B&B Tuesday Update 7/18/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/18/17


Written by Anthony

Steffy begs Ridge to tell her she is wrong about him and Quinn. She assumes that he would never do that.

Quinn goes to her front door and begs that Eric be home. Someone is standing in the mansion with a gun.

Bill is playing with Douglas in his office. Caroline and Allison laugh at Bill being gentle. Caroline thought she would just jump in. Bill cannot get enough of his niece. He can do everything unlike Thomas who has no work ethic. Bill explains that Douglas has Spencer blood so he will always be a Spencer man.

Thomas is looking at a design and would love to see Forrester try and compete with this. Sally knows they will do more than try. Sally wonders if they should really do a fashion duel at the Spencer summit. Sally thinks that Spectra can go toe to toe with anyone but Bill has gone after them before. It is like going into enemy territory.

Bill thinks that Douglas is a smart kid. He assumes that Caroline didn’t only come to LA to say hi to him. Caroline admits they missed Thomas. Allison thinks they missed her too. She wonders if she can hold Douglas. Bill asks if Douglas wants ice cream. He says yes. Allison is going to take him to get ice cream. They leave. Bill assumes that Douglas is not the only one missing Thomas. She is clearly hung up on the guy.

Quinn walks into the house and calls for Eric. Liam walks over with the gun. Quinn screams. Liam promises it isn’t his. He is just putting it back for Steffy.

Steffy wants to know what is going on with this family. Thomas is working at Spectra. Steffy wants to know why Eric is not speaking with him. She wants to know if Eric left because of Ridge. She asks if something happened between him and Quinn. Ridge admits that is the case. He shouldn’t have lied to Eric so he will not lie to her.

Sally is a Spectra. She is not afraid of a little trouble. Thomas knows which is why he is here to keep her out of it. Sally assumes by crashing the Spencer summit. Thomas doesn’t think that anything gets more attention than a competition with Forrester. Thomas doesn’t want to play things safe. Not in work or their lives. The world will see a whole new Sally Spectra and he will be there with her.

Caroline thinks that Douglas needs his father. Bill agrees but he is not talking about Douglas. He is talking about her and is going to keep asking her until he gets a straight answer. Caroline wonders what she is supposed to say. She feels like an idiot. She had a chance to put her sons family back together but she felt like an idiot. She thinks it is too late. Caroline thinks that Thomas cares about Sally. Bill thinks that is idiotic like the show down. Thomas cannot think for himself. He is a Forrester. He wants Sally out of the picture for one reason and if Caroline wants her gone then he will have one more. Caroline wonders if Bill is offering to help her.

Liam points out that Quinn is the one that said Sheila had a gun. Quinn assumes that Steffy got one of her own. Liam confirms she did. It was a mistake. They now know it was. Quinn knows that Sheila is with Eric. She just wants to know if he is ok. If he knows then he has to tell her.

Steffy assumes Ridge had an affair with Quinn. Ridge did not go that far. Ridge tried to explain things to Eric but he wouldn’t listen. It was just a few kisses. Steffy thought he despised this woman. Steffy thinks Eric loves them so much and he betrayed them. She asks how he can do that.

Bill guesses if Caroline needs his help then she has it. Caroline points out he doesn’t even like Thomas. Bill would like him more if he put his focus back on his family. Caroline would like that. Caroline wants him in her life. Bill doesn’t want Sally in her way then. Bill thinks that Thomas needs to know that they are going somewhere. Caroline wished that she knew sooner. She sees him with Sally and asks how he could be with someone like that. Bill thinks that this changes everything with Caroline being back. Bill doesn’t think that Sally stands a chance. Caroline thanks Bill.

Sally wasn’t sure of what to think with Caroline back in town. Seeing Caroline and Douglas kind of threw her. Sally knows he will always have a relationship with Douglas. So Caroline will be in her life. She can get used to it. There is no reason for her to be nervous or jealous. Thomas doesn’t think that Caroline is the woman he wants to go home to at night. The two kiss each other.

Quinn needs to find her husband. She knows he is out there somewhere. Liam asks why Eric is angry. Quinn realizes he thinks she deserves this when she has caused so much pain. He might be right. Maybe her marriage won’t survive but she has to try. Liam thinks she obviously did something to drive him away.

Ridge doesn’t think that Eric’s marriage is over. Steffy knows Quinn betrayed him with his son. Ridge does things like this. Steffy knows that this is the same excuse his whole life. Ridge doesn’t think his love for Eric has changed. Steffy assumes Brooke knows and that is why she called off the wedding. Ridge has no excuse. They were two people with so much on the line. Ridge thinks the worst thing about all this is that they hurt the people they loved the most.

Bill walks into Spectra. Thomas informs him if he is looking for an exclusive then he will have to wait like everyone else. Bill is looking at his soon to be property. Bill thinks that the Spencer summit is going to be an exclusive event. He is not going to change anyone’s impression of Spectra. He is small time and never will work with the big league. Bill knows he is good at disappointing people. Caroline is his niece and he takes care of his family. Thomas informs him that Caroline left him. Bill thinks that was then and this is now. The mother of his child is back in LA and he is running off to Monte Carlo to make headlines with his latest conquest. This romp with Sally is a disappointment. He has left Forrester in the dust so he can have control. He needs to have responsibility. He needs to live up to it. He needs to put this nonsense with Sally in the garbage.

Liam thinks that Steffy is concerned. She is speaking with Ridge. Liam doesn’t think she has to tell him what happened but Steffy is finding out right now.

Steffy doesn’t understand. She knows that Ridge and Quinn hate each other. Steffy asks if he did this to Eric to get back at him for making her CEO. Ridge knows this started with his arrogance. Steffy knows that Ridge told everyone to accept Quinn. Steffy thought that Eric was so proud of him for getting along with Ridge. Ridge knows Quinn loves Eric and doesn’t want to lose him. Steffy cannot even imagine what Eric feels. What Taylor felt every time he betrayed her. He is a great father and designer but hurts everyone else. Ridge doesn’t expect forgiveness but would love for this to be alright. Steffy never thought Ridge would do this. He loves her so much but he doesn’t know what to think of her right now.

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