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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/22/17


Written by Anthony

Brooke demands that James tell her the truth. She wants to know if Sheila is really that injured that she needs to stay here in Eric’s home. James guesses she doesn’t know about head injuries. Brooke doesn’t but he does because he is a doctor. She wants to know if he thinks that she is faking it so she can stay here at Eric’s longer. She just wants to know the truth. Sheila thinks to herself that he better not.

Bill asks Justin what is next on the agenda. Justin asks if he doesn’t want to take a breather. They have been going non-stop since they got here. Bill thinks it is money and he doesn’t like wasting either one. He wonders how a deal is going. Justin says that Wyatt is handling the negotiations so he can fill him in. Bill guesses that would require Wyatt being here. He asks where he is.

Wyatt kisses Katie in bed. He thinks she is being too quiet. Katie feels that words are so over rated and kisses him again. The two stare into each other’s eyes.

Justin doesn’t think it is like Wyatt to blow this off. He must have gotten held up somewhere else. Bill asks what could be more fun than discussing mergers and acquisitions with Bill. He is going to have to catch up on his own. He needs to go check up on Will. He is going to go and spend some quality time with his boy.

Wyatt thinks that was pretty amazing. Katie kisses him. The two smile.

Brooke wants to know why James is hesitating. James is not going to give Brooke the answer she wants to hear. He knows that they have no reason to trust Sheila. Her symptoms are real though. They cannot expect Sheila to be able to take care of herself after a blow to the head. Brooke realizes that but she also thinks she could milk this. James wants Sheila to stay for a few days. He asks what happens if she does leave right now and she collapses. He wonders what kind of guilt Eric would have. Brooke guesses he is the professional and he knows best. If he thinks she should stay a few more days… She will be back though and she will want Sheila gone. Brooke leaves. Sheila thanks James. If he thinks that he is going to turn on him then she will reveal his dirty little secret. He can count on it.

Justin tells Bill that they didn’t get a chance to review something. Bill will take it with him and get back to him. He is anxious to see his son.

Katie and Wyatt continue to kiss in bed. Wyatt says “Katie Logan of the famed Logan sisters.” Katie cannot believe he just compared her to her sisters already. She cannot believe he said that. Wyatt thinks that she is different than her sisters. Katie knows she is the brunet one so she is clearly boring. Wyatt thinks she is different. He finally got to spend time with her and get too know her in a whole new way. She is smart and determined. He thinks a lot of people go for the giggly blonde types but he is into brunets. He likes a woman who knows who she is. Wyatt feels she is an incredible woman. One who probably hasn’t been fully appreciated until right now. He also thinks she is insanely sexy.

Brooke walks downstairs at the mansion. She wants to know where Quinn is. Eric explains she went for a run. She wants to stay as far away from Sheila as possible. Brooke thinks it is a good idea. Brooke just thinks that Sheila is trying to work her way into his life somehow. She knows she told him about Ridge and Quinn. Eric is grateful for that. Brooke asks what his feelings are for his marriage and Quinn. She knows he wanted to divorce her and he hasn’t fully forgiven Ridge yet. Eric hasn’t. He asks if Brooke has. Brooke doesn’t think that if he is not over what happened between Quinn and Ridge, Sheila is trying to sense it and let it come between them.

James should get going. Sheila wants to make sure that they understand one another. James understands. She is blackmailing him. Sheila thinks that he is addicted to pain killers. James has stopped taking them. He has turned his life around. Sheila is doing the same thing. James asks what he has to say about this. He wonders if she really thinks that Eric is going to let her back into his life.

Eric feels that putting the portrait of Quinn above the mantle was the proudest moment of his life. It was starting a whole new chapter for him. Someone caring and unquestionably loyal. Until she turned to Ridge. Brooke knows he allowed her back into his life anyway. Eric did so because he loves her. He believes her when she says nothing like that will ever happen again. Despite her hating Sheila for exposing her. He cannot tell her what it was like to walk in here and find Sheila on the floor. He thought Sheila was dead and Quinn killed her. Brooke thinks he has a way of taking damaged women and making them whole again. He did that with her and Quinn and Sheila. He just has this goodness in his heart that he wants to share with everyone. He cannot do that with Sheila. She cannot be trusted ever.

Sheila wonders if James thinks she is delusional. Eric’s wife was unfaithful. Quinn had an affair. She betrayed that wonderful devoted man. It was with Ridge. His own son. That is why she is here. To protect Eric. James thinks she needs to be realistic. He has obviously forgiven Quinn. Sheila will be a part of Eric’s life again. Her portrait will be the next to hang above the Forrester home. She will make that happen.

Wyatt is on top of Katie and kisses her. Bill walks in downstairs and calls for Katie. Katie tells Wyatt to go into the bathroom. Bill walks in and sees she is in bed. He asks what is going on. He wonders if she is not feeling well. Katie is feeling fine. Bill notices the stockings. He asks if she has a man in here. Bill is happy for her. Katie thanks him. She wants to get the hell out of her bedroom now. Bill wants to be introduced now. Katie doubts he wants to meet her ex-husband. He is in the shower. Bill hears no water. Katie tells him to get out. She wants him to leave. Bill hopes he is a good guy. They have a son together and wants to make sure he will like him. Katie can promise that Bill will like him.

Eric appreciates the support but in a couple of days Sheila will be out of this house. Brooke knows she will not be out of his life if she has her way. Brooke will make sure that Sheila leaves for good this time. Brooke leaves. Eric looks at Quinn’s picture.

James wonders if she really sees her portrait hanging over the fire place downstairs. Sheila doesn’t think it as crazy as he makes it sound. Sheila wants this life. It was the life she had before she gave into her biggest demons. Eric will be the wife he needs. Quinn will cheat on Eric again. Sheila needs this family. She needs Eric’s love to make her whole. Life is not worth living without Eric. James imagines that Quinn will never let her stay. She sees her as a threat. She is her worst nightmare in more ways than one.

Eric looks at the portrait again. He thinks about Sheila telling him that he believed her and it helps her believe in herself.

Sheila thinks that Eric and her will have a future together. Quinn’s days are numbered. It is just a matter of time.

Bill wonders if it is someone he knows. Katie doesn’t think he can just come into her bedroom like this. He should really call first. Bill reminds her that he has a key. He asks if Will is here. Katie says that he is at practice and then spending the night with his aunt Donna. Bill guesses he can go pick Will up from practice and then drop him off at Donna’s. Katie asks if he can grab his over night bag. Bill tries to stay a little longer but Katie throws a shoe at him. Bill leaves. Wyatt thinks that was pretty funny. Katie thinks if he only knew. Wyatt is shocked he has a key. Katie thinks they might have to do something about that. Katie doesn’t care if Bill or anyone else shows up. She wants to stay in this moment with him. She kisses him again.

Bill is downstairs and notices a Spencer book. Bill thinks for a moment.

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