B&B Wednesday Update 8/23/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/23/17


Written By Anthony

Bill shows Brooke his Sky. He says it was for his office but he wanted to show her first. Bill calls Jarrett in to set him straight on Sally’s low couture preview. All will be okay as long as it is a bad opinion. Liam tells Bill that he is going along with Jarrett. Bill chides that Liam buys his clothes at GreySuits.com. He is no fashion expert like Jarrett. Grams tells Sally that they are about to put Spectra back on the map so don’t get so low. Sally is not happy with some of the colors and fabrics and is worried. They are all surprised when Liam shows up with Jarrett. Grams said he is welcome as long as his intentions are good. Sally tells him that she knows Liam will be fair where Jarrett is paid by Bill and perhaps can’t be. Brooke says she will give Bill her impression of Sky – she is tall, and she does not look like she will blow over and she knows he loves her so she is okay with it. Sally tells Jarrett and Liam that this is not a fashion show, just a preview and they cannot show them everything just yet. She explains it is not Thomas’s designs but 100% her. He is in New York on pressing business.

Grams and Sally hold hands as the models strut their stuff. Both men seem impressed. Grams, Sally and Darlita seem happy with the look on the men’s faces. But then it turns to disaster when a wall socket shoots out sparks and Grams yells fire. Liam to the rescue as he quickly unplugs it. Justin tells Bill that the demolition guy is ready in a week. Bill says he needs something to demolish first. Justin doesn’t see that being a problem. Sally says she will call the electrician and everything should be ready for the fashion show. Liam calls his Dad and he wants him to put Jarrett on the phone. Sally overhears part of the call and he tells his dad that Spectra is not going anywhere. They will put on a good show. He tells Sally that his dad may be a bad guy to her but he is his dad. Bill tells Justin that he has never let him down before and he is not now. They are going to build the Sky exactly where he said he would and wipe Spectra right off this earth.

Bill has a question for Brooke. He wonders what Brooke would think about living in Skye. They would have the entire penthouse floor. Brooke thinks he would be living at work. She doesn’t like being that far from the ground. She wonders about the garden and pool. She likes all that. Bill thinks that since they are married now he wants to offer the best of everything to Brooke first. Brooke reminds him that Spectra is still standing and their new line could be a hit. Bill doubts it. Bill calls someone and tells them that he wants to speak to Jarret before he leaves for the exclusive look at Spectra’s designs. Brooke wonders what Bill is plotting besides world domination.

Sally asks where Saul is. She called for him. Shirley doesn’t think that Saul can be disturbed. He is in the cutting room getting things fitted for the actual showing. Sally asks if they have this in a bolder color. Shirley asks if they should really have something bold for Jarret. She suggests that Thomas might show up to surprise them all. Sally doesn’t think he will be showing up to their rescue anytime soon.

Justin asks the difference between slander and negative print. He asks if they can be sued for slander. Jarret thinks only if it is not true. Sally might have had a lawsuit with the last review. Bill thinks that Jarret can write whatever he wants because it is a preview. As long as it is an opinion they are good. Jarret assumes he wants it to be a bad opinion. Liam asks if Jarret is ready. He is going with him to the preview.

Sally thinks this might be a bigger disaster than their last preview. Darlita would wear these clothes. Shirley thinks this is the best work she has ever done.

Bill asks Liam what he doesn’t understand about exclusive. Liam doesn’t think that Sally will have a problem. Bill doesn’t think that Liam knows anything about fashion. Jarret is their fashion man. Liam has learned a lot being his editor. Bill wants a minute with Liam. Liam is fine. He has to get going. He thinks that Sally is going to survive on her own merit today. The two leave. Brooke thinks that he means well. Bill believes that is the problem.

Darlita tries to open a bottle of sparkling wine. Shirley stops her before she puts an eye out. Sally runs over saying that Jarret is here. Darlita lets Jarret and Liam in. Shirley thinks that Liam is the spawn of satin. Liam knows that people often mistake his father as the prince of darkness. He asks if it is ok if he is here. Shirley guesses it depends on his intentions. Sally says that he is just doing a follow up on the interview. Liam says sort of. Sally wants Darlita to get them some champagne. Liam thinks what Sally is wearing is nice. He wonders if it is one of her designs. Sally says it is. Liam sees that Darlita is warming up to Jarret. Sally thinks that Darlita falls in love with everyone. She thinks that Liam is here to stick up to Bill because Jarret cannot. Liam thinks they owe her a fair show this time. Sally is going to check on the models.

Bill wants Brooke to be honest. Brooke doesn’t think her opinion matters. Bill thinks that most husbands don’t have to ask. Their wives just come out and say it. Brooke admits that Skye is tall. It looks like she could blow over in the wind. She is impressive. She knows that he is the happiest when he is winning and scheming. She suggests that she just let him win this argument. Bill loves her. he wants to disagree more often. Brooke kisses him.

Sally reminds Jarret and Liam that this is just a preview. This is a do-over from the last time. Jarret asks if Thomas’s designs will be grouped together. Sally explains that there are no Thomas designs. It is one hundred percent her. He is just taking a leave right now. They miss him. She tells the models they are on. The first model walks out. She is wearing a dark purple dress it has a glittery top and a bushy bottom. A plug sparks.

Bill wants to know why Jarret isn’t texting him. Brooke suggests they are watching the preview. She feels what will be will be. Bill loves Brooke to death but he hates that philosophy. She has to get to work. Brooke loves being adored though. Bill bows down to Brooke. He wants Brooke to take this in. Brooke guesses she could stick around an extra few minutes.

The next model walks out in a white dress. It has a stringy bottom. Jarret and Liam look impressed. The next dress comes out. It is a flower dress with a cream middle part. Jarret loves this. Jarret and Liam clap. Sally thanks them so much. She hopes they enjoyed what they saw. Liam feels they have something here. A fire starts. Liam puts it out with an extinguisher. Sally guesses that if you are going to have a fire then that is the way to do it. Sally thanks Liam.

Bill suggests that there wasn’t a preview. Maybe they got there and there was no preview. Brooke thinks that maybe they are still watching. Bill doesn’t want to wait for this preview to be over alone. Brooke thinks he is so good at so many things. Bill wants a date night. He wants dinner for two and candles. Bill wants a wrecking ball and Spectra to crumble. Brooke wonders if they do demolitions at night. Bill imagines it will cost him a little more overtime but he will get it to work. Justin walks in. Brooke says she is going to leave. Brooke doesn’t want Bill to worry so much. Justin sees that Jarret is not back yet. He says that the demolition man has an opening the week after next. Bill needs something to demolish first. Justin doesn’t think that will be a problem. Bill doesn’t think it will.

Sally will turn off the power over night and get the electrician to come out when she can afford it. Shirley wonders if Jarret and Liam liked the show. Jarret feels it is hard to judge from a preview. Sally thinks that this was a tease. The best stuff is going to be at the show. Darlita drinks the rest of the champagne.

Bill knows that Thomas got involved last time. Bill gets a call. Liam says the preview just ended. He is not going to like it. The word was good. It has polish and whit. Liam is trying to break it gently that Spectra is still in business. Bill hangs up. Sally wonders if she really doesn’t have to worry about Bill writing another review. Liam doesn’t think that Bill is a bad guy or well he is but he is his father. Sally asks if he ever just loves people and life is life.

Justin assumes they don’t need the demo crew yet then. Bill is going to build her exactly where he said he was going to. They will wipe Spectra off the face of the earth.

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