B&B Tuesday Update 8/15/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/15/17


Written by Anthony

Eric is kneeling over Sheila’s dead body. Eric tells Quinn that she killed her.

Sally asks what Saul thinks about the design she made. She knows they don’t have much time before the showing but they do have time for some adjustments. She needs him to be honest. Saul thinks they are amazing. Especially, this one. Sally hopes he is not saying that just to be nice. Saul wouldn’t lie. Saul believes in Sally.

Bill informs Justin that Thomas is in New York and his building is becoming more and more of a reality every day. Justin think that this is pretty messed up even for him. This is pretty cold. Liam doesn’t seem to agree. Bill is sure that Liam has informed Steffy of this already. He is sure that Steffy would appreciate this though. Anything to keep Sally out of Thomas’s life. He wants the building that badly. He has a plan. CJ walks in and Bill thanks him for dropping by. Bill is tired of waiting. It is time they made a deal.

Saul feels that Sally is a visionary. She got Spectra up and running and put Spectra on the map. She did that. Not Thomas. Sally believes they all played a part. Saul always had faith in her and he always will. Shirley walks in telling her that they need Thomas. Especially, with Bill gunning for them.

Bill reads that Thomas has taken leave of absent from Spectra. Bill is not going to lie. Things are not looking goof for CJ. CJ knows but they are paying their rent on time and Thomas will come back. Bill doesn’t think that CJ can count on that. That is not going to happen. He is going to be in a world of trouble. He is going to buy the pile of rubble right here and right now.

Pam is shocked that Sheila would show up at the house instead of showing up here. Charlie explains that Quinn texted him. Brooke overhears and is perplexed that Quinn and Sheila were alone at the house together. Charlie explains that she stopped by to return Eric’s watch. Pam adds that she ran into Quinn instead. Brooke doesn’t imagine that went well.

Eric screams for Quinn to call 911. Sheila starts to wake up. Eric helps her. Eric asks Quinn what the hell happened here. Sheila has an evil look on her face.

Shirley feels that Thomas has responsibilities here and Sally needs to hold him accountable. Sally believes that he is a father. His responsibilities with his son come first. Sally thinks that this is the way that things need to be for now. Saul knows they can do it. He knows they can do anything. Darlita walks in asking if they have seen the news report that Spencer reported. Sally is sure that Bill is responsible. He is still trying to put them out of business.

Bill believes that his building is going to be the tallest and sexiest in LA. CJ recognizes the address. Bill assumes he knows why he needs the deal. CJ cannot do it. Bill believes he can do whatever he wants. Bill thinks that he gave Sally enough opportunity. At this point it is a horse with busted legs. He has to put it out of its misery. He hands over the contract and has added an extra five million into it. Justin points out that it is in an offshore account. Bill believes a tax-free gift where he never has to work again is worth signing. Bill wants him to put an end to Spectra.

Charlie has heard some stories about Sheila but wonders if she really did all that. Baby swapping and kidnapping. Pam states that Stephanie told her worse. Brooke explains that she shot her and tried to strangle Stephanie. She is still shocked that she was able to get Eric to marry her all those years ago. Brooke doesn’t believe she is better. She still is playing the victim and cannot be trusted.

Eric says that doctor Anders is on his way. Sheila is fine and doesn’t need that. Eric thinks she is going to see a doctor. Eric demands to know what happened. Quinn tells him that Sheila let herself into the house. Again, unannounced. She came downstairs and found her staring at her picture. It was unsettling. Quinn thinks that Eric knows she is dangerous. She asked her to leave. Sheila says that she demanded to leave and told her to never come back again and called her a bitch. Quinn admits she did. Sheila reminded her of her betrayal with Ridge. Quinn thinks she forgets the part where she attacked her. Sheila reminds her that she threw that at her head. Quinn points out that she put her hands on her first. Eric wants Sheila to have some more water. Quinn asks how Eric can believe this act. Sheila was knocked unconscious. Eric thinks that is enough. He wants Sheila to see a doctor.

Justin asks Bill if he thinks that CJ will take the deal. Bill feels he would be stupid not to. Justin believes that five million would be a lot for CJ. Bill knows that CJ is broke and with Thomas gone he cannot pay the property tax. Justin feels he should take the money and run. Brooke walks in and asks what kind of offer that would be. Bill thinks she is beautiful. Justin will leave the two of them alone for some alone time. Bill is glad that she showed up. Bill thinks that lawyers are no fun at all. The two kiss. Bill doesn’t want Skye to look. She gets jealous. Brooke asks who is talking to confused. Bill says Skye. He means his sky scrapper. The other woman in his life. Brooke laughs and the two kiss again.

Saul reads the article. He thinks they will survive without Thomas. Sally should have expected something like this. Sally is shocked that Bill didn’t pull anything off at the fashion challenge. Shirley points out he could have let Forrest make it a tie and now he is circling and bullying them. CJ shows up. CJ congratulates Sally for Monte Carlo. Shirley asks if he has seen how many followers Sally has now. CJ is glad that she did. CJ has made a choice. He is selling the building and needs them out as soon as possible.

Doctor Anders thinks that Sheila’s pupils are normal. Sheila couldn’t remember what day it was. Her head is killing her. The doctor thinks that it is good she doesn’t need stiches. He would like to get her a cat scan. He thinks that she suffered a concussion. Sheila knows about those. She can deal with them. Doctor Anders cannot have her alone. Eric says she can stay here. Sheila smiles. Quinn looks at Sheila in disbelief.

Shirley is shocked that CJ is selling the building. Darlita doesn’t think he can do that. CJ is sorry but he has to. Saul says they have a lease and are caught up on their rent. Sally says she has a show coming up. CJ points out that they had a charity event. It didn’t make them money. Sally can do this without Thomas. Sally says he is still on the team. He is not working for anyone else. Shirley needs to have their show and one line. Saul thinks then he can kick them out if it doesn’t work out. CJ is sorry. Their lease is up and he is selling the building. Sally assumes to Bill. She know she is behind this.

Brooke isn’t sure that she likes sharing Bill with another woman. Bill doesn’t think she holds a candle to Bill. Brooke is his number one. Brooke knows she is beautiful. Bill thinks it will take years to build but all good things are worth waiting for. She reminds him a lot of Brooke. They are both all his. His California girls. Neither came easy to him. It was a test to have his dreams come true. He has Brooke and his Sky Scrapper. He loves them both very much. Every inch of them. Brooke and Bill kiss each other.

Doctor Anders hands Sheila his cell phone number. He needs her to not be left alone. Eric promises to take care of her. He appreciates him coming to the house. He doesn’t want this to get out. Anders tells him to call if he needs anything. Quinn doesn’t think Eric can let Sheila stay with them. Eric doesn’t think they can leave her alone. They have to do this. It happened in their house. If the two of them could show restraint this wouldn’t have happened at all. Sheila doesn’t want to cause more trouble. She will go back to the hotel. Quinn suggests they hire a nurse for her. Eric thinks she is staying here. Quinn wants him to think about what he is doing. Eric knows she has been treated unfairly. He is not going to send her away. Quinn knows that Eric says she has changed but he has said it himself. That is when she is the most dangerous. She is begging him not to do this. He cannot let Sheila move in here.

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