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Thomas asks if Caroline is really dying. Bill claims that she is really sick. Thomas doesn’t think that this makes sense. Bill got this out of Caroline. He could tell something was wrong. She doesn’t want to be a burden anymore. Bill was hit by it in the same way. Like it couldn’t be real.

Steffy is on the phone with Rick and tells him to keep her updated with the Spencer summit. Caroline asks what is going on. Steffy explains that Rick and Maya are on their way there and so are Zende and Nicole. Caroline doesn’t want to hold her up. Steffy doesn’t think she is at all. She wonders where Douglas is. Caroline explains he is playing paddy cake with Pam with some version of ingredients she has no idea about. Steffy thinks that sounds about right. Steffy wonders how she is doing with Thomas. Caroline admits she has a lot to be thankful for. She has a beautiful little boy, and her moms, and everyone is healthy. That should be enough. Caroline knows it would be enough… Steffy assumes if things weren’t the way they are with Thomas

In the Mansion living room, Quinn asks if Ridge is not going to Monaco. Ridge isn’t with the way that things are going with Eric right now. He needs to have a face to face with him in case he comes home. Quinn needs to see him if he does come home as well.

Sheila offers to have Eric’s clothes dry cleaned and then have them picked up tomorrow. Eric thinks that is great. He goes into the bathroom. Sheila thinks about kissing Eric. She smiles. She smells one of his shirts. Sheila folds his clothes and asks if there is anything else she can do for Eric. Eric asks how she is about turning back clocks. Sheila wishes she could. She wants things to go back before things were so bad between them. Eric meant his past with Quinn. When he was blissfully unaware of what things went with Quinn. Eric does ask what the point of living a lie is in the long run. She wishes she didn’t have to tell him.

Quinn keeps texting and calling Eric. She thinks he turned his phone off. She just wishes that he would talk to her. Ridge feels the only one he is talking to right now is Sheila. He doesn’t want him confiding in her right now. Quinn can only imagine what Sheila is filling Eric’s head with.

Caroline realizes that she and Thomas would be together right now if she hadn’t pushed him away. Steffy doesn’t think she pushed him away. She needed time to figure things out. Caroline didn’t care if Sally was in the picture. Steffy doesn’t think that Sally is right for Thomas. She feels that Thomas might see this too but might not be ready to admit to it. She is everything that Sally isn’t and they have to make Thomas realize that.

Thomas thought that Caroline looked healthy. He asks how she could possibly be dying. Bill tells him that it is a rare autoimmune disease. Thomas needs to know how he knows. This doesn’t make sense. Bill admits that Caroline insisted that no one know about this. Given he is Douglas’s father he felt that he had the right to know.

Eric doesn’t think that it makes any difference now. Sheila couldn’t stand the thought of her betraying him. She keeps thinking of how they fooled him. Eric points out that they were on the verge of telling him. Sheila reminds him they could have told him after the first kiss. They could have come to him or any time after that. They continued their affair. Eric asks if it really is an affair if all they had was kisses. Sheila doesn’t tell him these things because she wants to hurt him. Eric asks who Sheila is really.

Caroline should let Steffy get back to work. She is sure that she has a million things to do before her flight. Steffy promises that Caroline and Douglas take priority. Caroline thinks she is sweet. Steffy feels that family is everything. Her nephew should be able to have his parents together. Caroline hopes that she can get her family back together.

Thomas assumes that this is what this was about. This was what he was trying to do when he came to Spectra. Bill admits it was. Thomas knows that he didn’t want to betray Caroline’s confidence but he should have said something. He knows he wanted to return to his family of Caroline and Douglas. Bill doesn’t think he ever should have gone to those yahoos in the first place. Then he would have had time to go to New York with his son. He thinks that Caroline is living on borrowed time. Thomas asks how much time Caroline has. Bill is not sure. He knows his only responsibility should be to Caroline and Douglas. To make happy and lasting memories. He can do that for Caroline and Douglas. Only him.

Sheila admits that she is the woman she wants to be for him. She worked so hard to change her life around. Eric applauds her for that. She came to him and told him about what was going on with Quinn and Eric. He is grateful. Eric thinks that too much has happened in their past for anything to happen between them again. Sheila is just glad for him to call her a friend. It means the world to her. She can leave if he wants him too. Eric just doesn’t know.

Quinn thinks that Sheila is pulling the strings. She came here to get Eric’s medication. She has a key to the house. She is insane. Ridge feels if Quinn found her then he would run. Quinn doesn’t like having Sheila as Eric’s only confidant. Quinn doesn’t think that this is good at all.

Steffy promises that they are pulling for Caroline. Even Bill. She knows that Bill has a history of bullying people to get what he wants and she doesn’t want Bill bullying Thomas to get what he wants. Caroline doesn’t want that either. Thomas has to want to come back to her otherwise it doesn’t work.

Bill thinks that he should be back with Caroline and Douglas. He did abandon them. Thomas doesn’t think that is true. Bill asks if he thinks that video chatting with his son makes up for not being there. Thomas wanted a family with Caroline. He wanted that but it was too soon for her. The mother of his child is dying. He still loves her. Bill wants him to be there for Caroline and Douglas. He needs to be the husband and father he should have been all along. Thomas agrees. Bill asks if he can share something with him. His greatest regret was he wasn’t there for Liam and Wyatt growing up. They had their mothers but to soon Douglas is not going to have his. Every moment he has with them is going to be precious. He needs to be there for Caroline and Douglas as soon as possible. Later on, Caroline shows up and Bill asks where Douglas is. Caroline explains that Allison and Emmy are fighting over who is going to read him a story. She asks him what is up. Bill knows she is looking for help to bring Thomas into her direction. He thought of something to reel Thomas in without him having any idea what was happening. Bill tells her that Thomas will be going back with her to New York to stay. He promises it. Caroline asks if he is serious. Bill is as a heart attack. Bill wants to know how he did it. Bill told him she was dying.

Thomas shows up at Spectra. He sits down at the drawing table. He gets out his phone and looks at a photo of him and Caroline with Douglas. Thomas looks sad.

Sheila thinks that Eric has time to figure out what he wants with his family. She asks if Steffy and Liam would go to Quinn and Ridge with his whereabouts.

Ridge tells Steffy at the mansion that Quinn is starting to fall apart. Steffy asks where she is. Ridge told her to go and get some rest. She hasn’t slept since he disappeared. Ridge is ok. Steffy knows he isn’t. He has not eaten or slept in days. Ridge will do that when he finds Eric. Steffy has seen Eric. She knows where he is staying. Liam found him. Steffy found him a few days ago. Eric doesn’t want him to know where he is. Ridge asks if he is with Sheila. Steffy confirms he is.

Sheila hugs Eric. Eric turns around and looks at her. He hugs her.

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