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Written by Anthony

Liam is trying to kiss Steffy while she explains to him how Sally came to Forrester accusing her of bringing back Caroline to go after Thomas. Steffy doesn’t think he is listening to her. Liam is. He cannot believe the nerve. Steffy gets a call from Quinn. Steffy says hello. Quinn wonders if she has heard from Eric. Steffy hasn’t and asks why. Quinn thought that Ridge told her. Steffy wants to know what is wrong. Quinn admits that Eric is gone and took off with Sheila Carter.

Eric wakes up in bed and Sheila says hey. Sheila wanted to make sure he took his medication. She goes to get a bottle of water for him. If he needs anything else she can always go back to the house. Eric wonders if she had any run ins with Ridge. Sheila says it was not Ridge. Eric assumes it was Quinn.

Caroline thinks it is good for Douglas to see them together. Thomas agrees even though they are not married. He needs to know they are a family. Caroline promises that they always will be. Caroline asks if Douglas is asleep. Thomas says before he even put him down. Caroline doesn’t understand. He always fights with her. Thomas doesn’t know what to say. He just has that magic touch. Caroline thinks she should move back to LA. Thomas would love that. Caroline wonders if he means her moving back or if there is something more. She knows he has Sally now and a whole new life with Spectra. She is sure that is fun and exciting but it wasn’t that long ago that he was excited about her. She doesn’t think that it is too late. They can give Douglas the family she needs.

Eric wants to know what Quinn said. Quinn said that it was just a flirtation with Ridge. She begged for her to say where he was. Eric hopes she didn’t tell her. Sheila would never betray him. He is safe with him.

Liam wants to know how long Eric and Sheila have been gone. Quinn is not sure. He wasn’t with her when she left. Steffy wonders how she knows he is with Sheila then. Quinn said that she was there when Eric and her had a fight which Eric was all too happy witness. Sheila came here this morning to pick up Eric’s medication. Steffy wonders what they were fighting about. Quinn doesn’t think it matters. She needs to get Eric back. Steffy agrees away from that psychopath.

Caroline doesn’t think that this only has to be a business. He doesn’t always have to see Douglas on a screen. She is sure that he wants more. Thomas can fly out when he can. Caroline knows he used to but now he is busy at Spectra. Caroline knows this is her fault. She moved to New York. She just hopes he understands she needed time with her moms. Thomas understands. He would never make her feel guilty about any of that. He thought they were going somewhere. Caroline thinks they still can. Thomas wants to know what changed. When they were in New York she was not this confident. Caroline admits that they only just started being parents together. She was confused. She didn’t want them to be together just because they had a child. She missed him. She missed spending time with him. She missed watching him read a magazine from across the room. Then she heard he was moving on. Thomas thought they agreed to not hold each other back. Caroline knows but it hurt. Like in a good way. Like a go fight for him kind of a way. Sally walks in. She can come back another time.

Eric thanks Sheila for handling this with Quinn. He doesn’t want to see her. Sheila doesn’t think he has to. Not until he is ready. Quinn didn’t make it easy. She had to fight off a confrontation with her. Sheila tells Eric to take his medication. Sheila is still a nurse.

Liam wants to make sure that Quinn is sure that Eric is with Sheila. Quinn explains that Sheila was rubbing it in her face when she picked up his medication. Liam thinks it sounds like he wants to stay away. Quinn thinks it is scary. Liam doesn’t think she would physically hurt him. Quinn doesn’t know. She could be armed. She put her hand in her purse and she felt something. It felt like a gun. Quinn has to do something. She wants her husband back. Steffy suggests someone must have heard from him at Forrester. Quinn asks if they will stay here and wait for him. Steffy promises. Liam suggests he might be able to track him down. He asks if he can use her computer. Quinn says that is fine. Steffy wants him own safe and soon. Liam is going to track his phone. Steffy wants him to find Eric before Sheila takes him away for good. Steffy asks if he found anything. Liam hasn’t. Steffy is holding Stephanie’s gun. Liam jumps. Steffy cannot take chances. Sheila is evil and she will not let her hurt anyone again. Liam promises that Taylor is ok. Steffy isn’t. Thomas wasn’t and Phoebe wasn’t. They lost all that time with Taylor and that is on Sheila. She isn’t going to let Sheila take away her grandfather. Liam gets match and finds Eric’s location. Steffy says they should go then.

Eric thanks Sheila for getting his pills. Sheila would do anything for him. Eric tells Sheila they are never getting back together. Sheila knows. Sheila just wants to live differently than before. She wants to do things in kindness. Eric needs time to rap things around his brain with Ridge and Quinn and what they have done to him. Sheila will do whatever she needs to get him the time he needs right now. She will keep them all away from him. He won’t have to see any of them ever again.

Sally hopes she didn’t scare Caroline away. Thomas doesn’t think that Caroline gets scared easily. Caroline and Douglas are going to leave. Sally thinks they should stay. Caroline has other responsibilities. Douglas says he loves Thomas. Thomas loves him too. Sally wonders if she has her flight booked. She assumes she hates being around here. Caroline is in no rush. She thinks that Sally will be seeing a lot more of her.

Sheila fluffs Eric’s pillow. Sheila knows that he has been through a lot. She wants to get him tea or something to eat. She could just go. She can check on him later. Steffy starts knocking on the door demanding he open up. Sheila opens the door asking if she can help Steffy. Steffy is freaked out realizing that Sheila really is back. Sheila doesn’t think that Eric wants a single thing to do with anyone in her family so she needs to leave now.

Sally asks Thomas if it was a good visit. Thomas thinks so. He loves seeing Douglas. He is so cute. He is glad that Sally got to see him as well. Sally thought he was adorable and Caroline is gorgeous. She has had better days like when she fell in water or got arrested. She wasn’t terrible though. Thomas wants her to give her a chance She is going to be around a lot more. Thomas points out that she is the mother of his child. She is going to be in his life. Sally gets that. She does. She just doesn’t think that being the mother of his child is the only thing that Caroline is after. Thomas doesn’t think that Caroline is going to get what she wants. He thinks that Sally is stuck with him. The two kiss each other passionately. They hug.

Steffy is not going to leave. Sheila thinks that they all are going to leave because Eric wants some alone time. Steffy wants to know what is going on. Steffy thinks that Eric can speak for himself. Eric says that this is personal. Steffy wants to know how it is personal but he can tell Sheila. Sheila is staying down the hall. It is a coincidence that they are in the same hotel. Liam asks if something happened between him and Quinn. Eric wants them to ask Ridge. Steffy asks why Sheila is doing this. Sheila is making sure that Eric is alright. Steffy doesn’t think she has a right to tell her when she can see Eric. Sheila doesn’t think he wants his family here. Sheila reaches for her purse and Liam thinks she has a gun. Steffy takes out Stephanie’s gun and shoots her. Eric goes for Sheila and is scared.

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