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Written by Anthony

Quinn wonders if Sheila is threatening her in her own home. Sheila points out that she grabbed her arm. She never wants her to do that again. Quinn asks what she will do. She doesn’t intimidate her. She demands to know what she was going here. Sheila already told her. She came to collect Eric’s medications. Sheila grabs her purse and asks if there is a gun in there. Sheila claims no. She wants Quinn to get out of her way. Quinn will if she tells her where her husband is. Sheila doesn’t think that Eric wants anything to do with anything in this family. He is done with all of them.

Brooke cannot believe that Eric is not even returning her texts. Ridge thinks that he is upset with her too. Brooke will not have him put this back on her too. Ridge asks why Sheila could not just stay out of this. Ridge cannot believe that it had to be Sheila to tell Eric the truth.

Someone is talking with Steffy about the fashion summit. Steffy thought that Bill was going to kill the whole event after what Thomas did to her. The person points out that he didn’t though. Steffy knows. Which is why she has, to keep Bill under hand. Steffy thinks that this is why she picked her to coordinate the event. She knows how to handle the personality that is Bill. The woman thinks that Katie is terrific. She wonders if she is out of line but she still cannot believe that Thomas did this to her. Steffy thinks it was bound to happen when Sally got her claws in him. Caroline walks in and asks if she is interrupting. Steffy doesn’t think so. She asks if she knows Patrice. Caroline does. Patrice thinks it is good to see her. Caroline asks if she is not interrupting. Steffy thinks it is perfect timing. They were talking about Thomas.

Thomas and Sally are at the loft. Thomas wonders if it is too early for margaritas. Sally does if they want to be productive. Thomas guesses they can have water instead. Sally thinks it was great to work outside for their upcoming fashion duel. The two kiss each other. Thomas asks what he was saying. Sally is working and looks at Thomas. He can tell she is distracted. Sally blames his abs. She cannot keep her eyes off of him. The two start to kiss again.

Steffy wonders if Caroline has spoken to Thomas. Caroline hasn’t. Steffy assumes he is at work by now. Caroline finds it hard to believe that he is at Spectra working. Caroline asks if there was any chance of that happening any time soon. Steffy is hoping that this Spectra show down will end things soon. If it does… Caroline could be here to pick up the pieces. Steffy guesses unless she is having second thoughts about reuniting her family.

Ridge suggests they should be relieved that it is out in the open. He thinks that Sheila did this for herself though. It is always about her always. He just hopes that she decides to stay away from them.

Quinn is worried sick about Eric. Sheila doesn’t think that Eric wants to see her face. He is washing his hands of her. Sheila actually cares about Eric. Quinn doubts it. She will not stand there and be lectured after her mistake. Sheila thinks it was a betrayal. One that Eric will never be able to forgive. Her or Ridge.

Steffy didn’t think that Pam was going to give Douglas back. Caroline notes that Pam thinks he looks just like Thomas. Steffy wants her to know she doesn’t want to meddle in her feelings for Thomas. She wants them to be a family but she has to make her move. She needs to go to Thomas and tell her how important this is to her and why.

Thomas gets a text message. Sally wonders if that is his baby mama. Thomas says that it is his stock broker. Thomas wants to know why she would ask if that was Caroline. Sally doesn’t know. She guesses after she called her and now she is in LA. Thomas wonders if that is a problem. Sally doesn’t have an issue but she doesn’t love that he had a baby with someone he has a lot of history with who happens to be rich. Thomas loves Sally because she is unique and different than everyone else. He thinks that different is good. Especially when she is standing half naked in front of him. The two kiss again.

Brooke ran into Sheila the other day. She said it was by accident but now she has to wonder. Ridge doesn’t think that anything Sheila does is by accident. She is calculated and dangerous. She still is.

Quinn never claimed to be the perfect wife and neither was Stephanie. She knows Sheila wasn’t. Eric was patient with her and they built a solid marriage. She is not going to lose Eric. Sheila thinks that Eric gets to choose if he wants to stay with a woman he trusts. Quinn thinks it was a couple of kisses. Sheila reminds her it was with his son. Sheila will not have fingers pointed at her after the damage she has done. Sheila claims she has changed. Quinn needs to be forgiving if she has her doubts. Sheila doesn’t believe she has changed. Sheila knows what she had with Eric was wonderful. Apparently, it wasn’t enough for her. Quinn regrets what she did. It was careless but it had nothing to do with her love for him. This has nothing to do with Sheila. Sheila thinks it does. She was married to Eric too. He still is important to her. So, important that if anyone tries to hurt him again, then she will never let that happen. Quinn thinks she is really threatening her now. She knows her history. Sheila knows she has skeletons too. Sheila saw how happy Eric was and she was happy too. Then she started speaking to people close to Eric. It seems no one approves of her. Sheila defended her and she did this with his son. This is a betrayal. Quinn begs to know where Eric is. She wants to work this out with him. Sheila is not telling him. She tells Quinn not to follow her. Eric might run and never will want to see her again. Sheila will know and she will be sorry. Sheila leaves. Quinn texts Ridge.

Ridge gets a text message. Quinn needs to see him right away. It is about Eric and Sheila.

Thomas and Sally are working on a design when someone knocks on the door. Caroline is at the door. She called Spectra and they said he was working from home. Douglas couldn’t get enough of him. Caroline assumes she is Sally. She introduces herself. Sally thinks it is nice to finally meet her. Sally think that Douglas is a big guy. Caroline was at Forrester earlier they were all over Douglas. Sally assumes that Caroline is super tight with Steffy. She knows they are both royalty. Sally suggests that he hang out with his son. She has a message to deliver. Sally leaves. She watches as Douglas and Caroline are around Thomas.

Sheila walks into Eric’s room where he is asleep on the bed. She smiles.

Ridge asks if Sheila was in the house. Quinn says that Eric gave her his keys so obviously she knows where he is. She said that he wanted nothing to do with the family. Quinn thinks that Sheila might have a gun. She felt one in her purse. They have to find Eric. Eric is at her mercy right now.

Sheila sits down on the bed. She smiles over his sleeping body. She starts to rub his forehead and kisses his forehead. She smiles again.

Thomas and Douglas continue to play. Caroline thinks that Douglas has missed his dad and so has she.

Steffy is cleaning and Sally walks in. Steffy wonders how she got passed security. Sally charmed her way in. Steffy doubts it. Sally asks if she is pleased with herself by sending Caroline over. Steffy didn’t send anyone over. Sally isn’t a fool. Caroline’s sudden return has Steffy’s name all over it. Steffy thinks that Thomas should be with his son. Steffy knows where she stands. She stands in the name of family. Sally knew that she stood in the dark side. Sally thinks that Thomas is happier than he ever has been. Sally loves Thomas. Steffy knows that she loves his money. Her luck is going to run out. She will get her out of Thomas’s life once and for all.

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