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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/11/17


Written by Anthony

Bill has feelings and he doesn’t appreciate Liam’s implication that Caroline isn’t actually dying and Bill made it up over a building. Liam knows that the two things he wanted so dearly are coming to pass. Caroline and Thomas are back together and Spectra is folding. Which paves the way for Skye. Bill thinks that Skye is a fine piece of architecture. Liam asks if she knows that autoimmune disease is not a real diagnoses. Bill guesses they would have to speak to Caroline’s doctor about it. Liam suggests they call him right now. Liam demands to know if Caroline is really dying. Bill would never take advantage of something to tragic. Liam wonders if she is then. Bill admits she isn’t.

Steffy wonders if Sally thinks that Thomas will be designing long distance. Sally thinks that Douglas and Caroline will be keeping Thomas really busy. Steffy wonders if there is something that Sally is not saying.

Katie asks if Wyatt should be working. Wyatt feels that all work and no play makes him a dull boy. Katie asks if this is playtime then. Wyatt thinks they are friends with benefits. Though he wishes the benefits were a little bit better. Katie thinks he will be waiting a long time. Wyatt thinks that Christmas could come early this year. Katie assumes that Wyatt was one of those children who wanted to open his presents as soon as possible. Wyatt feels that all children are like that. Katie enjoyed the anticipation. Wyatt admits that there are some things worth waiting for but patience is not always an easy virtue. Quinn walks in and asks what they are talking about patience for. Wyatt says hi to Quinn. He looks a little nervous. Wyatt is so happy for her. He heard that Eric came home. Quinn knows that Eric said that he came by. Wyatt explains that Quinn was asleep. Quinn had a lot of sleepless nights to make up for. Wyatt is proud that Quinn hasn’t called him in two whole days. Quinn doesn’t think she deserves that. Wyatt thinks that whatever she broke is fixed. Wyatt doesn’t think she has ever fixed anything but a blow torch. Quinn asks what they are talking about patience for. Wyatt was telling Katie that he thinks you make your own luck in the world and she go after something you want. Quinn agrees completely.

Sally trusts that Thomas knows what is best for him. She didn’t try to change his mind. Steffy doesn’t think that Spectra’s success can continue without any new designs. Sally realizes that Steffy thinks she is a no talent hack but Thomas doesn’t.

Liam asks if he got Caroline to sell Thomas on this lie. Bill says of course not. Bill lied himself. He thinks that a little white lie works out for everyone. Bill thinks that he has a son and will live up to those responsibilities. Bill thinks it is all because of him. It would have been twenty years of Douglas in a household filled with women. Liam points out that he has three sons and wants to know how many of the mothers he is living with. Bill doesn’t think anyone is unhappy but him. Bill thinks that Liam needs to leave the sword in the stone and let it be.

Katie shows Wyatt something and Wyatt doesn’t think that eye on fashion would ever run something like that. Katie thought they would have when she worked at Spencer. Quinn assumes that he is here to help Katie with the fall campaign. Wyatt is just here to be an annoyance. Wyatt says that Katie took over his old job and has to be nice to him. Katie doesn’t think she has to be. Quinn feels he is being awfully chipper.

Steffy doesn’t think she is a no talent hack. She thinks she is a hack but you have to have some talent for that. She needs to be able to run this fashion house by herself. Thomas is not going to come back anytime soon. Steffy suggests she close up shop and go back to design school. Sally is not going to lose the business. Steffy feels that it is going to happen eventually. Steffy thinks that Bill will never get tired. She has some pull at the fashion institute. She could write her a good recommendation. Steffy is being genuine. Steffy doesn’t want her to go back to her old Spectra ways.

Liam tries to call Caroline. Bill throws his phone on the ground. He asks what the hell is wrong with him. Liam wants to know why she decided to go along with this. Bill thinks that Caroline wanted to see the father of her son act like a man. Liam is sure that she didn’t give her much of a choice. Liam is not going to give this up. He is married to Steffy. He asks what happens if Caroline doesn’t die. Bill thinks that he will be committed. Then praise the lord there will be a miracle cure. Bill doesn’t think that this is ok for Sally as this monument to his dishonesty rises. Bill thinks that all the obsticals have been removed. He suggests that Liam not become one or he will see that he is removed as well.

Wyatt wants this file sent to them. Katie cannot do that. There is an obvious wardrobe malfunction. Wyatt thinks that makes it hot. Quinn tells Wyatt to stop harassing Katie. She has work to do. She thinks that Wyatt is just looking to kill time. Katie is wondering the same thing. Quinn bets that Wyatt has a date with someone in the building. Katie assumes one of the interns. Quinn thinks so too. He is never this cheerful. Quinn is going to work at home today. She just came to pick up her supplies. Wyatt asks if Katie really said one of the interns. Katie feels he could have lunch with Charlotte. She is a lovely girl. Wyatt almost thought Quinn figured it out. He thinks that would be hilarious.

Sally asks if Steffy is waiting for her to collapse into tears over Thomas. Or if she wants to dance in advance over Spectra’s grave. Steffy wants to see if she intends to keep her promise now that Thomas is gone. Sally asks what promise that is. Steffy means that she will never poach from them again. Sally intends on keeping it. Sally guesses that you never know what the future might hold. Sally does think she can hold on until Thomas gets back. She knows he will. Thomas will come back when he is able to. That she can promise hr.

Liam asks if Bill is going to have him whacked. Have Justin push him out of a chopper. Bill doesn’t want to hear the drama. Bill feels that Thomas made his own choice. Liam doesn’t think that he did if it wasn’t real. Bill asks if Spectra goes down in flames if that is on him or because they are not competent. Liam asks if there is anything he will not justify. Bill says he will not be called out by him. Bill has provided a good life for Liam. Bill asks if Liam lays awake at night that his money isn’t good for his pure heart. Liam doesn’t think that this is going to ever be right. Liam wants him to stop interfering into other peoples lives. Bill informs him that Liam could be one of the relationships he never had. Steffy can support Liam. Liam doesn’t think it will stop him from telling the truth about what he is doing. Bill thinks that Steffy will back him all the way. Steffy wants nothing but for Sally to be out of Thomas’s life. Bill tells Liam that if he says one word to Thomas or Sally then he is out. Bill says he will be out of the company and family. He doesn’t have enough of his DNA. Bill is sorry he said that. It wasn’t nice. Bill says he is his son and he loves him. That is why he puts up with how he can be. Annoying and a nonsense. Never his enemy. He doesn’t want him to become his enemy now. Bill hugs Liam.

Katie wants Wyatt to remember that Quinn dislikes Katie. She asks what he thinks Quinn would do if she found out that she was having a flirtation with her son. Wyatt thinks it is more than flirting. She asks if he would ever tell Quinn. Wyatt wouldn’t. The two kiss each other.

Caroline shows up in Bill’s office. Bill asks if Liam called him. Caroline is confused. Bill asks why she is not in New York. She told Thomas that she was in DC for a foundation meeting. Caroline says that Thomas wants to spend as much time with her as he can because the end. Bill thinks that is great. Caroline is not going to go along with this. She cares to much about Thomas. Bill thinks that medical science doesn’t have a cure for everyone. Caroline is not dying. Bill thinks she is. Everyone is dying. Caroline cannot go along with this. She won’t do this. She cannot do this.

Steffy goes to her desk. Liam walks in. She thinks he looks like she feels. Liam asks if she wants to choke the life out of someone. Steffy wonders what happened. Liam says that it is about Thomas moving to Caroline to New York. He gave up his career and name. This was a guilt trip made up by Bill. Steffy asks what Bill has to do with this. Liam says that Bill told Thomas that Caroline is dying of some made up disease. That is why Thomas left LA and Spectra. Steffy doesn’t think that Caroline would go through with that. Liam thinks that Caroline is the easiest person for Bill to bully. Steffy thinks there was a time when Thomas wanted Caroline and Thomas to be in LA. Liam thinks that this is all what Bill wants. Bill is obsessed with the valuable downtown lot. Steffy doesn’t think Thomas should have worked there in the first place. Steffy needs to think this through. Liam asks if she really needs to think about this. Thomas deserves to know the truth.

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