B&B Tuesday Update 8/8/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/8/17


Written by Anthony

Quinn asks if she is really getting another chance and she can stay. Eric thinks that they will all stay. Him, Quinn, and the portrait. They are all where they belong.

Katie tells Wyatt that this was a really big mistake. He cannot just walk in here and start kissing her. It is ridicules. Wyatt wonders if she didn’t like it. Katie didn’t say that. Wyatt asks what the problem is then. Katie points out that anyone could walk in. Wyatt thought it was clever of Katie to set him up with Charlotte. Katie agrees it was. Wyatt admits she is cute but the thing is that he is not standing here in front of Charlotte. Katie thinks that this is tempting and ridiculously wrong on so many levels. Katie suggests that Wyatt just go. Wyatt says no. Katie feels that he has lost his mind. Wyatt knows.

Quinn feels that Eric is an amazing man. He has a huge heart and capacity for forgiveness. Quinn is never going to let him down. Eric answers the phone. Pam is on the other end. She is shocked to hear his voice. She was expecting to hear from Quinn. Eric confirms he is home. Pam asks if he is ok. Eric is better than he has been for a while. He is giving his marriage a second chance. He doesn’t want to hear Pam’s opinion on it. Pam would rather have him with Quinn than with crazy Sheila.

Charlie cannot think that Sheila is really getting her portrait done. Beatrice tells Sheila that she thinks she has accomplished enough for the first sitting. Sheila looks and thinks it is wonderful. Beatrice will be back tomorrow. Sheila thinks that sounds great. Sheila feels that went well. Charlie asks if she plans to march over to Eric’s with her self-commissioned portrait and slap it up on the wall. Charlie thinks she is deluding herself if she thinks that is ever going on the wall. Quinn reminds him that Stephanie had a portrait and Quinn had one. She was Eric’s wife and wants one too. She really doesn’t care if it ever hangs on the walls of the Forrester walls. It is the principle of it. She feels confident of it. She believes that things come to you.

Wyatt is not trying to minimize Katie’s concerns. Katie can think of a few reasons as to why they shouldn’t go out. Wyatt points out they are both single and free to do what they want with whoever. Katie thinks he is charming and sexy but there are some real issues they cannot just ignore. Quinn and Bill. She asks if that doesn’t bother him. Wyatt reminds her that she just tried to hook him up with Charlotte. Katie admits that was silly and she shouldn’t have done that. Wyatt asks if Katie still thinks about why they are wrong for each other. Katie says no. The two start to kiss each other.

Charlie cannot believe that Sheila thinks that she has the chance of being married to Eric again. Sheila feels that he underestimates her. Charlie thinks that Quinn is possessive and evil. Eric loves her. He thinks that should have been obvious when she went back to him. Charlie asks why else he would go home. Sheila thinks that he would want to get away from Quinn to get a divorce. Sheila feels Eric had time to think. Time to see her as the woman she is now. She wouldn’t be shocked if he is kicking her out as they speak.

Quinn never realized how big the house was until Eric wasn’t here. It always feels so cozy when it is just the two of them. Eric was gone. He needed to find his way back again. Quinn is so glad he did. Eric was empty without her. He thinks they are connected. Deeply connected. She touched something in him that he didn’t even know was there. Quinn feels the exact same way. The two kiss. Quinn can breathe again. Eric wants Quinn to do him a favor. He starts playing the piano. She starts to dance to the music. He tells her to mid motion. He wants her to wait for him. Eric tells her she can move again. The two hug each other.

Wyatt and Katie are kissing passionately on the couch. Katie tells him she needs to slow this down. Wyatt can do that. Katie wants to do this but they are friends with benefits. Wyatt asks if that is what they are. Katie asks what he would call it. Wyatt thinks they are attracted to each other. Katie likes labels. Wyatt thinks her brain is really active. He needs her to stop thinking and just be. Katie wonders what happens then. Wyatt doesn’t care. Katie thinks that it is about time they had some fun. Wyatt agrees.

Charlie wants to know if Eric says that he was divorcing Quinn. Sheila says no. Charlie assumes he said that he was kicking her out of his life then. Sheila says no. She just doesn’t know why he would go back to her. Eric thinks she is underestimating Quinn. Sheila should go over there. Charlie thinks she would look creepy and weird. Charlie gets a call from Pam. He picks up. Pam asks where he is. He wonders if she needs him back at the office. Pam explains that Eric and Quinn are back together. Charlie wonders if she is sure about that. Pam heard it from Eric himself. Charlie will see her soon. Sheila cannot believe they are back. Sheila is shocked Eric forgave her. She wants to know how he could do that.

Eric hated that he couldn’t touch her. Her hand and everything about her. When he came home and looked out on the patio. He saw where she was almost killed. That was unbearable to him. Quinn will never give him a reason to leave again. The two kiss each other.

Wyatt wonders if Katie has any idea how great she is. Katie doesn’t think he has to say that. If Wyatt doesn’t mean it then it doesn’t go past his lips. He finds her sexy. He thinks it balances out his impulsiveness. He finds they make a great team. The two kiss again.

Charlie wants to know if Sheila is alright. Sheila had a momentary lapse. Charlie knows she is sad but it really is none of her business that Eric is back with Quinn. Sheila thinks that Eric is her business. Charlie reminds her that Eric is married to Quinn. He chose her. Sheila wonders if she should give up and hand him over politely. Sheila thinks that he will be hers again. She is shady and she will find it and take her down. This portrait will hang on Eric’s wall. If he tells anyone about her plan then he will hang too.

Eric and Quinn continue to kiss. Eric has missed that. Her beautiful smile. Quinn thinks it didn’t exist before they loved each other. Quinn had a dark soul when they met. He embraced her. Quinn feels like she can burst into happiness. Eric’s heart is pretty full right now. Quinn thinks they are so blessed She never wants to feel as hollow as she did when he left. She wants to celebrate what they are together. She wants to dedicate what they are to each other. Eric just wants her to be committed. Quinn thinks that sometimes you have to appreciate something to get it. Quinn loves Eric. She is committed to him. She never wants him to doubt that. The two kiss each other again.

Sheila’s portrait appears in Quinn’s place and comes to life with an evil smile.

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