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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/9/17


Written By Anthony

Steffy and Liam kiss in her office. Brooke, Katie, Pam, Charlie, Ridge, Ivy, RJ, and Coco all walk in. Steffy didn’t realize that Ridge had called a meeting. Ridge has something to share with everyone. Ridge says it is good news for once. Eric and Quinn are back together. RJ asks why they split in the first place. Ridge doesn’t think that is their business but he is glad that it worked out.

Sally is in her office with the rest of the spectra crew. Sally thought that Monaco was everything she thought it would be. Shirley wants to wait until Thomas gets here to hear all about what happened. Sally explains that Thomas is in New York. Saul wonders why. Sally guesses he is spending time with his son. Shirley wonders if it is only his son. Sally is sure that of course Caroline is there. Saul thinks that they need him here designing. Shirley feels they need to have back designing for the next show. Sally wants them to ease off. He is coming back eventually. They have every reason to celebrate. Bill could have done anything to sabotage them in Monte Carlo but he didn’t. other than naming himself and the children the winner. He practically called it a tie which makes them a winner. Bill is no longer a problem.

Bill asks the building model if she is ready to get out of this office and step out into the real world. Justin shows up. Bill tells him to come in. He is having a little chat with his beauty. Justin hopes that she didn’t chat back. Bill believes that Spectra will fold and his beautiful Skye will rise.

Ridge assumes that Liam is interviewing Sally without Thomas. Steffy explains that is why Liam had to take off. Ivy would love to be a fly on that wall. Pam thinks that all is well with the world. RJ wonders what happens if Eric walks out again on Quinn. He feels whatever happened must have been serious. He asks what they can guarantee that it won’t happen again. Ridge promises that it won’t.

Sally remembers Thomas telling her that Caroline is dying. She told him that she will wait for him because he is worth it. Shirley knows that Sally told them to get working but they still have some questions. She doesn’t understand why Thomas had to go to New York. Sally told them that Thomas wanted to be with his son. Darlita thinks he was just out here with his son not too long ago. Saul needs the designs. Sally thinks he will do what he can. Thomas has faith in her. She already has designs. Shirley feels that they still need Thomas. Darlita thinks that Bill could gobble them up at any time. Liam walks in and asks if this is a bad time for the interview. Sally doesn’t think so. She thinks it is great. Liam wishes that he could interview her and Thomas. He is in New York though he heard. Sally guesses he is stuck with little old her. Everyone was leaving. The crew leaves. Sally wants to get started.

In New York, Thomas tells Douglas that he is going to style Douglas’s hair just like his because he is super handsome. He asks if that sounds good. He thinks Caroline has been so strong. They have to be strong for Caroline while they still have her.

Justin cannot believe that Bill have given that thing a name. Bill says her name is Skye. Bill doesn’t want him to refer to her as a thing. She is a rare beauty and a work of art. Bill is putting her in the old Spectra lot. Justin thinks that Thomas might have an issue with that. Bill doesn’t think that he will have anything to say while he is in New York. Justin asks for how long. Bill says long enough for Skye to become a reality. Justin assumes that this didn’t happen on accident. Bill doesn’t think that there are any accidents. Justin wonders how he managed this.

Pam thinks it sounds like Eric was trying to punish Quinn. Steffy is shocked there was no divorce settlement. Carter says he was trying to test Quinn. There was no money, or job, no name, and a restraining order. Coco guesses she passed the test. Quinn accepted all of it. Carter tells them that he tore them up. Ivy guesses it was romantic. Brooke feels they have all been forgiven by Eric at one point or another.

Darlita wonders if they can survive without Thomas here. Thomas wishes they could never see him again. They need him though. Shirley agrees they do. Sally needs to learn a thing or two about loyalty.

Liam wants to know how Sally feels about the results of the show. Sally thought they could have been named the winner. Liam thought that she held her own. Sally thinks until Thomas gets back they will have the greatest collection ever. Thomas calls. Thomas says it is rough. Sally cannot imagine. Thomas knows that Douglas is going to lose his mom. Sally wishes she could be there with him. Sally asks if he knows when he is coming back. She just has to think about the line. Thomas cannot even think about that right now. It is too much. Sally understands. Thomas knows that Sally can do this. Sally doesn’t know if she can do this. Thomas believes in her. Thomas thinks it might be a while before he comes back. He needs her to remember that this stays between them. Sally assumes other people know. Thomas doesn’t think many. He wants to keep it that way. Sally will think about him. Thomas will think about her as well. She hangs up. Liam didn’t mean to listen. Sally assumes it wasn’t anything he didn’t already know. Sally explains he is taking a little break from the business. Liam assumes she means he is not designing. Sally says he isn’t. She will be doing that.

Justin can tell that Bill is up to something. Bill doesn’t want this to go beyond this office. Justin promises it won’t and wants Bill to speak. Bill explains that Thomas is in New York because Caroline is dying.

Pam and Charlie leave the CEO office, leaving Ridge and Steffy. Steffy thinks it is good that Eric and Quinn are back together. He dodged a big one. Ridge is glad that they are happy. Ridge knows that Thomas is away from Sally Spectra.

Liam asks if Sally wants to go off the record for a minute. Sally supposes they should seeing what they both know. Liam thinks that Sally has a good story right now. Without, Thomas that story goes away. Sally understands but Thomas needs to be in New York with his son. Sally thinks the public will understand. Liam doesn’t think she is right. Her company desperately needs him. Sally doesn’t think he is bailing. Liam asks if he is designing in New York. Sally says he is being a father. He has a lot to deal with. Liam guesses that is a twenty-four seven job. Sally thinks they both know the real reason Thomas is in New York. It has a lot more to do than just bonding. Liam looks confused.

Justin thinks that Caroline is dying is shocking. Bill says that he told Thomas that Caroline has a rare autoimmune disease. Which isn’t actually accurate at all. Justin asks if she isn’t dying. Bill needed to give Thomas motivation. Which means that Spectra doesn’t have a prayer.

Ridge thought that Thomas’s designs were great. Steffy is just glad that Thomas is spending more time with his son. That is what she wants for Douglas. She thinks that things would make a huge impact. She calls Thomas. He says hi. Steffy asks how her nephew is. Thomas knows where he needs to be. Steffy asks how long he is staying. Thomas is not sure. It could be a while. Thomas thinks that Caroline needs him.

Bill admits that that Caroline is not thrilled with this idea. There is a miracle cure though, but not until Thomas loves her again. Bill thinks that Thomas needs to be in New York where he belonged in the first place.

Liam is trying to understand why Thomas felt the need to locate himself three thousand miles away. Sally is shocked he has an issue with this. Sally asks what about his cousin. His family must be devastated. Liam doesn’t think so. If Caroline wants Thomas then she can have him. Sally thinks they are finished. She means Caroline’s condition. Sally says that her dying of an autoimmune disorder should take president over everything. Liam wonders what she just said. Sally thought he had to have known. He is part of the family. She tells him Caroline is dying.

Bill feels this is a great plan. Put in place by himself.

Liam asks if she said Caroline is dying. Sally is shocked he didn’t know. Liam cannot believe his cousin is dying.

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