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Written by Anthony

Quinn holds her phone in the living room. Ridge walks in through the front door. He sees that she is here. He thought that he would find her at work. Quinn keeps calling Eric. He isn’t answering his phone. She wants to know where her husband is. Eric is her husband. The divide keeps growing between them every day that they are apart.

Eric is packing his clothes. Sheila wonders if he is leaving. Eric is. Sheila asks where he is going. Eric states he is going home. Eric thinks it is time.

Nicole walks into the main room of the Spencer jet and informs everyone that Lizzie is asleep. Rick thanks Nicole for giving her a bottle. Nicole says of course. Nicole thinks it was nice of Bill to let them use the jet while he and Brooke stay back on the yacht. Wyatt guesses it is a little quieter with Sally taking commercial and Thomas on his way to New York. Nicole guesses more champagne for them. Rick can see that Zende is hurting. Rick thinks that Maya and Zende must have had quite the night. Nicole assumes they had fun. Katie looks at the two of them and remembers Maya kissing Zende on the cheek. Wyatt feels it was a hot night at the club last night. He and Katie had a fun night themselves. Katie says they lost track of them and asks if they had fun. Rick thinks it is safe they did. Maya didn’t get home until after sunrise. Maya notes that it was a little crazy. She wishes he was there. Rick was happy to watch Lizzie. Nicole is sorry she didn’t join them. Zende thinks that there is more to come. Katie looks at them annoyed.

Sheila offers to help Eric pack. Eric didn’t bring much. Sheila wonders if he has all his medications. Eric is all packed.

Quinn wishes she could see him. She wants to let him know how much she regrets everything. She gets a call from Eric. She asks if that is him. Quinn thanks him so much for returning her call. She has missed him. Eric is coming to see her. Quinn tells Ridge that Eric wants to see her. Ridge would like to know how he sounds. Quinn could hear the pain in his voice. It kills her to know what she has put him through. Ridge guesses him coming home to talk is a good sign. Quinn wants things to be ok. Ridge doesn’t want her to give up. Quinn is so relieved that he is coming home. She wants him to come back to her. She hopes he forgives her. Ridge is pulling for the both of them. Ridge shouldn’t be here when he gets home. Ridge will see her. He leaves.

Eric grabs his bag. Sheila wants him to wait. There is something she wants to tell him before he goes.

Maya leaves the bedroom of the jet and goes to get a bottle of water. Zende asks how she is feeling. Maya is fine. Zende admits that last night didn’t exactly turn out the way they wanted. Maya is just not used to encountering stuff like that anymore. Zende thinks that drinking can make people lose their morals sometimes. Maya hasn’t had that much to drink for a long time. Zende won’t be drinking that much anytime soon. Katie asks if Wyatt can help her with job. Wyatt can do that if she wants. The two go off into the kitchen and Wyatt kisses Katie. Katie didn’t mean this. Katie didn’t want him to come in here for that reason. Something strange happened as she was leaving the club last night. She saw two people kissing. Wyatt thinks that is what happens in clubs. Katie knows but they are not married. This happened after he left. Wyatt assumes she means Maya and Zende.

Maya thinks she is going to go to sleep. Rick asks if she is ok. Maya just wants some rest. Nicole thinks that Zende looks tired too. Zende thinks he will go grab a pillow. Rick wishes Maya sweet dreams. Th two go into the bedroom. Zende is glad they got a chance to sleep. Maya doesn’t want Nicole and Rick to know what happened last night. Zende reminds her that she was attacked by someone at the club. Rick would want to know. Maya knows but he will get alarmed and feel bad that he was not there. Maya just wants to forget that it happened.

Eric asks what it is. Sheila thinks that he has always been honest with her. He made it clear that there was no future for them and she has always been so happy just to be a friend to him. She wants him to divorce Quinn. What she did to with Ridge is not right. He deserves the best in life and Quinn is not it. Eric leaves without saying anything. Sheila is flustered.

Wyatt wonders if it was a kiss or a peck. Katie thinks it was on the cheek. It seemed close. Wyatt thinks it sounds like they hugged. They are in-laws. It doesn’t sound like it is any of their business. Katie has trust issues. Wyatt had no idea. Katie thanks him for talking her off the ledge. Wyatt wonders if she wants to join the mile high club.

Maya is a woman. It is who she has always been. Zende wants her to be proud of who she is. She is a strong woman. He sometimes forgets how much she has gone through. Maya has been dealing with this her whole life. She just wants to be accepted for who she is. The way he stood up for her. It means the world to her.

Someone knocks on Sheila’s door and she goes to answer it. It is Charlie. He thinks that she really knows how to put things on spin-cycle. He cannot believe that Eric moved out. He is sorry that the whole thing might come back on him. Sheila wants him to relax. No one knows that he told her. Charlie didn’t tell her. He asks where Eric is. Sheila says that he went to see Quinn.

Quinn looks scared. She thinks about dancing with Eric in the living room and kissing him. Eric walks in. He puts his luggage down. Quinn says he is home.

Zende is sorry that this is something she still has to go through. Maya doesn’t let it bother her anymore. It bothers her to think that there are people who don’t have that. It is why she is so grateful to have all of them. Zende thinks that guys like the one last night are going to have to watch out. Maya wants to raise Lizzie to stand up for what is right. Zende is glad she is alright. Zende asks if she is sure she doesn’t want Nicole and Rick to know what happened. Maya doesn’t want them to worry. She doesn’t want him to worry either. Zende wants her to get some rest. He grabs a pillow and leaves. Katie watches as Zende leaves the room. Wyatt asks if he got any sleep. Zende just wanted to make sure that Maya was alright. Rick thanks Zende for taking Maya out. Zende thought they had a great time. They should have ended it sooner. Katie asks if Maya is ok. They did seem a little shaky. Zende thinks that everything is fine.

Charlie asks what this means. He wonders if that means Eric forgives her and he is letting her off the hook. Sheila wants to assume it means that he is telling her that he wants a divorce. She hopes that is happening right now.

Sheila has been so worried about Eric. Wondering where he was. It was so hard not hearing from him. She understands that he needed time though. Quinn spoke to Ridge. He said that he saw him and that Sheila was hanging around. Eric doesn’t want to talk about her. Quinn doesn’t want to talk about her either. She wants to talk about them. She betrayed their marriage. She betrayed his faith in her. She cannot tell him how much she regrets that. She would do anything to take that back. She knows she cannot change the past. She can only try to be the wife he deserves to have. They have worked through so much in the past. She knows they can over come this. She believes that this is why he came back to her. She thinks he wants to fight for their marriage. She wants him to say something. Eric asks how he can ever trust her again. She betrayed him with his own son. Quinn is so sorry. Eric wants her off the property. He wants a divorce. Eric has started the proceedings already. Quinn will do anything. She wants to sit down and talk. Eric thinks it is over. Quinn wants to work this out. She needs another chance. She pleads with him.

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