collection will be successful. Bill thinks they will do something about it then. Liam thinks they have done enough. He needs to give Sally a chance to make her mark.

Shirley tells Sally to step away from the sketch pad and the pencils. Saul has been in the cutting room for days. He will lose his mind. Sally knows that Jarret already liked the collection. Sally thinks they have a long way to go but she is starting to think they can actually do this. Sally doesn’t think it was a slam dunk. Jarret and Liam only saw a few pieces. Shirley feels that they loved them. Sally knows they had positive feedback but that doesn’t pay the bills. Shirley thinks this show will be good and she knows it. Sally hopes that Steffy and Bill will see she is trying to make a legit fashion show.

Steffy doesn’t care what Sally puts down the runway so long as it isn’t her designs. Brooke knows that she created this collection herself. Ivy is shocked that Thomas is not involved. She thinks that is weird considering that Thomas was so involved early on.

Liam thinks that Spectra will be in business a long time. Jarret thought it was an electrifying event. Liam laughs. Bill asks if that is an inside joke. He wonders if it looks like he is in a laughing mood. Jarret explains that there was an electrical fire during the preview. Liam was able to put the fire out then. Bill guesses that once again Spectra was able to survive disaster.

Steffy sees that Spencer hasn’t posted anything yet. She knows that Liam will make sure that it is the truth. Brooke asks if Liam is invited if she will go with him. Steffy imagines that Sally would put her in the front row. She can only imagine how much she would love that. Ivy will take that as a no. Steffy isn’t going to slam Sally for wanting to be impressive. She will never forget what has happened in the past. She has to admit that Sally does her hardest though.

Darlita tells Sally that the guy is here. Sally wonders what guy. The electrician walks in. he asks if he wants her to look at her wiring. He wonders how much was plugged in. Shirley explains it was just a radio. Darlita says that she has a billion plugs at her desk. Sally tells him that the building is super old. Shirley is glad that this didn’t ruin their preview. The last thing they need is another disaster.

Bill is shocked that Liam doesn’t want to let Jarret write his preview. Liam thinks he can do that just fine. Bill doesn’t have to print it. Liam knows but he will. Liam asks if Justin knows what Bill told Thomas about Caroline. Bill thinks that Thomas and Caroline have had time to reconnect and he has nothing to feel bad about. Bill killed two birds with one stone. He goes after what he wants. He has nothing to say sorry for. Liam doesn’t think that this line will tank. The company will take off. Bill guesses that if that happens then he will have done what he could. Not every investment takes off. If Caroline suddenly gets better then Thomas can make his own mind up. He will wish Thomas and Sally well. Liam has given Sally another chance. His hands are tied. Bill will deal with this. Liam wants to believe him. Bill wants him to. He wants Liam to get to work. Justin asks if Bill meant that. Bill says hell no.

Shirley wants this fixed pronto. The repairman says that this whole building needs to be rewired. He tells them not to use the plug. Sally doesn’t think they can worry about this. They need to fix Spectra’s reputation. Their hard work is finally paying off. They will be able to take this building and fix it when they have money. They have a future in this business. Spectra is here to stay.

Steffy was wondering if she would hear from him. Liam was at a fashion show. Steffy heard about that. Liam figured that Jarret needed backup. Liam thinks her designs are good and Sally has a shot. Bill probably will get involved though. Steffy knows he will not stop until he gets his business. Liam says that Bill said that if Sally’s line was a success he would wish her well. He was skeptical too. He said that once people see Sally’s line then there is nothing he can do. He really hopes he is telling the truth.

Bill wonders what else he can do. Spectra has been close to destruction way too many times. He offered CJ five million dollars and what does he do. That moron caved to his mother and his guilty conscience. Bill is not going to move the building. He wants anything to create a spark. Justin suggests that a spark is dangerous. Bill never thought of electrical issues.

Steffy asks about Thomas. Liam doesn’t know. She thinks that Bill will let that situation play out itself. Liam asks how Thomas really is doing. He seems happy. Steffy thinks he is happy. He is grateful for the time. He might even stay in New York if things change with him and Caroline. Liam thinks that Sally is doing this all on her own. Steffy doesn’t have an issue with competition or Sally. So long as she doesn’t use their designs or Thomas to prop her company. Steffy knows he always sides with the little guy. Liam thinks that Sally keeps surprising everyone. Liam thinks that she is doing everything she can.

Sally looks at the guest list. She is shocked that no one has canceled. Sally wants Jarret right up front. Sally thinks that they are ready. Sally cannot thank them enough. She couldn’t do it without them. When Thomas left she had a moment where she asked if she could do this on her own. She remembered she couldn’t. She has a loyal team and they are doing this for each other. Sally is a Spectra. She has heard that her entire life. She is a Spectra. She is going to prove herself as a designer. Spectra will rise again.

Bill believes Skye is the future. Spectra is a dump. That building and their designs. Bill doesn’t think the fashion show will happen. Bill thinks they will generate billions in revenue. That building is practically falling down. Bill has waited long enough. He thinks Justin knows what needs to be done. Justin knows. Bill looks at Skye.

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