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Quinn wants Eric to be reasonable. She doesn’t think that Sheila should be living here. Eric points out she has a concussion because of Quinn. Quinn is not taking all the blame for this. Sheila just wants to go back to her hotel room. Quinn suggests she go to a hospital. If she is really that bad off then that is where she should be.

Liam walks into Bill’s office. He was just heading out and wanted to say goodnight. He didn’t want Bill to forget about the conference call. Bill is going to let Bill take over that little chat with Karen. Brooke wants him to say hello for her and to say she misses having Caroline around here. Bill doesn’t think that Caroline will be back anytime soon with Thomas in New York. Brooke wonders if they are getting back together. Bill explains that Spectra is going down and Skye is going up. Liam wonders if there is any news. He knew that they did great in Monaco. Bill thinks that they will close if CJ takes the offer. He made one that CJ couldn’t refuse.

Sally feels they are making enough money to pay the rent. They don’t have to sell the building anymore. CJ explains that this was a pipe dream to begin with. It is easy to let this go. He has numerous reasons about why he is letting go. Bill made him another offer and he is taking this. Sally doesn’t think he can do this. CJ wanted to give her a decent shot to make this work. Sally thinks he saw the success they had. CJ doesn’t see Thomas anywhere. Sally can do this without Thomas. Sally just needs a chance.

Liam is shocked he was going to give CJ an additional five million. Bill says it would be in an off-shore account. He should have seen CJ perk up. The guy should never play poker. Brooke is shocked about the lengths he will go to get his building built. Liam doesn’t think she know the half of it.

Sheila doesn’t have to go to the hospital. When someone has suffered a concussion… Quinn thinks they should hire a nurse for around the clock care. They will do that and it will be far, far away from here. Sheila doesn’t want Eric to go through the expense. If it is a problem for her to be here then she wants to leave. Eric doesn’t think it is. Quinn wonders if he remembers the things she did to his family. Eric will always remember. Quinn asks why then. Eric says that Sheila was there for him. Eric just wants to pay her back. She will stay here until she recovers. Sheila thanks Eric very much.

Liam doesn’t think any building is worth the lies he is telling. Bill doesn’t think a little white lie is going to hurt anyone. Bill thinks that everyone benefits from this. Liam doesn’t think that Sally will.

CJ wonders why Thomas left at such a critical time. Sally explains that he has obligations. CJ gets that but he could still be a dad and put pencil to paper. Sally knows he will come back. She can do this. She can build off her success in Monaco. CJ doesn’t want to risk this. Sally thinks Spectra is on the verge of something big. Sally has had one success after another. They need to ride this out. She can offer him something better. A monthly rent check for the rest of his life. It is a no brainer. He knows what he has to do.

Quinn picks up the lamp she threw. She remembers Sheila trying to choke her. She places it on the broken table. She looks at her portrait.

Eric puts Sheila in the bedroom. He tells her there is food in the kitchen and fresh towels in the bathroom. He should show her how to use the intercom. Sheila remembers how to use the intercom. Eric is going to check in on Quinn. If she needs anything just call. Sheila really appreciates what he is doing. Sheila knows it is a problem because Quinn is threatened by her. Sheila cannot imagine her taking her in after all she has done. Eric can do the same for her. Sheila thinks that it means a bunch to her that he believes in her and it helps her believe in herself. Eric says goodnight to Sheila. Sheila says goodnight back.

Shirley notes that CJ didn’t really look at her when he walked out. She asks if that is a bad sign. Sally just thinks he has a lot to think about. He is concerned about Thomas not being here. Darlita wonders if they all have crushes on him. Saul doesn’t think that is why CJ is concerned. Shirley asks if having Thomas here would sway CJ. Sally thinks so. Shirley tells Sally to get Thomas back here. Sally cannot do that. Darlita can teach her how to dial. Sally says that they have to do this on their own.

Liam told Steffy. She talked him into keeping quiet. Bill knew she would. Bill gets a call. He says to send him in. CJ walks in. He sees that he has the contract for him. Bill hopes it wasn’t to emotional. Bill sees he didn’t sign. He asks if he needs a pen. CJ is giving Sally more time. They have a showing scheduled. They have one more chance to keep Spectra alive.

Quinn throws something broken after being frustrated. Eric walks over to Quinn. He asks if she is ok. Quinn doesn’t answer. He knows she is angry. Quinn doesn’t understand his choice. Eric will keep an eye on her so she doesn’t do anything wrong. Quinn thinks that her bad behavior has gone too far when someone is lying and bleeding on the floor. Eric assumes like she was a few minutes ago. Eric thinks that Sheila has been to an extensive amount of therapy. He will never completely trust her. He needs to give her a place to stay. Quinn admits that Sheila and her should never have let this get physical. They don’t need to be responsible for this. There has to be another solution. Eric promises to send her away when she is better. Eric can handle Sheila. Quinn says ok. Eric goes back upstairs. Quinn thinks she will handle Sheila first.

Sheila looks out the window of the mansion. She holds a music box. She starts smiling.

Bill is shocked that CJ is turning down his original offer plus five million tax free dollars. CJ is. He knows it is crazy but he remembered he is a Spectra as well. It feels good to know that Spectra is still around. Bill thinks that he would feel great with all that money. CJ thinks that Spectra deserves a fair shot. They can have one more line and Thomas will come back. Bill thinks that is if Thomas comes back. He tells CJ to get out of his site. CJ leaves. Liam asks if he is alright. Bill is just fine. Bill thinks without Thomas Spectra will fail miserably.

Sally is told by CJ over the phone that she has one more line. She tells the team she has one more line and one more chance. They start to dance.

Bill looks at Skye. He tells her one more showing. Without Thomas they are nothing and they will stay nothing. Caroline’s miracle cure just got postponed. Thomas cannot leave her side until his building is his.

Quinn walks into the bedroom. She sees she is making herself at home. Quinn asks how long it takes for a person to recover from a concussion. Sheila feels each case is different. Quinn will not let her get away with this. She asks if Sheila wants Eric to kick her out so she can move in. Sheila was Eric’s wife before her. Quinn doesn’t think she ever will be again. It won’t matter if her and Eric are married. She is only nice to him right now because she is making amends. No one is buying this. She is still pathetic and unwanted. As soon as she is better she will be out of their lives. Sheila thinks that is a choice for Eric to make. Sheila will be watching Quinn the cheating wife. Quinn doesn’t think there is anything to see. Sheila knows Quinn because she was her. She will be waiting. When she does something to prove she is not worthy of Eric’s love. Quinn asks if she thinks she is worthy. That just proves how delusional she still is. Sheila never wants her to underestimate her. Sheila laughs wickedly.

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