B&B Monday Update 7/31/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/31/17


Written by Anthony

Bill wonders if Brooke can smell the money. Monaco reeks of it. He takes out a dollar Bill with his face on it. He always wanted a dollar with his face on it and now he has it. He is handing them out during the summit to encourage bidding for charity. Brooke feels that is a good idea. Bill thanks her. His two favorite things… Brooke hopes she is one of them. Bill guesses three then with her at number one. Two and three being money and sky scrapers. Brooke knows how much he wanted to buy the Spectra property and turn it into his Spencer building but she doesn’t think that Thomas and Sally are going anywhere.

Thomas looks out into the ocean and thinks about Caroline dying.

Zende and Nicole are in the Forrester tent. Nicole knows that this is his first fashion show with Eric and Ridge. She is so proud of him. Zende is nervous. He is modeling his own design.

Bill tells people that there is nothing more important to him than charity to someone at the summit. Sally walks over to him informing him that she saw his boat in the harbor. Bill explains that his boat is named the Stella and then he stops himself. Sally thinks she could really get used to this. Bill suggests she doesn’t. He imagines she could. Sally thinks that Thomas can show her the do’s and don’ts of this world. Bill doesn’t want her to get to attached. Sally thinks that their designs could win. No dirty tricks. Sally walks away. Bill gets a call from Caroline. He doesn’t answer it.

Caroline is back in New York. She wants to be with Thomas and Douglas needs him. Not this way though. Telling Thomas she is dying is not right so he needs to call her back

Sally walks over to Thomas and asks if he is stressed. She doesn’t want him to be. They are on their way and nothing can stop them now.

Steffy tells Liam she loves him and will call him later. Bill walks over and tells her that Liam should fly in for the victory party. Steffy thinks they need to win this. Bill thinks it is done. Steffy is doing this fair and square. Bill doesn’t have a lot of respect for Thomas. That has to do with everything when it comes to winning.

In their hotel room, Rick informs Maya that Lizzie has a temperature. Maya asks how high. Rick says 105. He wants Maya to get down there. He can take care of her. Maya is not leaving her baby. Rick thinks she will be fine. Maya guesses they will have to find a replacement. Rick will call to see if they can find a model to cover.

Steffy takes selfies with fans. Zende gets ready for the show. Bill passes out dollar bills. Wyatt mingles with guests. Bill walks around asking how everyone is doing. Wyatt has a question for him. He knows that Spectra should tank but he needs to know if he needs to bury his head in the stand while Bill sabotages them. Bill wants him to relax. Steffy is on the stage and asks how everyone is feeling. Everyone has a Spencer dollar that will go towards their bidding. Compliments of Bill himself. Forrester and Spectra will go against each other. At the end they can vote for Forrester or Spectra. It is time for the fashion challenge. Brooke walks down the runway in a blue flower dress. Other models in a purple and white dress also walk down the runway. Brooke and the rest of the models walk around and people clap. Nicole next walks down the runway in a bathing suit. Other models also walk down the runway in clothing. Bill looks at the Spectra logo and imagines himself cutting the ribbon on Spencer towers in his head. Bill smiles. He looks at Sally and looks angry. He then looks at Thomas who looks sad. Steffy walks over to Thomas and thinks they have a good response. She thinks that his designs are good. Thomas doesn’t know if this matters. He wishes that he could have been a better father for Douglas. Steffy doesn’t think that this is the time or place to be thinking about Douglas and Caroline.

A doctor tells Maya and Rick that Lizzie has a cold but she will be ok. Rick asks if they should give Lizzie anything. The doctor suggests fluids and rest. That is all she needs. Maya was worried. The doctor has seen her picture. Rick admits that she is a model and was supposed to be in the fashion show today. He asks if Maya didn’t go because Lizzie had a petite fever.

The models continue to walk the runway. Clearly a lot of Spectra designs. Katie looks at the TV backstage. Brooke walks over and thinks that Katie has a homerun. She is doing great. Katie thinks a lot of this has to do with Wyatt. Brooke thinks that Katie is incredible and needs to take the credit. She congratulates Katie.

Sally runs over to Thomas and tells him that this is spectacular. Sally thinks that he deserves this. Thomas feels she deserves it.

Zende thinks that Nicole did amazing. Nicole believes he will do amazing now. The intercom announces Zende to the runway along with Thomas. Two great designers showing off their work.

Brooke thinks that things look amazing on the runway. Wyatt agrees.

Maya wanted to be sure that Lizzie was ok so no she didn’t model. The doctor thinks that is so unfortunate for those who attended. Rick thinks that Maya is breathtaking.

The host of the fashion duel welcomes Steffy and Sally to the stage. Steffy is wearing a bikini with a wrap and Sally is wearing some plastic skirt. Everyone starts to vote on their phones as the two walk the runway. From the phones it would appear people are clicking Spectra.

Bill congratulates Thomas but now it is time to be a man. His sons mother is dying. He needs to be there for him. He needs to go to New York for his son. Bill walks away.

All the models gather on stage. Katie thanks them all so much and wants to welcome Bill to the stage to announce the winner. Bill thanks Katie. He wants to thank each and every one of them for showing up at the event. The moment they have all been waiting for… The winner says Spectra on his phone. He claims he is the winner. This wasn’t really a fashion challenge. In that votes weren’t tallied. It was about generosity to the children. They raised just over one million one hundred dollars. Brooke kisses Bill.

Wyatt runs over to Katie and Katie asks if he knows what Bill said. Wyatt says it was a tie. Katie thinks that they did great today. Katie thinks they did it. Wyatt kisses Katie. The two look at each other. Katie smiles. Katie kisses him back. The two have a passionate moment by the ocean and kiss for a long minute.

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