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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/12/17


Written By Anthony

At the mansion, Quinn tells Ivy, Brooke, Katie, and Ridge that Eric has not come home. She has no idea where he is. Katie points out he just found out about her and Ridge. Maybe he just needs space. Quinn was hoping that one of them had heard from him. Brooke tried to contact him but he didn’t pick up. Quinn has been contacting all the hotels she can think of. He is nowhere to be found. Ridge suggests that it could be the idea.

Eric is a little shocked to see Sheila here. Sheila is too. She asks what the odds of them being at the same hotel are. Eric agrees. The same floor and room right next to each other Sheila thinks some might call this fate. Eric thinks some might call it staking. He wonders what Sheila is up to.

In Bill’s office, Liam asks Steffy how long Caroline is in town. Steffy says long enough for Thomas to realize that Sally is not a good idea. That is what she is hoping. Bill wouldn’t be shocked if things don’t work out. Bill saw Douglas early and helped him learn about the stock market. Bill isn’t sure that Thomas should be with Caroline, but he agrees that Spectra should be gone from the planet. Liam assumes that he only cares about that because of his building. Bill doesn’t want her to listen to him. He dresses like a school teacher and she is a beautiful building. Steffy looks confused. Wyatt says that Bill occasionally talks to the building. Bill also has no problem with Katie’s idea for the summit. He has a big problem with Thomas and Sally trying to be included. Liam explains that Jarrett was live streaming. They couldn’t say no. Bill doesn’t want Spectra near his event. Steffy doesn’t think she can lose. Wyatt thinks that Spencer will get a lot of coverage for the event. Bill will make sure that Spectra gets minimal coverage. Steffy thinks it is the perfect place to put Sally out of her misery.

Quinn suggests they call Baker to help. Brooke doesn’t think Eric is missing. He left and they all know why. Quinn just wishes he would call and let them know he is ok. Ridge doesn’t think that there is any reason to panic. Telling him about these kisses. This is why they didn’t want to tell him. Ridge points out Sheila made them do this.

Sheila is not stalking him. The fact he is down the hall from her is a coincidence. Eric is tired. He really needs to get some rest. Sheila doesn’t want to leave him alone right now. She wants to come in just for a moment.

Wyatt thought that Bill liked the idea. Bill thinks that it is a great idea. However, Thomas being there is not a good idea for him. Liam thinks it would be great for the cause. Wyatt thinks it is good publicity. Steffy wants to put an end to Spectra once and for all.

Brooke points out that they were the only people who knew about this. Ivy didn’t tell Eric. She never met Sheila and isn’t sure she wants to. Katie didn’t give any indication to Sheila. Ivy suggests someone saw them. Brooke thinks they would have heard something. Katie thinks the damage is done. Quinn cannot imagine anyone trusting in her. She is crazy.

Sheila cannot believe she ran into him. This doesn’t seem like his idea place. Eric picked it so no one would find him. Sheila cares about Eric. She cannot imagine what he is going through. The hurt and deception. She didn’t want to hurt him. She did so much of that in the past. She didn’t want to cause him anymore pain. He deserves to know the truth.

Bill strokes his building. It would be half done by now if it were not for Spectra. Steffy asks why it feels like she is in a Frat house when she is with them. Bill is a good judge of character and doesn’t like Sally. Steffy thinks that the bad review he wrote is the reason that this is happening. Steffy doesn’t want Bill to get involved. She can handle this on her own.

Quinn calls Eric and leaves a message. She wants him to tell her he is ok. Everyone is so worried. She loves him so much. She hangs up. Ivy suggests they call one of his friends. Brooke suggests it might take time before he wants to reach out. Quinn wants to stay here until he comes home. Quinn knows she broke Eric’s heart. She is his wife and made promises and broke them with Ridge. She isn’t sure he will ever be able to look her in the face again but she wants him to say he is ok.

Sheila wonders if he has everything he needs such as his medications. Eric doesn’t have them. Sheila thinks he needs them. Eric doesn’t want to see Quinn. Sheila understands. Eric believed in her and bragged how loyal she was. Time and time again Eric gave Ridge so many chances. Then this happened. Brooke knew and she didn’t tell him. Someone should have told him. He wonders who he can trust now. Eric will be fine. Sheila thinks he needs his medication. She can go to the house and pick them up. Eric asks what happens if Quinn is there. Sheila will make sure that no one sees her. Eric wants his razor as well. Sheila promises that he is not alone. She will defend him and look out for him. She will be there for him.

Bill is not saying that Steffy cannot get the job done. Bill is a realist. He doesn’t have faith in Ridge. He is a wild card. Bill has to protect his assets. He cannot let it lay in Ridge’s hands. Bill wants them to prepare for Spectra to have a huge belly flop. Finally, he will be able to have his building.

Ridge and Brooke are in the design office. Ridge had to get out of there. Brooke thinks that Quinn seemed concerned. They all are. She is sure that Ridge is furious and hurt. Eric still hasn’t texted him back. Sheila has blown everything up. He wishes he could say how sorry he is. He trusted him and he betrayed him. He betrayed Brooke over someone he doesn’t care about. Now he might lose Eric.

Eric looks at his ring and thinks about Quinn’s vows. He starts to think about telling Quinn to go. He throws his luggage on the ground and looks furious.

Sheila walks into the mansion. She closes the door and notices Quinn’s portrait. She walks upstairs. Quinn walks back in the room and looks scared. She hears someone and sees Sheila. Quinn asks what she is doing here. Sheila was getting his medication. Quinn wants to know where Eric is. Sheila says he doesn’t want her to know. Quinn tries to hit Sheila and Sheila stops her. She tells her to never touch her like that. The two both look angry.

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