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Written by Anthony

Steffy wants to know if she heard Quinn right. She wants her to overlook that she betrayed her grandfather with Ridge. Quinn doesn’t want her to overlook but rise above. If she can forgive her father and her. She never meant to hurt Eric. She knows that sounds crazy but of course they hurt Eric. She knows that and wishes she could take back every single second she had with Ridge. She cannot though. She can only beg for her forgiveness and help. If she continues to support her grandfather and her and give her the chance to make things up to her. She promises she will not regret it. Wyatt walks in and asks what is going on. He needs to run something by Eric. Steffy says he is not here. Wyatt asks if he will be back soon. Steffy explains that he doesn’t live here anymore and ask Quinn why. Steffy leaves. Wyatt wants to know what is going on.

Ridge admits to Brooke that this whole thing with Quinn has cost him too much. It cost him Brooke. He will not lose Steffy. Ridge is going to mend this. They just have to keep the psycho out of the way. Brooke assumes he means Sheila. Ridge went to Eric’s to tell him in his own way and Sheila wouldn’t leave. She is a danger to the whole family. They have to get rid of her.

Sheila hands Eric his pills reminding him he needs to take it with a full glass of water. Eric is alright. Sheila knows he suffered a huge blow from the two people he trusted the most. Eric doesn’t need to be reminded of that. Sheila hates to see him hurt and betrayed. He is the last person who deserves that. She holds his hand.

Wyatt would like to know what Steffy meant by Eric no longer lives her. Quinn asks if Wyatt believes she loves Eric. Wyatt does. Quinn asks if he thinks that Eric loves her. Wyatt feels with no question. Quinn believes that so long as they can get through that then they can get through anything. Wyatt asks what the current anything is. He wants to know what happened between him and Eric.

Brooke just cannot believe that Sheila is back. Ridge just wishes that he could have told Eric in his own way. Brooke doesn’t like any of this. She doesn’t like how Sheila is the only one who knows where he is. Brooke just hopes he is not with Sheila.

Sheila half expected his family to burst through the door by now. Eric thinks that Steffy promised to keep his whereabouts a secret and she will. Sheila assumes it must be nice. Eric just wants to be by himself. Sheila understands. Eric appreciates her concern he really does. Sheila is just down the hall if he needs her. Sheila goes into her room. Steffy knocks on Eric’s door. She goes in. Sheila watches from her room. Steffy hopes that it is alright. She couldn’t stay away. She is worried about him. The two hug.

Wyatt thought that things were good between her and Eric. Quinn thinks that they were. That part of her that cannot be truly happy ruined everything. She loves her husband and is not going to give him up easily. She hurt Eric terribly. She wonders what kind of a monster she is. Quinn thinks that things have to be alright. Wyatt wants her to go and force a conversation with him. Quinn would but that is what scares her the most.

Ridge hasn’t received a text from Eric. Brooke wonders how upset Eric is with her. Ridge thinks that he is upset with everyone. Brooke wants to know what she is in for. Ridge admits he is upset that she didn’t say anything. Brooke didn’t want him to be hurt. Ridge tells her that it was over but they didn’t go to him soon enough. Brooke thinks that this is incredible that Eric only trusts Sheila. Ridge is not going to let this happen to Eric. He will not let Sheila take advantage of him. Ridge is going to try to explain things. He will not leave him with Sheila.

Sheila walks out of her room and looks in the hallway.

Eric asks if Steffy spoke to Ridge. Steffy doesn’t want him to worry. She isn’t going to tell him that she saw him or where to find him. Eric is glad. He thanks her. Steffy would do anything he asked but she doesn’t think that he should be staying here. Eric doesn’t understand things himself. Steffy is sorry that he is in so much pain. Eric was happy when Ridge and Quinn were getting close. He encouraged it. He cannot imagine what they were saying about him in their private conversations. Steffy doesn’t think they were laughing. They are pretty bent out of shape right now. She saw Quinn. She is a wreck and feels horrible. She loves him and never stopped.

Wyatt is shocked that Quinn doesn’t know where Eric is. Quinn is being driven crazy by him. Wyatt asks if it is possible that he went for a drive. Quinn explains that he took clothes. No one has heard from him. Ridge doesn’t know where he is either. Ridge walks in. Wyatt just heard that Eric took off. Wyatt asks what happened. He doesn’t mean to get in the middle of their business. Eric accepted him too. He wants to be there for them. Quinn needs to find out where he is first. Ridge thinks he will come home and they will talk. Sometimes married people fight and they will fix it. Quinn suggests Wyatt go home. Ridge will be here if she needs anything. Wyatt says ok and leaves. Quinn wants to know where her husband is.

Sheila walks around her hotel room. She looks out the window. She starts to think of her wedding to Eric.

Eric points out when you get married you make bows about commitment. It is supposed to be a sacred promise so long as they both should live. Now though… Steffy is not defending either of them. She just needs to be open minded. She needs to be fair. She hasn’t always done that. As angry as she is with them she knows they are so sorry. She doesn’t know if it is too late. Only Eric can answer that. Eric needs time to think about what is next. Steffy knows from the beginning she was afraid that Quinn would hurt him. She thought that Quinn was good for him. Now she doesn’t know what to think. Eric thought that she would want him to get divorced. Steffy knows he still loves Quinn.

Ridge knows that Quinn is trying to stay calm. Quinn doesn’t know where he is. It scares her. Her husband is slipping away and she has no way to stop it. Quinn will not lose him.

Steffy still thinks that Eric should be at home with his family. Eric thinks that this is what he wants. Steffy respects his wishes. She needs something from him. Sheila is dangerous. He shouldn’t gloss over all the things she has done just because she is here now. She will not tell the family he is here. He just needs to keep Sheila away. Steffy hugs Eric. She loves him. She is just a phone call away. Steffy walks down the hall. Sheila watches from her room. She walks back over to Eric’s room. She knocks on the door saying it is her. She asks if it is ok if she comes in. He says yes. Sheila thought she heard Steffy. Eric confirms it was. Eric says that Steffy wants her nowhere near him. Sheila understands. It is just hard seeing him all alone. She just thought he would need someone around who is loyal. Sheila is sure that he will find someone loyal. Eric asks the measuring stick for loyalty. Sheila feels someone who tells the truth even when it hurts. Eric thanks Sheila for telling him the truth. Sheila asks if she could ask for one small thing in return. Eric asks what that is. She kisses him. The two look at each other and Sheila smiles.

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