B&B Wednesday Update 7/19/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/19/17


Written By Anthony

Steffy looks at Quinn’s portrait and thinks about telling off Ridge. Quinn walks downstairs. She didn’t hear her come in. Steffy asks how Quinn could do this.

Ridge and the PR department are talking about the Spencer Summit. Apparently, Bill is not ok with Spectra being in the fashion show. Ridge guesses they agree for once. Thomas refuses to drop out. Brooke walks in. She asks if everything is alright. Ridge explains that he can talk to Thomas. He knows a thing or two about a son who betrays his father.

Thomas cannot believe that Bill would come into his office and try to lecture him. Bill thinks that if he was trying to lecture him he would make him listen. He is trying to appeal to his sense of family. That is what the Spencer’s pride themselves on. Bill thinks that Sally is trailer trash. He left his family business and is crashing his event. Caroline can give him a stable family and he knows he loves Caroline. Sally overhears this and runs out.

The PR department says Wyatt will have the Spencer numbers by the end of the day. Provided that Spencer stays on bored. Katie promises that they will. Wyatt will make sure of that. Katie thanks the PR department and they leave. Brooke wonders why Ridge seems so distracted. Ridge admits that Steffy knows about him and Quinn.

Quinn wants to know who told her. She asks if it was Eric and she begs to know where her husband is. Steffy says that Ridge had to tell her.

Thomas thinks that it sounds like Bill is lecturing him. Bill is stating facts. He has a child. He is going to do right by both of them. Thomas didn’t leave Caroline. She left him. Bill thinks that Caroline used her time wisely. While he… Thomas got tired of waiting. He wanted a life with Caroline but he couldn’t get that. Sally is the woman in his life.

Sally shows up at a restaurant. She thanks Caroline for meeting her. Caroline doesn’t have to guess what this is about. She left Thomas. It was a big mistake. Caroline wants to reunite her family. Sally points out her family is the son she shares with Thomas and that is as far as it goes. Caroline knows for now. Sally assumes she wants him to go to New York. Caroline does. Caroline assumes that Sally would want her own child to have both their parents together. Sally would. If that is what both parents want. Thomas is with her. Caroline thinks that is for the moment. Sally is very grateful for Thomas in her life and she is not giving him up without a fight.

Thomas guesses he will see Bill in Monaco. He thinks that he and Sally will make the headline. They will make a splash. Bill is talking to him now. Spectra is doomed. He advices he take care of his family. Bill sees a long and unpleasant plain ride back from Monaco. Thomas informs him that if he does anything at the fashion show then he is taking Bill down with him.

Katie wonders if telling Steffy was a good idea. Ridge isn’t but he couldn’t lie to her. Brooke thinks that would have made things worse. Ridge asks if things could really be worse.

Quinn knows what she did was awful but it isn’t what she thinks. It was just a few kisses. It was a moment of vulnerability. It was never more than just a kiss and they both deeply regret it. Steffy is so deeply disappointed in Ridge. She isn’t shocked that Quinn disappointed Eric though.

Sally gets that Caroline wants her son to grow up in a normal family. Caroline does. Sally doesn’t think that Thomas is her guy. He is over her. Neither her or Bill is going to make her go away. Plenty of children grow up without their parents. Including her sister and her. Douglas has a real father. Thomas is there for him. Thomas and her are the real deal. She has to own it. Sally leaves.

Thomas wants to make it clear that any attempt to sabotage Spectra will blow up in his face. Bill doesn’t think that promise means anything. Bill knows that Thomas deserted his entire family for the woman who stole their entire collection. He has one chance at redemption. He is here with a woman who stole millions from his family. Bill wants him to be a man and not a fool. He needs to start a life with Caroline and his son. Bill leaves the room.

Steffy wanted to believe in Quinn. Even after all that has happened. She never thought it was possible but she did believe that Quinn was good for her grandfather. Quinn thinks she is. Steffy knows Eric loved her even though the family refused to go to the wedding. Steffy wants her to look what she lost. Quinn lost the love of her life. Quinn is so sorry for what Steffy is going through. Steffy cannot believe she betrayed Eric with Ridge. She knew that Quinn would hurt Eric and now he is gone from this home he loves so much. This picture doesn’t belong here and neither does she. She needs to leave this home and leave Eric’s life for good.

Sally asks if anything interesting happened while she was gone. Thomas doesn’t think anything he didn’t expect. Sally admits she met with Caroline. Thomas asks how that went. Sally wasn’t shocked by what happened. Bill and Caroline are working together to lure him away from the company. Thomas wonders if that bothers her. Sally asks if it should. Thomas doesn’t want her jealous. He loves his son. He will always be there for him. He will also always be there for Sally. That is his commitment to her. The two kiss each other.

Caroline tells Bill that Sally is not going to leave into the night. Bill doesn’t think that women like Sally do Caroline doesn’t think she does either. Caroline thinks the battle has only begun. Bill had a word with Thomas. Caroline hopes he wasn’t harsh. Bill was. He needs to realize that he needs to be with his family. He sees a dark chapter for Thomas if this doesn’t end. He deserted his family and Caroline. Caroline’s happiness is his priority. Caroline thanks him. Bill promises that they will work this out.

Brooke promises that this will pass. Ridge asks at what price. He already lost Brooke. He cannot lose Steffy. Brooke promises he will not. He will never lose Steffy.

Quinn thinks she is right to be mad. She is protective of her grandfather. She loves him so much and so does she. Quinn is not going to try to make excuses. It was a stupid mistake. If she could take it all back she would. She begs to be listened to. Eric is her life and soul. She never even knew she could love until meeting Eric. She will never love anyone else. She always knows that Eric will be here. She asks Steffy as someone who loves Eric to remember what she shared with Eric and how she has supported their marriage. She knows it would make a difference. She wants to make this up to Eric. Quinn begs Steffy to do this for Eric.

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