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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/24/17


Written by Anthony

In Bill’s office, Bill is with Steffy and Caroline. Steffy is holding Douglas. Bill feels that this kid is all Spencer. He has the jaw line. Steffy only sees Forrester. Caroline admits that he is a handsome boy with genes from both sides of the family. Bill wants to know where Thomas is. Caroline admits he is at work. She still cannot believe that. Steffy tells her that none of them are happy about it. Caroline feels like it is sort of her fault. Steffy asks why. Caroline should have made more of an effort to reunite her family but she didn’t. Now that she is back in LA, Thomas is back in the arms of Sally Spectra.

Sally and Thomas are kissing at her desk. Thomas believes if they keep doing this then they get nothing done. Sally feels that he is her everything. Sally knows they have to focus though. Thomas needs her to stop distracting him. Thomas believes that everything is just around the corner. Thomas cannot wait for the show. Sally knows they have a killer show stopper. Thomas feels they are going to kill things there.

Wyatt looks at the swimsuits that Forrester had designed. He feels that Bill will be very impressed. Zende is glad because that is the idea. Ivy thinks that Forrester needs to make an impressive and historic impact on the summit. Brooke notes that Wyatt has been spending a lot of time here. Wyatt enjoyed almost every moment of working with them. RJ feels that Katie is doing a great job in his old position. Coco wonders if he is jealous that she is filling her shoes so well. Wyatt doesn’t think so. He always knew she would do a wonderful job. Katie thanks him very much. Brooke believes that Zende’s designs are beautiful. Zende is happy to have been part of a talented design team. Nicole cannot wait to do her thing on the runway. RJ asks if Brooke is modeling as well. Brooke admits she is. RJ wanted to have a pool party. RJ and Coco are not invited to Monaco. Nicole asks where Quinn and Ridge are. Brooke thinks they are working from home. Katie doesn’t think it matters. They are all making great progress. Wyatt thinks that they have this. They are looking at a Forrester victory hands down.

Shirley wants to add feathers and rhinestones. Sally points out that this is swimwear. Sally knows. Thomas wants to keep it classic. Saul thinks that Forrester is boring. Shirley feels they need a splash to everything. Thomas cannot wait to compete with his sister and entire family.

Caroline believes that staying on the east coast was a mistake. She didn’t know what she wanted. She didn’t know what was best for Douglas yet either. She wants her family together and to be with Thomas. Bill promises to get them together. Steffy wants things to work out. Caroline is going to let Bill get back to work. Steffy asks if she needs help. Caroline says she will be fine. Caroline leaves. Bill thinks that this settles it. He is kicking Sally out of the building and Thomas’s life.

Katie reached out to Eva and they are going to do some publicity on their end. Wyatt is glad. He wants her to have the interview with the prince. Charlotte asks if they mean the real prince. Nicole wonders what other prince there is. RJ wants to take a break. Coco thinks that RJ can do something else. Ivy knows that this is Zende’s first showing as a designer. Nicole knows that this is a very special trip. Brooke is impressed with Katie. This was all her idea. Katie thanks her but she had a little help. Katie enjoys the work. Brooke thinks that you have to do other things sometimes. Katie assumes she means a love life. Brooke asks if she is seeing anyone special these days.

Shirley believes that this is going to be a memorable trip. Saul booked the hotel rooms. One for Sally and one for Thomas. Thomas already had someone book their suite already. Shirley hopes that Sally brushes up on her Monaco. She is going to a foreign country. She needs to speak the language. Thomas explains they speak French and English. Sally believes they will get by. Thomas sees a design that has a rigged fabric. They need high quality and perfection. They cannot have mediocre quality. Thomas feels that this is Spectra’s come back. Thomas wants the world to see that Spectra is here to stay.

Steffy will never understand what Thomas sees in Sally. Bill wants Sally gone and the building demolished. Steffy feels that is easier said than done. Bill believes that is a bad attitude. Sally is no good for Thomas or him. Bill wants to know how Caroline puts her family back together with Sally hanging around. Bill knows that Thomas is all too happy to be part of the traveling circus. They need a plan to drive them a part.

Wyatt wants to know how things are going with Brooke and Katie. Brooke thinks good. She has to discuss things with RJ. Wyatt feels that things are shaping up. He feels that Katie is good at this. Almost too good. Katie cannot take all the credit. He came up with the initial idea. Wyatt really enjoyed working with her.

Steffy never realized how hard this was on Caroline. Bill wants them to step up. Steffy knows that Thomas is trying to rescue Sally. Bill knows he is a knight and shining armor. Bill feels that there is only one stallion. Sally is the kind of woman who eats chumps for breakfast. She will kick him to the curve. Steffy knows he is committed to Sally. Steffy has to get to work and get ready for the trip. Bill guesses he can go. She needs to go and look pretty. He can do this on his own. Steffy will try to send Sally to the circus but don’t count on it. Bill calls Thomas. He is sorry. He knows he came at him pretty hard. He needs Thomas to come by his office. Thomas cannot right now. He is in the middle of making an entire collection. Bill is begging him. Thomas guesses he will go.

Sally asks if he has to leave. Thomas says that Bill wants to see him. He will not let Bill come between them. He kisses her.

Bill looks at his building model. He then looks out the window. He smiles.

Wyatt wonders if something happened. He assumes that Katie and Brooke got into a disagreement or something. Katie says no. She just has been busy. Wyatt has really enjoyed working with her on all this. Katie agrees. It has been stressful but she handles it. Katie wonders if she has something in her teeth. Wyatt thinks she is Katie inquires why he is looking at her like that.

Caroline walks into the CEO office and tells Steffy that Pam is walking with Douglas around the building. Steffy cannot believe how much he has grown. It is crazy. Caroline knows it is insane. He is handsome like his daddy. Steffy wishes Caroline had come home months ago. Steffy knows they would be so happy together. Steffy wishes she could get through to Thomas. She cannot though.

Thomas walks in Bill’s office. He already knows what this is about. Bill would be lying if he didn’t say he was surprised that he got together with a con artist like Sally. He wants him to give him a break though. He abandoned his sister, Forrester, and aligned himself with that woman. Bill thinks there is something that Thomas doesn’t know. Thomas feels that if this is about Caroline and his son then he needs to stop questioning him. He will never abandon his son. Bill wants him to hear him out. He knows he didn’t have the best role model in Ridge. Bill was a playboy back in the day. He has evolved though. He has learned the responsibility in family. What is more than that. There is something he has discovered recently. Something that Caroline doesn’t want anyone to know. He looks out for Caroline. He will always do that. He cannot help her though. Thomas asks what he means. Bill explains Caroline told her something. She wouldn’t want him to know but he thinks that he has a right as the father of her son. Caroline is dying.

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