B&B Wednesday Update 8/2/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/2/17


Written By Anthony

At a club Bill and Brooke are at the VIP section. Brooke asks if that is someone famous. Bill confirms it is but he is trying to keep a low profile. Brooke sees. So, she assumes that he is sneaking in and Thomas is trying to sneak out. Bill hopes that he isn’t flying home with them. Brooke says that he is taking a commercial flight to go and spend more time with his son. Bill thinks that is good for him. Katie and Wyatt walk over. Brooke says they have sparkling water. Brooke asks where they were. They were looking for them after the show. Katie claims that they were busy. Katie assumes that Steffy will be partying with them. Brooke explains that Steffy had to go home for business. Wyatt thinks that she is going to miss his toast. Bill tells him to make it happen. Wyatt toasts to the first ever fashion challenge. They all click glasses.

Zende asks what Lizzie is doing. Maya says that she is going to sleep. The doctor says that she has a cold. Rick doesn’t want them both to stay in for the night though so he wants Maya to go out. Maya asks if he is sure. Rick is sure. He wants her to go have fun. Zende asks if Nicole really doesn’t want to go. Nicole thinks that he should go and have fun. Maya says goodbye to Rick and Lizzie. Nicole smiles as she holds Lizzie. She plays with Lizzie. Rick is almost done with work if he wants to take Lizzie. Rick thanks her for everything that she does for her sister. Nicole doesn’t think that it is just for her. She sees how committed to Rick Lizzie is. She wants Lizzie to have a dad she can always look up to.

Zende and Maya dance together. Bill and Brooke are introduced to people. Wyatt thinks that Monte Carlo is such a romantic city. He asks if she thinks so. Zende and Maya walk over. Katie congratulates him. Brooke wonders where Nicole is. Maya says she is on her way. Brooke wonders about Rick. Maya tells her that he is taking care of Lizzie. Katie is sorry that Maya had to miss the showing. Maya is too but she wasn’t going to miss celebrating in their success. Zende thinks they killed the show and deserve to party a bit. Later, Brooke and Bill say goodbye to some people. Wyatt bets that there will be a whole lot of celebrities wearing Zende’s clothes. Zende wants to dance on the floor with Maya. Maya asks if he doesn’t want to wait for Nicole. Zende wants to party now. Katie will make sure that Nicole finds them. Brooke tells Katie she has to go dance. Katie says she is good. Wyatt is sure that Katie is a great dancer. Brooke wants Katie to go and play. Katie guesses they can go and dance.

Nicole walks back into Rick’s hotel room and thinks her outfit is not exactly something you go and club in. He wonders if there was a change of plans. Nicole is just so tired and she wanted to check on Lizzie. Rick suggests that she call Zende if he is sticking around. Nicole is tired. She doesn’t want to go out tonight. At least he has Maya.

Zende gets a call from Nicole. He asks if Nicole is there. Nicole is to tired. She is going to stay at the hotel. Unless, Rick and Lizzie need her. Zende thinks they are fine. He wants to share this moment with her. She is the reason he is here. Zende doesn’t think Maya is worried about Lizzie. Zende is angry. He walks past Wyatt and Katie. Maya walks over to him. Brooke asks what is wrong. Zende explains that Nicole is not going to make it. Maya is sure that she has been in the heat all day. Zende just wanted her to show up and celebrate. Wyatt thinks that they can still have a fun night. Zende agrees. Maya toasts to all of them. She wants to toast to Zende specifically. He inspired people to give to charity all over the globe. They couldn’t be more proud of him. They all toast together. Bill wants to make a toast to Wyatt and Katie. Wyatt thinks that Katie wants to get back to the dance floor. Bill thinks they can wait a minute so that they can get praise. Bill had his doubts about a fashion show down. Bill thinks they delivered a blockbuster event. Bill thought that Katie’s elegance and efficiency shows. Katie tells Wyatt they should go dance. Maya thinks she wants to get out there again too. Zende guesses they can go do it. Bill thinks they are having fun. Bill thinks that there is nothing that will bring anyone down tonight.

Nicole looks out on the balcony. She doesn’t want to let Zende down. She wants him to have a goodtime without her.

Zende and Maya dance together. Wyatt and Katie do as well. Brooke and Bill kiss each other and then Wyatt and Katie get close to kissing each other again. Katie walks away though. Wyatt follows her. Wyatt kisses her again. Katie doesn’t think they should do this. Someone could see them. Wyatt doesn’t care. Katie guesses that is a good point. This is crazy though. Wyatt wants one good reason why they shouldn’t be together right now. Katie has nothing. Bill suggests to Brooke it is time for a private party on the yacht. Brooke wants to find Katie first. Katie and Wyatt continue to kiss. They hold each other. Brooke walks over. Wyatt moves away. Brooke thinks that Katie looks a little flushed. Katie is fine. Brooke thinks that Wyatt should take Katie back to the hotel. Wyatt was thinking the same thing. Katie loves Brooke. Brooke loves her too. She says goodnight. Katie thinks that was way to close. Katie is not going back to the hotel room. She thinks they should call it a night. Wyatt doesn’t think anyone will notice them. Katie will go back to the hotel and he can stay here. Wyatt guesses it was a goodnight kiss. Katie agrees it was. Wyatt doesn’t want to leave without her. He needs someone who can escort him back because he has been drinking. Katie thinks it is tempting but not tonight. Wyatt doesn’t think that means ever. Katie wants him to be a good boy and let him go. Wyatt says goodnight. Katie does as well. Wyatt walks off. Katie smiles.

Nicole thinks being on the runway made her appreciates what Maya does. It takes a lot of guts to be on the runway. Nicole leaves.

Maya asks Zende where everyone is. Zende doesn’t know. Two men walk up to them and one of them says that Maya is that Model. Maya asks if he is here for the summit. The guy says that if he wouldn’t know then he wouldn’t know. He asks if Zende knows she used to be a dude. The guy doesn’t know if he wants to kiss her or what. Someone told him that she had a kid. Maya thinks he is being rude so they will go. Zende demands the guy give her an apology. The man doesn’t think that Maya is a woman. He asks why she is allowed to tell the world but they cannot ask questions. He sees Zende. He asks if he is a freak too. The guy guesses Zende is into that kind of thing. Zende demands they walk away or he can throw them out like the trash they are. The offer will expire. The two men leave. Zende doesn’t want her to listen to them. Maya doesn’t really have to listen to that stuff anymore. Zende thinks she deserves respect and decency. Zende wants her to save those tears. Maya thinks people like that make her appreciate him even more. His support means so much. She kisses him on the cheek. Katie over sees this.

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