B&B Tuesday Update 8/1/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/1/17


Written by Anthony

Brooke tells Bill that it was another successful Spencer summit. Bill believes they raised a ton of money for charity. Brooke wants to know who really won. Bill says that the kids won. Just bidding and no voting. Brooke wants the truth.

Wyatt believes that the votes had to have been tallied. They were going straight to the phone. Wyatt wonders if Spectra could have won this thing. Katie suggests that the world might never know. Wyatt feels that this is crazy. He has to applaud Katie on a job well done. They get some time to relax now. Katie really enjoyed working with him and look forward to future projects. Katie assumes them being tired explains why they kissed. Wyatt guesses they were over worked. Wyatt assumes that has to the reason why they kissed.

Nicole and Zende walk down the street. Nicole thinks that Zende did it. Her husband the designer. Zende reminds her it was just swimwear. Nicole feels that is a huge market and he should be proud. Zende guesses he is. It doesn’t count though when his wife says it. Nicole is so proud of him.

Rick thanks the doctor for coming. He imagines that the doctor thinks they were overreacting. The doctor doesn’t think so at all. She just needs rest and a lot of liquids He suspects that she will be just fine tomorrow morning. He leaves. Maya guesses she could have done the show but then again she would have been worried the entire time. Rick doesn’t think she needs to worry. Unless, Spectra won. In which case they will blame her.

Zende thinks the best part of this was seeing Nicole model his clothes. The other models did alright. Nobody failed. She really showed up though. Nicole guesses as long as he thinks so is all that matters. Zende wants them to get a glass of champagne or something. Nicole wanted to check on Lizzie before celebrating. Zende thinks that is fine. Nicole heard that Lizzie was really sick. Zende thinks they can do that then turn up.

Sally cannot believe that there was no winner. She suggests that Spectra could have won and Bill didn’t tell them. Thomas doesn’t know. Sally is going to go and talk to Eva. She might have some answers. Thomas thinks about Caroline and Douglas. He knows Bill thinks that Caroline needs him in New York.

Bill already told Brooke. They all won. Brooke asks if the voting all the people did was not really tallied up. Bill explains that this was a charity event. The big success is that. Brooke agrees she guesses. Bill thinks that they can go to the wrap party and then they are going to Stella Mars. They will spend some alone time. She needs some alone time with her stallion. Brooke agrees. She is going to go back to the yacht and get ready. Bill is looking forward to that. Bill looks at his phone and sees that Spectra won.

Katie thinks that obviously them being over worked was what happened. Wyatt guesses he agrees. The fashion show was fogging up their brains. Katie knows they have worked hard. It is only natural that they would want to celebrate their success. Wyatt knows that kissing is definitely one way to do that. Katie realizes that there are a million reasons why they should never kiss again. The two end up kissing each other again.

Nicole asks Rick if the doctor really said that Lizzie is fine. Rick promises that there is nothing to worry about. Maya asks if Nicole was sleeping when she checked on her. Nicole confirms she was out like a light. She was a little jealous. She was ready for bed herself. Nicole wouldn’t mind modeling again. Nicole could get used to it. Rick is sure that she will. She will go out there again.

Bill gets a phone call from Caroline. Caroline is glad that he finally decided to answer. Bill has been busy with the summit. Caroline has been busy too. Stressing about the lie. Bill doesn’t want him to stress. It will kill her. Caroline is not going to go along with this lie anymore. Caroline wants Thomas but not like this. Bill asks how many more milestones Thomas has to miss because he is with that trailer park redhead. The sooner Thomas goes back to her the better it is for everyone. Bill wants Caroline to stick with the plan. Caroline wants to know how. She is a wreck. Bill thinks that Thomas will be a heroic father who ends up giving the mother of his child a few happy last day. Caroline wonders what they do when she doesn’t end up dying. Bill suggests a miracle cure. They will figure it out then. Caroline doesn’t want him to be with her out of guilt. Bill believes they are giving Thomas a nudge. Thomas never stopped loving her. Douglas says daddy. Caroline says to say hello to uncle Bill. Douglas doesn’t want uncle Bill. He wants daddy. Caroline knows he has been asking for him a lot since they left LA. Bill wants her to call him now.

Nicole definitely understands the rush that Maya was talking about before. It was incredible. Nicole loved having all eyes on her. Zende reminds her that it was the design. Maya wishes that she was there. Nicole feels that Lizzie comes first. Maya agrees. Zende wants them to come celebrate with them. Maya wants to but asks if Rick is ok. Rick has work to figure out. Nicole is really tired as well. She doesn’t feel like drinking. Zende suggests that she just be with him. Nicole feels partying is the last thing she wants to do right now.

Thomas gets a phone call from Caroline. Thomas says hi. Caroline wonders how the show was. Thomas says it was good but Bill pulled something that he didn’t like. Douglas says daddy and Thomas asks if that is him. Caroline notes that he has been asking about him a lot. Thomas talks with Douglas. Douglas misses him. Thomas misses him too. Caroline thanks him for that. He has been missing him a lot lately. Caroline says she is fine. She is really fine. Thomas is sorry she is going through all this. Caroline is too. She has to go. They hang up. Sally walks over and asks if he is still upset about the results. She couldn’t get any information from Eva. The show is over and they have to deal with it. Sally thanks Thomas for being there for her and Spectra. Thomas knows she has been there the whole time. He wasn’t part of that. This is Sally’s chance to make her dreams come true. Thomas explains something has come up and he has to go and see Douglas. Sally knows he misses his son. Thomas admits it is not just that. It is Caroline. Sally assumes he misses her too. Thomas explains she is dying.

Zende asks if he can talk to Nicole for a minute. He knows she is tired but this is a huge milestone. Nicole knows but she doesn’t need to be there for it to be special. Zende needs her with him. Nicole guesses she will go. She gets to have a bath though first. Zende thinks tonight will be a night to remember. The two hug each other.

Bill looks on the beach.

Sally is shocked that Caroline is dying. Thomas doesn’t know what she has. It is some rare disease. Sally cannot believe he has been dealing with all of this. Thomas doesn’t know what to do exactly. He just knows he has to get back to New York. Nobody knows about this. He wants to keep it that way. Thomas doesn’t know what he can do. He thinks he has missed out on being a dad. A dad to his son and he has lot to learn as a father and he needs to be there for that. If he can give his son both his parents then he deserves that. Sally understands. She loves him even more for making this choice. Sally hates that he is leaving. It is what he has to do though. Sally will be there waiting because he is worth it. The fact he is doing this for his son and his mother proves that. She loves him. The two kiss each other. Bill smiles as he watches Thomas walk away from Sally. Sally is crying. Bill turns around and looks at a building and smiles.

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