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Written by Anthony

Brooke really doesn’t think that Sheila should be staying at the Forrester Mansion. Eric feels that Sheila needs to recover. Brooke feels that if she is that bad then she should be in a hospital. Eric explains that James thinks that the treatment would be just the same. Eric thinks that would just complicate things. Brooke would like to know what would be more complicated than having Sheila Carter in his own home.

Sheila tells Beatrice on the phone that she is not bailing on her. Beatrice points out that Sheila has canceled their last few appointments. Sheila has just been busy. She promises that she is going to get paid. Beatrice wonders if she still wants the portrait. Sheila does. She is just trying to figure out where she will put it. Sheila gets another call. It is James. He cannot do this. Sheila thinks that things are fine. Eric is going to let her stay. James knows it is because he lied about her condition. Sheila thinks he damn well better keep lying. She will tell the medical board about his drug addiction. She hears Eric coming so she puts the phone away and goes to bed. Eric walks in with Brooke. Eric sees that she is asleep. Brooke wonders if she really is.

Liam wonders if Steffy really doesn’t think that this is messed up that Sally and Thomas think that Caroline is dying. That is the only reason that Thomas is in New York. Steffy reminds Liam that he is spending time with his son. He is bonding with Douglas and Caroline. That cannot be a bad thing. Steffy doesn’t think that lying makes her feel good but seeing Thomas with his son does. She wants to see Thomas with his son. Steffy loves the way he cares about people. It is inspiring. Steffy doesn’t think they agree about this but she needs to think about Caroline and Douglas. She doesn’t want to be at odds with him because of Bill’s lie. The two kiss each other.

Katie and Wyatt are kissing in her living room. Katie asks if Wyatt is planning on getting work done. Wyatt explains that his truck is in the shop so he had to take a car here. Wyatt wonders if it is just them for dinner the whole night. He thinks that is interesting. Wyatt asks what they are having. Katie says it is a new recipe. Wyatt feels that is very interesting.

Brooke cannot believe that Eric is letting Sheila stay in his house like this. Eric realizes it is a risk but it is one he is willing to take. Brooke calls for Sheila to wake up. She demands that she open her eyes. Sheila tells herself to keep her eyes open. Brooke is not leaving until Sheila talks to her. Sheila opens her eyes and sees Brooke. Brooke is here with Eric. She understands she bumped her head but she cannot rest here. Eric says that two doctors have examined Sheila and both say that she is not in any danger. Brooke guesses she doesn’t need to stay here. They are going to get her up and get her moving. Eric wants Sheila to take this easy. Brooke wants Eric to go take care of Quinn. Brooke will handle this. She is not going to let Eric be in this position. She needs to leave.

Steffy looks at Thomas’s latest post. He took Caroline and Douglas on a picnic in Central Park. He then took them to the zoo. Liam thinks that is the kind of thing you do with a dying person. Steffy feels it is working. Liam admits it is working for everyone but Sally. Steffy gets a text from Quinn. Sheila is still in LA and staying at Eric’s house.

Wyatt asks if Katie needs any help in the kitchen. Katie is all good. Wyatt is glad because he is starving. Katie might have told a little white lie. She didn’t actually make anything for dinner so they will have to order out. Katie walks out in lingerie. Wyatt wonders who needs food. He asks what this is. Katie asks if he doesn’t like it. Wyatt just admits that he didn’t expect it. Wyatt loves how unpredictable she is being. He doesn’t think she sees what he sees. A talented and driven woman who looks incredibly sexy right now. The two start to kiss passionately.

Brooke tells Sheila that they are going to go. She is going to go get better somewhere else. Sheila asks if Eric wants her to leave the house and she cannot stay here. Eric says that James is getting something for the pain. They should wait for him. Brooke thinks that they can tell James where she is. She gets Sheila walking and sees that she is doing fine. Sheila faints on the floor. Eric thinks it is too soon. He gets her to the bed. Sheila thanks him. Eric wants her to try and relax. Eric thinks that she needs to rest. Sheila can leave. Eric gets a text from James. He is at the front gate. Brooke wants James to examine her again. He will be able to determine what is exactly going on with her.

Wyatt kisses Katie’s neck and Katie takes off his shirt. Wyatt removes her heels and starts to take off her stockings. Wyatt kisses her back and starts to take her straps off. Katie gets on top of Wyatt in bed and the two roll on each other while making love.

Liam wonders if Sheila is really at the house. Steffy doesn’t think that Sheila should be anywhere near the house. Quinn was bad but Sheila is way worse.

Brooke wants Sheila to sit up and talk to her. They are alone. Eric is downstairs getting James. She doesn’t buy this. She has known her way to long. This better not be one of her stupid little stunts. She doesn’t care about Quinn but she does care about Eric. She plans to protect him. James comes in. She thanks him for being here. Sheila gives James a dirty look. Brooke says that Sheila went limp. She knows he examined her this morning. She wonders if she really does have a concussion or if he thinks she could be faking. They both know what she is capable of. She needs to know the truth. James thinks it is a complicated situation. They have to be cautious.

Katie and Wyatt kiss after making love. Wyatt has a question for her. He asks if she always wears that sexy getup under her clothes. Katie guesses he will just have to investigate more often. Wyatt thinks for once he is alright with her planning ahead. Katie bets he is. The two kiss again. Katie thinks that this is kind of a big step for her. Wyatt admits that it is for him too. She gave her heart away to one man and she used to think she could trust her feelings but now she is not sure. Wyatt promises that he has been through the same things she has and have wondered and worried about the same things she has. Not with them though. After, everything just being in this moment. It is good. He has no doubt in his mind that this is their time. The two kiss again.

Liam asks if Steffy wants to go over there and check on Eric. Steffy just wants to enjoy this alone time with her husband. Liam wonders if he can say something. He knows how much family means to her. He knows she will do anything for them. She fights for the people she loves. He just is very grateful to be on that list.

James wonders how Sheila is doing. Sheila doesn’t feel good her head hurts. Brooke is going to stay while he examines her. James sees that her pulse is strong. She is not in distress. He asks Sheila to follow a pen with her eyes. He is going to shine a light in her eyes. Brooke asks if this is normal. She needs to know if she can be moved. James doesn’t think that the fall makes her any worse. James feels that she is improving slowly. As for moving her though, he wouldn’t. He could go to the hospital though. Eric didn’t want publicity though. She can rest for a few days. If things don’t go well then he will come back. Brooke asks if he is going to check on her more. Brooke wants to know what is going on here. She needs to know if she is hurt or if she is up to her same old tricks. Brooke asks if James is protecting her for some reason. She needs to know the truth. She demands to have the truth.

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