B&B Friday Update 7/28/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/28/17


Written by Anthony

Bill tells Brooke that the sun is rising and they will be on the ground soon. Sally explains to Thomas that this was the most awesome plane ride ever. Thomas thinks it was. Sally knows it was a whole different world up here but it is his world so she will just have to get used to it. Katie informs Wyatt that they have a 95% positivity response. Wyatt thinks that is excellent. The Spencer summit has gained more traffic this year thanks to the show down. Katie thinks that this will be so much fun. Wyatt thinks it already is. Bill knows that this will be great. Bill wishes he pushed one thing harder. He should have insisted that Caroline join then. Once they are back in New York, they don’t know when they will see him again.

Quinn tries to get Eric to answer her. He doesn’t. Ridge walks in. She thinks it is Eric. Quinn frowns when she sees it is Ridge.

Eric looks at his phone. He sees all of Quinn’s texts begging him to come back and missing him. Sheila knocks on the door. She has a bag of take out. She knows he has not had a decent meal in a while. She knows what kind of food he likes. Eric lets Sheila in. Sheila takes out the food. Eric appreciates the effort but doesn’t expect her to do this. Sheila wants Eric to sit down and eat something. Eric thought she was going to eat. Sheila can take her food back to her room. Eric doesn’t think she has to do that. Sheila doesn’t want to impose. Eric wants to know when she doesn’t want to do that. He tells her to sit down.

Quinn thought… Ridge knows she thought it was Eric. He gets it. Quinn always thinks it is Eric but it never is. She wants to know where he is. She thinks that they should hire a private investigator. Ridge saw him. He knows where he is.

Steffy thinks that they have a lot to pull off in the next twenty-four hours. Katie has put together multiple interviews for Maya and Eva will help out with that. Nicole and Zende are doing inventory on the collection. She is glad they are prepared. Sally thinks she is prepared as well. Bill thinks that this will be a success when you consider the amount of people who will show up to see the half-naked models. Brooke suggests he could model too in his sexy trunks. Bill knows that could turn down the show but he thinks he will reserve the trunks for her but he knows he won’t need the trunks there. He kisses Brooke.

Sheila guesses she could be called impulse driven. Eric finds that accurate. Sheila really settled down in prison. She started to think if there was anything good left in her. She was shocked to find a better person waiting there. She had a long time to work on that. Eric asks what the most surprising thing was. Sheila thinks that she found out she could have a pure love. She also thought about the two of them. The wonderful times that they spent together. Eric knows that Sheila has been painfully honest with him. Sheila is glad. She is glad because the hard work she did for herself she did that so she could come back and prove that he was not wrong to love her.

Quinn needs to know where Eric is. Ridge says that he is at a hotel. He thinks he is fine. Quinn asks if he is alone. Ridge says that Sheila is with him. Steffy told him where he is. They tracked his phone. Quinn needs to go and talk with him. Ridge says that he doesn’t want to see her.

Bill explains that they have a lot of work to do but they will raise a lot of funds for Spencer’s favorite charities. Wyatt thinks he sounds like Liam. Bill does like charity when he agrees with it. Bill thinks the charities they have joined with will fight for these people. Bill wants to toast Wyatt. He put a lot of effort into getting the summit organized. Brooke doesn’t think that he would have been able to do that without her sister so she wants to toast to him. Wyatt agrees that this is true. Katie doesn’t want to congratulate themselves to soon. Wyatt toasts to a kickass show down. With a lot of fun on the side. Steffy will drink to that. They all drink. Thomas whispers to Bill if he is sure that Caroline is dying. Bill is sure about this. He wants Thomas to think long and hard about his next move. Steffy asks Sally if she really thinks that Spectra can compete with Forrester. Sally thinks they will see. Thomas asks if Steffy is bothering her. Sally says she is ok. Sally can take a little verbal scarring. She welcomes it. She thinks that Thomas seems distracted. Sally thinks that Thomas seems like he has a lot going on. Thomas is just thinking about a lot. Bill recognizes that the fashion challenge is a challenge against brother and sister he thinks it is a healthy competition and they are all family. Even Sally. There is a mutual history and there is someone who is a human embodiment That is Douglas who is Thomas and Caroline’s son.

Ridge is sorry. Quinn is not going to give up on her marriage. Ridge will not tell her where he is. She will run off to him. Ridge wants to keep things the way they are now. Ridge knows where he is staying and wants to keep it that way. Quinn asks if she is supposed to stay here and wait for Eric to slip further and further away. Quinn is not going to give up on him. Quinn is going to be waiting here.

Eric doesn’t want to eat anymore. Sheila asks if he wants to talk about it. Eric doesn’t want to think about the affair. He believed in Quinn. He thought she was so loyal. She had to do this with Ridge. His excuse was he couldn’t help himself. Eric was such a fool. Sheila holds his hand. Eric looks into his eyes. Sheila doesn’t think loving his wife and son makes him a bad person. You should want to trust people. Eric doesn’t want her to do this. He doesn’t want to dredge on their past. Sheila gets chills when she thinks about the woman she used to be. His ability to forgive is amazing. The fact that he kissed her. Eric didn’t kiss her. Sheila means he allowed her to kiss him. That makes her feel amazing. Eric is tried. Sheila can be leaving. He thanks her for dinner. Sheila thinks it was her pleasure. She leaves.

Quinn looks at her portrait. She sits down and starts to think about when she and Eric were dating. When he proposed to her. He wanted her to marry him.

Eric also was thinking about this.

In Monte Carlo Bill welcomes them all to Monaco. They all get the pleasure of arriving with them. Bill thanks them all for Zende and Nicole are also there. Brooke thinks that it is wonderful to be in paradise. Zende walks over. He thinks that it is great to be here. Nicole cannot wait to see the challenge. Sally cannot believe that they are doing this. It will get Spectra great press. Thomas knows that they can do this. Wyatt knows they are here. Katie agrees they are. Eva walks over. Katie thanks her so much for all the work she has done. Eva promises to help them with anything they need. Steffy tells them to all get in here. Forrester has a challenge. If Sally and Thomas wanted this then they are going to get it. They best fashion house will win. They all start to cheer.

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