B&B Wednesday Update 7/26/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/26/17


Written By Anthony

Ridge demands that Steffy tell him where Eric is. Steffy doesn’t think he wants to be found. Ridge reminds her that he is with Sheila. Ridge thinks that she is dangerous. Ridge demands to know where he is. He needs to know now.

Eric is looking at his phone. Sheila thought he turned that off. Eric did. Sheila wonders if he is going to make a phone call. Eric misses his family. Sheila is sure that they are very worried about him. She knows that Steffy is. Eric believes that she is the level headed one. Sheila hopes that Ridge doesn’t find where he is. Eric doesn’t want to see any of them. Not yet.

Caroline cannot believe that Bill told Thomas that she is dying. Bill promises that when she goes back to New York, Thomas will be going with her. Caroline is in shock. She hopes that he didn’t believe her. Bill promises that he did. Caroline wants to know why he would do that. Bill points out that she asked for his help.

In the Spectra office, Thomas thinks about how Caroline is dying. Sally walks in and asks which sunglasses are more Monte Carlo. She thinks that if their swimwear line takes off then next season they could be huge. Their future has never been brighter thanks to Thomas. Sally says that the collection is being packed and Saul is not letting it out of his site. She wonders if Bill will let Saul ride in the cargo haul. She thinks that riding across the Atlantic with Bill is amazing. Sally knows he met with him and wonders how that went. She hopes that he is not trying to throw a wrench in things.

Caroline doesn’t think that this is helping. He is telling the father of her son that she is dying. That is not helping. Bill wonders why she is yelling. There is no need to do that. Bill doesn’t think that Thomas should need a reason to be with his family. Since he does he gave him one. Caroline is not going to go along with this.

Sheila admits she didn’t come back to LA to ruin his life. Eric notes that if it were not for her then he would still be in the dark. Ridge and Quinn only confessed because their secret was about to come out. He doesn’t believe anything that they say anymore.

Steffy promised Eric that she wouldn’t say anything. Especially to Ridge. Ridge doesn’t think that they can leave him alone with her. Steffy knows that he thinks that he knows what is best for Eric but he doesn’t. Ridge points out that Sheila is a dangerous criminal and she knows her past. Steffy admits to shooting Sheila.

Sally knows that Thomas told her not to worry. It seems like Bill is coming around and that is a good thing. Thomas claims he is just looking out for his family. Sally guesses he is not out to get them. Thomas doesn’t think it is like that. He was wrong. Sally knows he is looking out for her. Sally cannot tell him what it is like to feel so supportive. She has never felt more alive. The two kiss each other.

Caroline didn’t ask him to lie for her. Bill told her that he would do anything to help. Caroline reminds him that Thomas and her have a child together. She asks what happens if Thomas says something to her mother’s. Bill promises that he won’t. He told Thomas that he doesn’t want anyone to know. Bill was very convincing. Caroline doesn’t think you can joke about this sort of thing. His grandmother died of cancer and his mother was presumed dead. Bill didn’t pull the cancer card. He said she had an autoimmune disease. Caroline feels that this is so wrong. Bill thinks that this totally worked on Thomas. Caroline is sure that he is terrified. Bill thinks that Thomas needs to be with his son. Bill promises that Thomas said he loves her. Bill knows she wants him in her life. Caroline doesn’t want to win Thomas back this way.

Sheila knows that the truth matters to him. Eric asks if he cannot trust his family then who can he trust.

Ridge needs to know what Steffy means by she shot Sheila. Steffy did so with Stephanie’s gun. She had Liam track Sheila down and she wasn’t going to use her gun. She thought she was going to use her gun but she didn’t. Then hotel security came. Ridge guesses they are at a hotel then. Steffy explains that Sheila covered for her. She could have sent her to jail. Steffy thinks that Eric wants to be alone. Ridge knows. Ridge thinks that Sheila will do anything she can to get what she wants. Ridge will not be able to live with that. He needs to know where he is. Steffy says ok. She will tell him where to find him.

Sheila hopes that Eric knows that her being here with him is purely a coincidence. She never expected to end up in the same hotel as him. Sheila appreciates that he didn’t leave after seeing her. Sheila knows that he is giving her another chance. She is really sorry about everything he is going through. Quinn and Ridge and what they did. She is happy to be here. She is happy to help him work his way through this. She knows he might think she is not telling the truth but she is. She just wants to make sure he is alright. If keeping his family away from him is what he needs then that is what she will do.

Ridge feels that Steffy did the right thing. Steffy doesn’t think that he can just go there right now. Ridge doesn’t want her to call him. Steffy wants to know what happens if he finds out she told him. Ridge feels one day he will thank her. Ridge is not going to lose Eric. He will talk to him. He needs her to go to Monte Carlo. Steffy wonders what she is supposed to tell people if they ask about him and Eric. Ridge wants her to tell people that he doesn’t look so great in a bathing suit anymore. Tell Brooke and Katie that everything is going to be fine. He can handle it. Steffy says ok.

Shirley needs Sally to take plenty of pictures. Especially, of the food. She understands that the spread they have on private planes is better than any buffet you go to. Sally is just shocked that Bill is letting them go with him. She assumes that he has given up on trying to get Caroline and Thomas back together.

Bill knows that Caroline wants Thomas back and he is making that a reality. He makes things happen. Sometimes you have to blur the lines a little bit and push the envelope. He did what he thought was right. Caroline thinks he went way too far. Bill thinks that Thomas needed a wakeup call. He needs to know the reality of how important she is to her. Caroline is not going along with it. Caroline is not going to let him think that she is dying if she isn’t. Thomas walks in. Bill says that they were just talking about him. Caroline feels that there is something he needs to know. She knows that Bill told him something but she didn’t know he would do that. Thomas is so sorry.

Eric feels that so much has happened in such a small amount of time. His wife and son were having an affair behind his back. He wants to know what they were saying when he left the room. Or every time he turned his back. He invited Ridge to leave with them. He didn’t question anything. Sheila doesn’t recommend that. Sheila wants him to put them out of his mind.

Ridge finds Eric’s hotel room door. He tells Eric that he knows he is in here and demands to be let in. Eric opens the door and he sees Sheila in the background.

Shirley wants to know what gives Bill the right to meddle in her life. Sally reminds her that Bill is Caroline’s uncle. Shirley asks what that has to do with anything. Sally thinks that she has a son with Thomas and she wants to be a family again. Sally loves that Thomas is committed with his son. She would never do anything to hurt them. Shirley wants Sally to keep her guard up. Sally is not worried about Thomas. Douglas is their only connection. She will never be a part of his life again. Caroline doesn’t want Thomas to worry about her. Thomas can help her. He will not let her go through this alone. He needs to think about his son. He wonders what he will do without Caroline. He asks what Douglas will do without the most important person in his life. Thomas is going to spend as much time with Caroline when she is here. He will teach Douglas everything. Caroline knows he will love that. Thomas has missed Douglas and Caroline. All of that is going to change. Bill can see that Caroline is overcome with emotion. Thomas is not doing this out of pity. This is what should have happened from the beginning. He was heartbroken with Caroline and buried himself in work. He couldn’t stop thinking about them. He is going to be there for their family. Family is going to come first. Thomas is sorry. Thomas hugs Caroline.

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