B&B Monday Update 7/17/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/17/17


Written by Anthony

Eric demands that Liam and Steffy call 911 for Sheila who Steffy has just shot. Eric tells Sheila that everything is going to be ok. Eric will call 911 himself. Liam finds the bullet hole in the wall. He informs everyone that Steffy missed. Liam doesn’t think that Eric needs to make the call. He thinks that Sheila is fine. Sheila just wants to go. Steffy demands that Liam get Sheila’s gun. Liam goes through her purse but the only thing in there is Eric’s razor. Steffy thought that Quinn said she had a gun. Liam says that Quinn told them. Eric cannot believe that Liam of all people believes what Quinn says. Liam sees the scrape on Sheila’s arm. Steffy tells him to go get something to clean up the wound. Eric doesn’t think that Steffy gets to decide if they call the police or not. Steffy points out that her entire life she was told that Sheila was dangerous. Eric asks what Sheila wants to do. It is up to her.

Quinn walks into the CEO office and asks if Ridge has heard from him. Ridge has not heard from Eric. Quinn closes the door. Neither has Steffy. She told her that she had a fight with Eric. She would never tell anything to her or to anyone what happened to the two of them. Ridge doesn’t think that Eric is good at keeping secrets. The last one he kept and not for very long was Quinn herself. Ridge doesn’t think anyone knows where Eric is. Quinn asks if Sheila is going to hurt Eric. Ridge thinks Sheila hurts anyone who doesn’t give her what she wants. If Sheila shows up again Quinn needs to just give her what she wants.

Liam explains that 911 is on its way. Sheila wants to know what Eric is going to tell the doctor when he asks what happened. She is a nurse. This is not a critical injury. Steffy never thought she would be saying sorry to Sheila but she is. Sheila knows she had every right to be concerned. She hopes one day they can trust her. Someone knocks on the door saying they are hotel security. Eric tells Liam to give him the gun. Sheila can handle this. Sheila goes into the bathroom. Liam thanks the security guards for showing up. They thought they heard a gunshot. Liam thought they heard someone running. The guards want to look in the bathroom. Sheila walks in and asks if it was a gun shot. She was going to take a shower when she heard the gun go off. The guards are sorry to disturb them all. Eric thanks them all very much. Sheila takes the robe she is wearing off. Steffy doesn’t think she had to do that. Eric thanks Sheila. He means it.

Quinn suggests they call the police and file a missing person report. Ridge doesn’t feel like having that conversation with the police or his children. Quinn thinks that they had a few meaningless kisses. Ridge cannot explain what they see in each other. Quinn doesn’t think that matters. Ridge knows that Steffy will find out what happened.

Liam suggests he and Steffy go. Steffy is sorry she shot her. She doesn’t even know what is going on here though. Eric promises that Sheila is not living here. Steffy wonders why Sheila stopped her from coming in. Sheila says that Eric wanted to be left alone. Eric tells her that Sheila brought him some things. Steffy wants to know why he is not home. Steffy assumes he and Quinn had an argument because that is what Quinn said. Eric thinks she has her answer then. Steffy shot another human being because she thought he was in trouble. She demands to know what is going on.

Ridge doesn’t like any of the jewelry pairings Quinn has for the designs. Quinn doesn’t think that Ridge’s heart is in hurting her today. Ridge is sorry he is not giving her his worst today. Quinn is sorry this is not her best work. Ridge points out they have a deadline. Ridge wonders what he will do once Steffy comes in. This is not going to work out. Quinn is not his enemy. Ridge thinks that things were a lot easier when she was.

Steffy asks if Eric really expects her to believe that Sheila just happened to be staying down the hall. Sheila was. She doesn’t think Eric would lie to her. Liam walks in. There are two cops in the lobby but they don’t look that interested. Sheila will be fine. Steffy wants Eric to come home. He chooses not to. Steffy knows that Eric has a world-famous face. Eric wants to be under the radar. Steffy suggests he stay in the guest house with Ridge. Eric doubts very much he is still there. Steffy wants to know when that changed. Eric appreciates her concern but this is the way he wants it. Steffy asks why he didn’t kick Quinn out if he is upset. Eric just needed some space. Liam takes it that Quinn revealed her true colors. Steffy wants Sheila to tell her what is going on. Steffy thinks this looks like trouble. She would like to know how she knows that Eric is not being held hostage. Eric wants her to trust them. No one is to know where he is staying. Steffy assumes that doesn’t include Ridge. Eric thinks that especially includes Ridge. Eric is not to be revealed to be here. Steffy needs answers. Eric wants Steffy to promise not to tell anyone where he is. He needs her to promise. Steffy is going to head out. She needs air. Steffy hugs Eric before she leaves. Liam leaves with her. Sheila knows that Steffy loves him. Eric knows she does. If she knew anything about any of this… He wouldn’t know what to do. He thanks Sheila. Sheila doesn’t think it was her story to tell. Eric doesn’t think this should have happened. Sheila has been through a lot worse since they parted ways. Eric hopes she has come out a better person. Sheila hopes so. It isn’t for her to say. Eric helps Sheila remove the bandage. He thinks she is lucky that it only grazed her. Sheila thinks that Eric is good at helping her with this. Sheila can handle a little pain. Sheila wonders if he is going to shave his beard. Eric likes it this way. Sheila feels he needs to shave something because the razor was almost the death of her. Quinn is the reason that Steffy thought she was carrying a gun. Eric is sure of that. Sheila is not sure it was entirely her fault. She let her believe that. Sheila understands that feelings don’t go away overnight. Sheila fantasized about being with Eric just like this. Not with blood. Maybe in his fantasies she did. Eric laughs. Sheila judges Quinn and Ride for what they did behind his back. Eric knows nice guys finish last. Sheila doesn’t think he is finished.

Steffy walks into her office. Ridge is glad to see her. Steffy closes the door. Ridge wanted to see her. Steffy takes a glass from the bar. She informs him that Eric disappeared. Steffy can see he knew. She wants to know why they didn’t call the police. She asks what happens if Quinn offed him. Steffy knows that Quinn and Eric had a disagreement. She wants to know what kind of disagreement though. Steffy demands to know what is going on. She wants to know if Quinn and Eric are breaking up. Steffy assumes Ridge is involved. Ridge says that it isn’t anything bad. Steffy knows they didn’t have an affair. She asks if she is right.

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