B&B Tuesday Update 7/11/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/11/17


Written by Anthony

Thomas is playing with Douglas on the ground of his loft. Thomas thinks that he is going to be like him. Steffy feels that he will be tall like his daddy. Thomas wonders if he is ready to shoot hoops. Caroline feels he would have wanted to spend time with him no matter what he was doing. Thomas has missed Douglas so much. Video chats are not enough. Caroline assumes that they are keeping him pretty busy at Spectra. Thomas says that is all he has been doing non-stop. Caroline knows about his new relationship with Sally.

Shirley thinks that it sure pays to have Thomas around. Saul feels they need to be careful because too much change to fast could be a bad thing. Like the new logo. Darlita likes the new one. Saul feels she would like a finger painting if it were from Thomas. Shirley thinks that because of Thomas, Sally will be going off to Monte Carlo soon to show off Spectra. Saul wonders where Thomas even is. Shirley asks if Sally is ok. Sally is fine. Shirley asks if everything is alright with her and Thomas.

Charlie shows up at Sheila’s hotel room. Charlie says he is here but he isn’t sure why. Sheila thought he would be interested in knowing that Eric is no longer in the dark about Ridge and Quinn. Charlie cannot believe that she told him. Sheila thought it was unthinkable but in any event Quinn is out. Eric told her to get out. Eric cannot say that he feels sorry for Quinn. She doesn’t feel sorry for her. Sheila wants to thank him for saving Eric from a faithless woman. Charlie thinks if it is all the same to her, he would rather not anyone know how she found out. Sheila asks if he doesn’t deserve to know that his wife is fooling around with his son. Charlie has something at stake. If Pam finds out then he could have trouble in his relationship. If Quinn finds out then Quinn will have his head. He doesn’t want to see Sheila again. Quinn is not the only one who is trouble. Sheila doesn’t know if she should be insulted or flattered. Sheila asks what he would say if she had an opportunity for him to make a lot of money.

Shirley wants Darlita to start looking for first class tickets for Thomas and Sally. Shirley assumes he will only want the best. Shirley walks into Sally’s office. She wants to know what happened with Thomas. Sally says nothing happened with him. She got a call from Caroline though.

Thomas admits that he has been really swamped since going over to Spectra. Plus, he has challenged Forrester to a fashion show down. Caroline saw that in the trades. It sounds fun. Steffy thinks that is their Sally. Thomas admits it was his idea. Thomas thanks Caroline for bringing Douglas here. He hugs him. He really appreciates this. Thomas leaves for work. Steffy asks if she sees why she called.

Saul wonders if they should be worried. Darlita isn’t sure that there is a reason to be. Saul thinks that something has thrown Sally.

Shirley wants to know exactly what Caroline said. Sally explains that she said she was aware that that Thomas is working here and they are in a relationship. She seemed confident in reminding her that she had a son with Thomas. Sally is not crazy about Caroline coming back. Shirley thinks that Sally has an advantage while Caroline is back in New York. Thomas walks in with coffee. He asks if Sally has a second. Sally thinks he was a little later than usual. Thomas admits that Caroline is in town.

Steffy thinks that Douglas is adorable. She is doing an amazing job. Caroline admits that she has her mom’s helping her. She does wonder where Thomas is. He is playing with Sally. She resents her. She misses Thomas. Douglas is his son and there is no time for her now. Caroline wants to know how they ended up together. Steffy thinks that Sally is manipulative. She tried to like her for Thomas’s sake but then she manipulated him and their entire family. He should be with her and Douglas. Not with Sally.

Sheila assumes that Charlie doesn’t get paid a lot. She wants him to invest in her today. She needs a thousand dollars today. Charlie asks for what. She needs a thousand dollars so she doesn’t get thrown out of her hotel. Charlie isn’t going to give her a thousand dollars. He will never see that money again. Sheila thinks it is not a lot to pay for her silence. She wonders if that is too much to pay for her silence.

Thomas says that Caroline decided to surprise him. Douglas was just this little baby and now he is a little man. He wants her to meet Douglas and Caroline. Sally isn’t sure about that. Thomas thinks that she will like Caroline. Sally isn’t sure she likes her very much. She spoke with Caroline the other day. She called and she picked up the phone. There was a certain edge. Thomas thinks that sounds like Caroline. Sally asks how long she will be here. Thomas doesn’t know. Sally cannot help but wonder made her show up all of a sudden.

Steffy admits that Sally took Thomas out of their lives. He would be spending more time in New York if it wasn’t for Sally. Everything is about Sally now. She blames herself. Caroline asks why. Steffy admits that Sally was about to leave town but then she opened her mouth and Thomas went to rescue Sally. They are attached at the hip now. He is making horrible choices.

Charlie thinks this sounds like blackmail. Sheila wouldn’t do that. They saved Eric from a bad person. Ridge couldn’t even stay faithful for a year. She heard Quinn say that she wasn’t over with Eric. Charlie knows that Quinn can be convincing. Charlie still cannot believe they actually did it. Sheila doesn’t think you find people like Eric anymore. He is so special and kind and compassionate. She believes that Eric could forgive her. She asks if he knows where Eric is. Charlie doesn’t. He has to go. Sheila wanted to thank him again. Charlie hopes he doesn’t regret telling her about Ridge and Quinn. Sheila wants him to think about the money. He would be doing them both a favor. It would pay off for him one day.

Thomas tells Sally that Caroline is impulsive. Part of this is his fault. He hasn’t come around to New York in a while. Sally knows that is because of her. Thomas shares a child with Caroline but they are not together. Sally knows but hearing her voice made her real. All of a sudden she is here. Thomas wouldn’t be shocked if they become friends and get along. Thomas thinks it would be great. It doesn’t matter though. He is with her. The two kiss each other.

Steffy doesn’t think that Sally and Thomas belong together. It is too soon to call it love. Caroline wants Thomas. She still feels something there between them. She can make it work and be a family. She left but if she stayed there would be no room for Sally. He seems committed to her. Steffy thinks that Thomas should be with Caroline.

Thomas and Sally start to kiss passionately. Sally thinks he always makes her feel better. Thomas promises nothing will come between them.

Sheila sees Eric at the hotel. Eric wants to know what she is doing here. Sheila didn’t find him. This is where she has been staying. Eric didn’t want anyone to bother him. Sheila thinks this is a coincidence. She wonders if it is though.

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