B&B Friday Update 8/4/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/4/17


Written by Anthony

In her offer Steffy tells Liam all about the runway show. Liam is kissing her neck not paying attention. Steffy wonders if he is listening to her. Liam repeats what she was saying. Steffy wonders if he knows that Bill made himself the winner of the fashion challenge. Liam pretends to be shocked. Steffy knows that he has to be the center of attention. Liam actually did know about that. He just wanted her take. Steffy thinks he handled it with class. Apparently, there was no vote but they got lot of money for the children. Liam assumes it also boosted Bill’s image. He asks if Thomas went back to New York. Steffy thinks it is a big shocker. It was bound to happen when you consider what is going on with the family.

Quinn doesn’t want Eric to do this. She doesn’t want a divorce. Eric wants to know how he could ever trust her again. He would like to know why he would want to. Quinn thinks that he loves her.

Katie and Wyatt walk into the design office. She thanks him for taking her to work but he didn’t have to do it. Wyatt guesses that Katie is already giving him the old brush off. Katie wanted to capitalize on the momentum. Wyatt does as well. Katie means the positive press from the swimwear show. She still cannot shake what she saw between Zende and Maya. She felt they were being romantic. Wyatt is sure that it was nothing. Wyatt feels that the two of them are a different story though. Katie is going to call Donna to check in and make sure that everything is ok. Wyatt reminds her that she did that in the car. She isn’t very good at changing the subject. Charlotte walks in. He says hi. Charlotte tells him that Pam said that she thought she saw him.

Liam knows that Steffy is concerned about Eric but Thomas going to Caroline and Douglas, he is confused about. Steffy isn’t sur what is going on. If it keeps him away from Sally then she doesn’t care. Liam assumes he is coming back though because otherwise they are going nowhere. Steffy feels that is another good reason for him to stay in New York. Caroline is a really good person and willing to reunite her family. She was willing to do whatever to win Thomas back. Ridge walks in and sees that Steffy is back home. Steffy got back a few hours ago. He asks if everything went well. Steffy confirms it did. She asks about how things went here. Ridge spoke with Eric. He is with Sheila.

Sheila walks back into her hotel room and is shocked that Charlie is still here. Charlie asks if he is supposed to just leave after what she just told him. Sheila cannot believe how dramatic he is being. All she said was that Eric went to go and see Quinn. He is asking for a divorce hopefully. Charlie asks if that is what he said he was going to do. Sheila would like to know what other choice he has. Quinn made a mockery of their marriage. She isn’t a betting woman but if she were then she would say that Quinn doesn’t have a prayer of holding on to Eric.

Quinn suggests a marriage counselor. Someone who can help them work through this. They have to try. Eric reminds Quinn that she said that she couldn’t help herself when it came to Ridge. He thinks that is all he needs to know.

Wyatt tells Charlotte all about Bill at the summit. Charlotte asks if Wyatt needs coffee or a lemon bar. Charlotte needs to go run something down to the cutting room. It is great to see Wyatt around though. She leaves. Katie thinks that Charlotte is just a breath of fresh hair. Wyatt thinks that she is sweet. He would much rather talk to Katie though.

Liam has to get to Spencer. He leaves. Steffy wants to know how Ridge left things with Eric. Ridge feels it is more about how Eric left things with him. This is worse than it has ever been. He said that he is no longer his son. Steffy is sure that he didn’t mean it. Ridge feels this would be a tough one to move past. Especially with Sheila being dangerous. More dangerous than she ever was.

Charlie believes that Sheila should stay out of Eric’s life. Sheila is a good friend. Sheila threatens to tell Pam that Charlie is the reason she knows about Quinn and Ridge. Charlie thinks that sounds like a threat. Sheila thinks that she can call it whatever she wants. She won’t have a security guard telling her what is best for Eric. She knows because she was his wife once. Charlie assumes she wants to be again.

Quinn has been playing this moment in her head over and over. Him walking through the door and coming home. She has been wondering where he was and if he is alright. Eric claims he is alright. She can see that. Quinn knows he is not alright though and he is still angry. Eric let the anger go a long time ago. Quinn asks if he really wants to do this without her. Eric thinks that this is only important if they aren’t going to work on the marriage. Quinn wants to work on the marriage. She wonders what she has to do. She doesn’t want this to be the end.

Katie didn’t think that there was a them. Wyatt thought that there was. When they kissed. Katie thinks they shared a few kisses. It was cute. Wyatt asks if she just said cute. He thought it was hot and sexy. Katie doesn’t want to mislead him. Them making out like a bunch of teens is silly. She thinks that he is a great guy but they should find different people.

Charlie assumes that Sheila is under the impression she can be Misses Eric Forrester again. He has news for her that it isn’t going to happen. Sheila asks if he should be leaving. Someone knocks on the door. A woman named Beatrice walks in. Sheila asks if it is ok that she pays by credit card. Beatrice thinks that is fine. She thinks that this will do. She will start setting up. Sheila will be right with her. Charlie asks who that is. Sheila told him to leave. Charlie will find out what is going on. Sheila suggests over her dead body or his. She starts to laugh and pats him on the chest.

Eric imagines that Quinn had to have known that this is a real possibility. In spite of his big heart that everyone thinks he has. Quinn knows what she did was foolish and reckless. It was selfish. They don’t even like each other. She didn’t understand why they did it. Eric thinks that the two of them gave into each other. There are consequences be damned. Quinn wants him to believe that she loves him the way he used to. Eric doesn’t question her love. Anyone who shared what they had would never question their love. Marriage is trust and loyalty and commitment. Eric thinks what she broke is not ok. She did this with his son. He asks how she ever fixes that.

Wyatt wants to get this straight. He thinks that Katie is dumping him. Katie is not dumping him. Katie doesn’t think they are dating. Wyatt wants to go out tonight and go to a club. Katie has responsibilities with Will. Wyatt wants her to find a sitter. He wants to show her that there are no obstacles. They can explore their feelings. They owe this to themselves.

Steffy knows that Sheila is taking advantage of this whole situation just to worm her way back into Eric’s life. Ridge knows. The good news is that Eric has agreed to talk to Quinn. Ridge doesn’t understand how Sheila found out about them in the first place. It wasn’t Katie, Brooke, ir Ivy. He asks who would talk to Sheila of all people.

Charlie watches as Beatrice puts up a drape with incents going off and Sheila sitting down and enduring it. Beatrice rubs the incents all over the place. Charlie tries too witness what is going on but Beatrice needs her space. Charlie doesn’t think that Sheila ever answered him. He asks if she is expecting to become Misses Eric Forrester again.

Quinn knows they have a lot to work through. She thinks they owe it to their marriage to at least try. A marriage they fought so hard for. The odds were against them from the beginning. They were really good for each other. They can be again if they just don’t take the easy way out. Eric doesn’t think that divorce is the easy way out. This has been a sleepless time for him. Quinn didn’t mean to imply this was easy. She just knows he was with Sheila. Eric doesn’t think that Sheila had anything to do with this. Quinn wants Eric to come home. This is his home. If he doesn’t want her here then she will leave. He is just such a good and decent man. She thinks that he could find it in his heart to forgive her one last time. She knows it won’t be easy. She knows he has to learn to trust her again. Quinn was a faithful wife to him. She will be devoted to him. She doesn’t want him to end what they could have again. She believes in the strength of their love. She believes in the power of what they have to endure and she thinks he does too. She asks if he does. Eric cries.

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