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Written by Anthony

Bill thinks that CJ is an idiot. He wants to know who leaves an easy five million on the table to save something that is already dead. Liam assumes someone with compassion. He knows that CJ and Sally are family. Bill thinks that clown is passing up the offer of a lifetime. Bill believes that Spectra’s show will bomb. Sally’s days are numbered.

Sally is sketching. Coco wonders if she is sure she doesn’t want her to leave. She can see that she is busy. Sally doesn’t see her enough as it is. So long as she doesn’t mind her working. She wants to catch up. Coco totally gets it. She is under the gun with this next collection. Coco asks how the line is going. Sally guesses they will see. She has this building though after Bill tried to buy it from CJ. She can keep the building if she can pull this off.

Sheila sits in bed with a bandage over her head. She gets out of bed and holds a robe. She puts it on and feels the crest of Eric’s initials on the side. She twirls around and says home sweet home. Someone knocks on the door and she quickly runs to the bed. Eric walks in. He asks if he can come in. Sheila is pretending to be asleep.

Coco knows that Sally has had so much pressure on her to revive the business and then all of a sudden he is gone. Sally thinks it is the story of her life. She is right back where she started. Coco wonders when Thomas is coming home. Sally is not sure. Sally says that Douglas needs Thomas right now and his son comes first. Thomas is not going to be back any time soon. She has to keep Bill of their backs by themselves.

Bill tells Liam that he has to write a piece on Sally so he should go run along and do that. Liam guesses he will. He hopes that Bill doesn’t try to influence that piece is. Bill won’t have to if he tells the truth. He needs to write about class and sophistication. He is a low rent rat who doesn’t have any business being in the fashion industry. That is a truthful article. Liam doesn’t think he can lecture him about truth and expect him to take him seriously. Bill thinks that there are truths and then greater truths. Liam thinks that there are truths and then liars who claim they are telling the truth.

Eric asks if Sheila can hear him. He closes the door. Eric wants Sheila to open her eyes. Sheila starts to move. Sheila smiles.

Someone knocks on Bill’s door and he says to come in. Steffy asks if it is a bad time. Bill thinks it is never a bad time for his favorite daughter-in-law. He thinks that she just missed Liam. He is going to Spectra. Steffy thinks that Bill is pushing it. Liam already feels guilty about going along with the whole Caroline is dying secret. He is a good guy and that is why she married him. Liam might blow everything sky high. Bill thinks it is time for Liam to be a man.

Sally tells Coco that she has no idea how vital she is to her. Her support and confidence makes her so happy. She will never stop trying to be worthy of Coco. She loves her. Coco loves her as well. Coco should go. She knows she is busy. Liam walks in. He didn’t know if he should interrupt. Sally completely forgot about the interview. They can do it though. Coco is just heading out. Coco says goodbye. Sally is sorry for being the one to tell him about his cousin. Liam thinks it is alright. He is glad he knows. Caroline is hanging in. Sally assumes that he has heard about Bill’s latest scheme. He was trying to convince CJ to sell the building to him over night. Sally asks if Liam is part of Bill’s scheme. She assumes he is trying to trash her.

Sheila wonders where she is. Eric says she is in his home. Sheila doesn’t think that this looks like their bedroom. Eric says that they don’t have a room. They had one when they were married but that was a long time ago. He wonders if she remembers what happened last night. Eric asks if she remembers what happened last night. Sheila remembers. She giggles. She is so sorry. She was just in the middle of the most incredible dream. It was their wedding day. She guesses she got a little confused. Eric will try to check up with the doctor. He has been trying to wake her up. She is here because they have to keep an eye on her while she recovers. Once she has, he will see that she gets back to the hotel or an apartment so she can get back to her life. Sheila wonders if she has to leave.

Bill asks if Steffy is here to lecture him as well on how he handled Liam. Steffy is actually ok with Thomas thinking that Caroline is dying. This will accomplish a lot. Steffy knows he wants his building built. She doesn’t expect him to be sorry about that. She respects his determination but that could all backfire. Especially, if Liam is involved. Liam has agreed to go on with the dying secret. Steffy thinks that he will tell Sally the truth if they are not careful.

Liam would like to try to put Sally’s mind at ease. While, Bill loves him in a lot of ways he is a huge disappointment to him. Sally asks what there is to not be proud of. He is successful. Liam doesn’t eat meat and wears his heart on his sleeve. Bill thinks it is bad in his eyes. He rarely approves of his father’s tactics. Liam does ask that Sally tries to judge him on his own merits not his father’s.

Eric explains that the doctor said she had to be monitored for 24 hours. That is all it can be. He has to honor his wife. Sheila understands. She can leave now. She gets up and is dizzy. Sheila says she is fine. She starts to walk. She starts to fall. Eric asks if she is ok. Sheila is embarrassed. Eric wants her to get back in bed. It is a little too much a little too soon. Sheila was dizzy. Eric will get her some new water and have some food made for her. Eric wants her to relax. He will be back in a minute. Sheila goes through her bag and finds her phone. She hears someone coming and runs back to bed. Eric comes back in with water. He states that food will be brought to her shortly. Eric feels bad that this happened to her in his home. Eric thinks that both of them should have had a little more self-control last night. The doctor that saw her last night is not available today. So he took the liberty of calling a doctor they both know to give them advice. Sheila asks who this person is. Eric opens the door and it is James. James says it has been a while. James is going to render his opinion to see if she is fit enough to get bac to her life.

Steffy is going to go out on a limb and say that things are pretty tense between him and Liam. Bill assumes she heard about their disagreement. Steffy thinks it got pretty heated. Eric thinks that if Liam wants to preach he can find a church. Bill is not going to right his wrongs. If he tells anyone about Caroline he will kick his ass out of the company and out of his life.

Liam wants to go back to the swimwear challenge. He wants to know how it felt to go against Forrester in a tie. Sally thought it was exciting. Liam assumes that Monaco was a welcome moral booster. Sally thinks that Thomas made her a better designer. She really thought they should have won but Bill never would have allowed it. Sally thinks that Bill should pick on someone his own size. It is like David and Goliath. She wonders how this is even a battle. Liam doesn’t think it is. Sally just wants to stay afloat. Thomas is clear across the country. She doesn’t blame him though. She understands why he is with Caroline and Douglas. Sally has to watch her back though so that Bill doesn’t knife him. Liam thinks that sounds like a lot of pressure. Sally doesn’t mind a challenge. She will do what it takes to deserve a spot at the table and she thinks that Liam knows if she is or not. Sally asks Liam if he is still up to something. She needs to know the truth.

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