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Written by Anthony

Liam asks Sally if she really just said that his cousin Caroline is dying. Sally thought he knew. Liam doesn’t even know how that is possible because he just saw her and she was fine. He wonders how she found this out. Sally says that Thomas told her this. That is why he is in New York. He wants to spend as much time as possible with Douglas and Caroline.

Justin cannot believe that Bill told Thomas that Caroline is dying. Bill doesn’t think that he gave him much of a choice. He asked Thomas to step up and be there for his family but he wasn’t listening. He motivated Thomas to do the right thing. Caroline’s family will be united and this baby Skye will be a reality.

Steffy can see that Wyatt is in a good mood. She could hear him humming from down the hall. She says that Quinn has not come in if that is why he is here. Wyatt doesn’t think she will for a few more days. He asks how her family is taking the news. Steffy doesn’t think they are as giddy as he is. Wyatt is happy but not giddy. Steffy wonders if there is a new woman in his life.

Katie tells Brooke it is not her place to stay. Brooke wonders if she doesn’t have an opinion. Katie doesn’t understand why Eric and Quinn are staying together but attraction doesn’t always make sense. Brooke knows the family supports the reunion. Katie guesses it is better than seeing him with Sheila. Brooke wonders how Wyatt feels. She assumes that he is happy. Katie is sure that he is. Brooke was thinking of Wyatt and Katie as a team. She knows that she and Wyatt did a great job on the fashion challenge. Katie thanks her. it was fun. She thinks it was good to see them enjoying themselves. Brooke knows that Wyatt was so pumped. She knows it hasn’t been an easy year for either of them. Brooke wants to see her happy. She deserves it and so does Wyatt.

Wyatt finds it odd that his ex-wife is asking him about his love life. Steffy will ask him no more questions. Wyatt has one though. He wants to know what is going on with Thomas. Steffy thinks he is visiting Douglas like he should be. Wyatt thinks that Spectra was just getting off the ground with Sally. He thought they were hot and heavy.

Justin knows that Thomas and Sally are more than just business partners. Bill doesn’t think for long. Justin asks if he really thinks he will get back with Caroline. Bill doesn’t think he is going to turn his back on the mother of his child. Justin knows he won’t if he thinks she is dying. Bill doesn’t think that Spectra exists without Thomas. If he is out of the picture then he is out of business.

Liam cannot believe his cousin is dying and is only now finding out about it. Sally doesn’t think she wants anyone else to know. Thomas only told her so she would understand why he went back to New York. She never would have blurted it out. She assumed he knew because he is family. Liam cannot believe this. Sally is so sorry. For him and for his family.

Brooke wonders if Katie wants her to forward this email to Wyatt. Katie can go over it with him. Brooke asks if she hasn’t wrapped things up yet. Brooke thinks that they make an incredible team. They are both very different. Katie thinks they have one thing in common. They look for happiness in the wrong places. Brooke doesn’t think that where she is looking cannot be wrong. When you find happiness you need to just wrap it up. Katie was thinking just that.

Bill doesn’t want this getting out and neither does Caroline. Justin is shocked she is going along with this. Bill doesn’t think she will go along with it for long. Bill thinks that she will make a miracle recovery. He won’t let Sally get away with this.

Sally sits at her desk and Steffy shows up. Steffy hopes that this is not a bad time. She thinks it is kind of quiet around here. Steffy think she should be gearing up. Sally wants to take the time to enjoy her success. Steffy thought she put on a decent show. She thinks it could be her last.

Liam finds Wyatt. He thought he would be at Spencer. Wyatt is here and asks what is up. Liam just feels like they are out of touch. Wyatt doesn’t need Bill to hear this because he will make them do another guy night. Liam asks if Wyatt spoke with Thomas. If he wants to stay there with Douglas and Caroline. Liam was interviewing Sally earlier and it was apparently not just a visit. He asks if he has spoken to Caroline. Wyatt asks if he should have. Wyatt thinks that if Thomas and Caroline want to get back together than that is great. It is a little unexpected. Probably not good for Spectra. Liam was thinking about that. Thomas and Sally was really tight. Now they ae on relief with Caroline. Wyatt didn’t really see Caroline this trip. Bill saw her more than he did. Katie walks in and heard that Wyatt was here. She needs him. Liam has to go and see someone. He walks out of the room and looks like something is wrong.

Sally guesses that she didn’t come here to congratulate he then. Steffy did. She wanted her to have a heads up. Thomas went to New York for Caroline. Sally knows. She is the mother of his child. Thomas cares about her. Steffy doubts she knows what is going on. Sally knows that she wanted them together. Sally thinks that is where Thomas needs to be right now.

Wyatt thinks that everything at Spencer is under control. He suggests that he lock the door for them. Katie doesn’t think they need to do that. She asks what was up with Liam. Wyatt thinks he seems distracted. He ran into Steffy earlier. She thought he was happy. She apparently noticed a difference and asked if there was a woman in his life. Katie says that Brooke had the same kind of conversation with her. He didn’t say anything though. Katie didn’t either. Wyatt asks about the smile she had going on. Katie thinks that Brooke is happy that she is happy. Wyatt doesn’t mind keeping this their little secret. The two kiss each other.

Bill tells Skye that in a matter of time she will be the most beautiful tower in LA. Liam walks in. He thought he gave up on that thing. Bill will never do that. He asks what is wrong. Liam wants him to tell him what is wrong.

Katie asks what Wyatt is doing. Wyatt is kissing her. Katie wonders why. Wyatt thinks that she likes it. He is attracted to her and thinks she is amazing. Wyatt needs Katie to have some fun and be in this moment right now with him. He is going to kiss her again. The two kiss, passionately.

Steffy is shocked that Sally is ok with this. Sally wished the trip wasn’t necessary but she understands why Thomas needs to be there for their son.

Liam says that this is about Caroline. Thomas is in New York with her. Bill thinks it is about time he stepped up for his family. Liam knows it is only a matter of time before Spectra is gone. Bill thinks that it was a bad investment. Liam commends Thomas being there for Douglas. Bill thinks they agree then. Liam heard something pretty shocking. It concerns their entire family. He was at Spectra and interviewing Sally of all people. Sally said that Caroline is dying. He sees that Bill knew. Bill doesn’t think she shouldn’t have said anything. Sally said it was a secret. Bill thinks that Caroline wants it to be confidential. Liam asks what she has. Bill says it is a rare autoimmune disease. Liam asks if Bill gave Thomas a talking to about being there for his family. Bill did. Liam assume that leaves Spectra without their lead designer. Liam said that Thomas will be gone for months to leave Sally alone to run the company. Liam thinks that something is up with Bill talking to his building. This could not work out to his advantage. Bill thinks he is forgetting one thing. Liam asks if Caroline is really dying. He wants to know if she is really dying.

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