B&B Friday Update 7/7/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/7/17


Written by Anthony

The doctor has RJ look straight ahead as he examines his eyes with a flashlight. RJ points out it is just a headache. Ridge thinks it is a caution. Brooke wonders how bad things are. The doctor doesn’t think that anything is wrong. RJ feels that Bill believed him so why couldn’t they. Brooke points out he only left to give them time together. Coco should probably go too. RJ doesn’t want him to go. Coco is really glad he is ok.

Quinn barges into Katie’s house. She knows she doesn’t like her but she thought that they understood each other. Quinn guesses that Katie got exactly what she wanted and she never even had to get her hands dirty. Katie asks what is going on. Quinn says Eric. He knows. Katie asks what happened. Quinn says he is devastated. He didn’t want to listen. She betrayed him. Now everything is ruined. Katie wonders if Eric is at the house. She asks if Quinn wants her to go over there. Quinn didn’t come here for her help. Katie doesn’t want him to be alone. Quinn promises he is not alone. They went over to try to explain that it wasn’t an affair and they both love him. Eric wouldn’t listen. He told her to get out. Katie asks when. Quinn admits it was just not. Sheila was there the entire time. She thinks Katie knew she would go straight to him. Katie wonders what she means. Quinn says that Sheila told him about them.

The doctor views RJ and sees that he has no dizziness or structural damage. They will schedule testing. The doctor will keep an eye on him for a while. He wants her to keep it easy. RJ is sorry about the car. Ridge doesn’t think it is important. Brooke wonders what he remembers about the crash. RJ doesn’t really remember. Brooke knows that no other car was involved. RJ looks at Coco who looks guilty. RJ claims the crash was his fault. Coco points out she was driving. RJ takes full blame. Brooke wants to know what happened. Ridge wants to deal with it later. Coco is so sorry. He feels so terrible. RJ knows it was an accident. RJ doesn’t want her blaming herself. The doctor says that RJ has no broken bones. Brooke thinks that is wonderful. Brooke and Ridge leave.

Brooke tells Ridge that their son is in the hospital. He needs both of them. Ridge has to call Eric. Ridge admits that Eric knows why they didn’t get married. It isn’t a secret anymore.

Quinn points out that Sheila couldn’t have seen anything because there was nothing for her to see. Someone must have made her suspect them. Katie asks if Sheila knows what happened in Sydney. Quinn guesses enough to make Eric doubt them. Katie cannot stand Sheila. She would never say anything to her. Quinn wonders if Brooke could have done it then. Katie doesn’t think that makes any sense. Katie knows that Quinn wasn’t here to see what Sheila did to Eric. Brooke witnessed what Sheila did and she would never tell anyone. Quinn knows that the only other person who knew was Ivy. Katie points out that Ivy never has met Sheila. Katie doesn’t think it makes a difference who told Sheila. She has to take responsibility for what she did. She hurt Eric so badly. Sheila is a terrible person but this is not her fault. It doesn’t matter how she found out. She cannot blame her for what she did.

Ridge calls Eric. He hopes he gets this message. Something happened that he will explain when he comes home. He will be as soon as he can. Brooke asks if Sheila told Eric. Brooke asks if Eric believed her. Ridge guesses that Eric expected them to deny it. Quinn had decided she wanted to tell him and he agreed. He was so furious and he was betrayed. Ridge isn’t sure he can fix this. If he cannot though then his relationship with Eric is over. Brooke will stay with RJ if he needs to leave. Ridge wants him to text him if anything changes. Brooke asks how Sheila found out. Ridge doesn’t know. She didn’t catch them. That has been over. Ridge hopes that Quinn can make Eric see that nothing was wrong. Brooke is sorry for Ridge and Eric. Ridge knows that Quinn wanted to be Eric’s wife. Brooke assumes the marriage is over. Ridge doesn’t know. That is why he needs to get back to the house. Ridge doesn’t know what to do. Brooke suggests that Eric is hurt and he kicked Quinn out.

Quinn was trying to protect Eric. She knew what this would do. Katie doesn’t think that Sheila broke Eric’s heart. She cheated with Ride. Quinn got caught up. Katie doesn’t think that is an excuse. Katie thinks that this is what happens when you try to be something you are not. This is what happens when you let someone down. This is what you get. Quinn will not let him push her away. Quinn asks how she can let this happen. Quinn will not lose her marriage like this. Quinn loves her husband. She never stopped loving her husband. She hurt him and broke his trust. She cannot lose him though. Quinn will not let that happen. Katie hugs Quinn.

Ridge walks back in with Brooke. He asks if RJ is ok. RJ feels about the same. Brooke thinks that this could be serious. Ridge thinks he is in good hands. Ridge gets that he doesn’t want his parents hovering but this was scary. To think that you will never see him again. It was hard. He hopes that RJ gets that. Brooke says that Ridge has to go. Ridge has to go talk with Eric. He will be back later. He loves RJ. RJ loves him too. Ridge leaves.

Quinn walks into the mansion. She calls out Eric’s name. She admits she had to come back. She notices her portrait over the mantle. She sighs.

Coco asks if RJ is thirsty. She could get him something. RJ doesn’t want her leaving. Coco wants him to tell the truth if he doesn’t feel good. She feels incredibly guilty. This could have been worse. It was all because she couldn’t put down her phone. RJ thinks it was an accident. Coco wasn’t looking at the road. He has been so wonderful to her. He is an amazing boyfriend. He defended her to his family. Coco thinks she is bad luck. RJ points out that she saved him from the forklift. Coco will fix the car. RJ doesn’t think she is bad luck. She is the opposite. Coco sits down and is sitting on his IV. She asks if he is ok. RJ will be and wonders what the difference is. The two kiss each other. They smile.

Ridge walks into the mansion and calls for Eric. Quinn walks over. Ridge is sorry that he ran out but RJ was in a car accident. Quinn explains that Eric is not here. Ridge wonders where he is. Quinn doesn’t know. He left. She wasn’t here. She tried to say sorry and she pleaded to him to get Sheila to leave but he wouldn’t listen. He threw her out. She left but she came back to talk. That is when she realized the house was empty. Ridge hopes that he is not with Sheila. Quinn knows he is hurt. She convinced him that they betrayed him. Quinn thought he would be here so they could talk. To remind him how much they love each other. Quinn asks what is happening. Quinn wonders if she really did this again. If she really ruined everything good in her life again. Eric was the only man who ever believed in her. He gave her his love and trust and is gone. She asks if it is really over. Quinn sits down crying. She asks what she did. Ridge rubs her shoulder from behind the couch.

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