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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/6/17


Written by Anthony

Quinn begs Eric to forgive her. She will do anything. Eric asks Ridge if he thought it was ok to kiss his wife. Ridge says no. Eric asks if this is about sex or getting the best of him. Quinn has never heard him say a bad word about him even in private. She was either with him by accident or trying to protect him. Ridge thinks the moments between them were empty except for vanity.

Brooke thought someone was here. Bill will have security check the gates. When she thinks something is off. She is usually right.

Coco turns to RJ in the car. He is passed out. She calls out his name. Coco says no and calls 911. She states that she just had an accident and her boyfriend if bleeding and she cannot wake him up.

Brooke asks Bill if everything is ok. Bill states that it is such a lazy day that even the grass is being lazy. He promises that everything is fine. He asks what he can do to settle her nerves. Brooke just has a sinking feeling that there is some place she should be.

Coco begs RJ to squeeze her hand. She knows this is her fault. She hears a police car in the distance and promises RJ will be ok.

Ridge asks if Eric understands them. Eric knows they drank tequila the first time. He wonders what happened the other times and how many other times there were. Ridge doesn’t know. Quinn says that they put it out of their heads with every time they did it. Eric wonders if she really thought that the last time was truly the last. Quinn confirms she does. Eric doesn’t think she knows Ridge Marone like he does. He might say that he is finished but he is not done with her. He asks about Quinn’s vows and what he is supposed to think of that. He wants to know where she slept with him. Quinn didn’t. Eric assumes their bed. Ridge promises that they didn’t sleep together. It is the truth. Eric is not going to believe the truth from two people who have done nothing but lie to him. Eric thinks that Quinn betrayed him and broke their vows.

Coco is with a doctor and nurse who want to know more about RJ. Coco has her phone and can call Brooke.

Brooke is sitting on her bed and Bill sees a call from RJ. Brooke assumes he is canceling dinner. Brooke answers the phone and hopes he is not canceling. Coco says it is her and they are at University hospital. She says that there has been an accident. Brooke says she will be right there. She hangs up. Bill asks if RJ is coming. Brooke tells him that there has been an accident. She will call Ridge from the car.

Eric knows that Ridge always said that Quinn would betray him. He just neglected that it would be with him. Ridge doesn’t think that it is what he thinks. Ridge wouldn’t have done that to Eric. He feels that Quinn needs to be loved and she can only get that from Eric. Ridge asks why Sheila is still here. Eric asks if he feels superior to Sheila. Ridge does. He feels the list of people he is superior to gets smaller by the day. That is because he is a self-involved egotistical jerk. Brooke knows it. Thorne knows it. Stephanie blamed herself for making him that way. Eric raised him as his own and treated him as the king. Ridge feels it is ironic that he went on that trip for Eric. He wanted to show what a horrible person Quinn was. Then he found the woman who is more devoted to him than anyone else in the world. Eric thinks it is a big mistake to be flattered by Ridge’s attention. Eric thinks that this is what Ridge was born to do. This isn’t going to happen. Ridge’s phone goes off. Eric demands that he answer it. Ridge has to go. He storms out. Eric wonders if Quinn thought he was her rock. He wants to know what she thought she could get from Ridge that she couldn’t get from him.

A doctor tells Brooke and Bill that the only visual injury is to RJ’s face and scalp. His pupils respond to light. Until RJ is able to answer they will not know how bad things are. Ridge runs over and wants to know what has happened. Coco is crying in the corner. Bill walks over and assumes that she is ok. He wants her to know that the doctor only had good things to say. Ridge asks if Coco is ok. Coco is but she wishes she could say the same about the car. Ridge wonders if the brakes failed or something. Coco says it wasn’t that.

Quinn got nothing from Ridge. To be honest with Eric, it felt normal to have a terrible secret. She thought that he would take too much out of it and she would lose him. Quinn wants to know why Sheila is still here. This conversation is not even about her. Eric likes having a woman in the room who tells him the truth. Sheila wants to know how Eric is supposed to mistake what they did as taking responsibility for their actions. She feels that Quinn is wrong. Eric feels that the white background he chose for her portrait was no accident. His marriage to Stephanie was no Camelot. Quinn was here and she had a cool martini for him and he thought he finally had his Camelot back. He thought he could be the man she wanted him to be. Quinn feels that sometimes a kiss is just a touch. Just one hand over the shoulder. It can be just as easily forgotten. That is what would have happened had they not felt so much guilt and shame. It would have gone away for him too. Quinn cannot go back to being the woman she was before. She doesn’t remember how. He saved her life by giving her a life worth saving. Quinn thinks they can fix this if he could just forgive her. Quinn thinks they have a lot to lose. Quinn begs him to try.

Brooke wants to know what the scans showed. The nurse says that they will have the results very soon. She leaves the room. Brooke tells RJ that they are right here. Bill suggests they airlift him to a facility that deals with brain trauma. Ridge is not going to do anything until they know what is wrong with him. Bill guesses that is understood. Brooke tells Ridge that he is just trying to help. Ridge says he is sorry. Coco is sobbing. Ridge wants to know what she remembers. Coco didn’t really see anything. Ridge asks if RJ lost control of the car. Coco explains that he wanted her to drive. It seemed important to him so she did. Ridge asks if she was driving how she cannot remember what happened. RJ starts to move. Brooke wants Bill to get the doctor. He wakes up in bed. Brooke thinks that he had them so worried. She asks if he remembers anything. RJ asks where Coco is. RJ is so glad she is ok. Coco is so sorry.

Eric knows that Quinn and Ridge having these little meetings pretending that nothing will happen again and knowing it would, must have made it more thrilling. One kiss worth more than their whole marriage. Quinn knows it is too cheap to be tragic. Quinn knows that people could say she has done worse but she has never felt so scared and more alone in her entire life. She knows they can get through this if they just have time alone. Quinn feels that Sheila has done what she has come here to do so she can just get out. She wants her to leave them alone. Eric wants her to leave. Quinn thinks that she heard her husband. Eric doesn’t mean Sheila. He cannot bare to look at her. Eric screams for her to leave. Quinn doesn’t think that this is the end. It never will be. He will never stop loving him. Quinn is sobbing. She looks at Sheila who has a smirk on her face as she leaves. Eric brushes back his hair. He looks at Quinn’s portrait. Sheila stands behind him. She touches his shoulder. He cries. Sheila rests her head on his shoulder and has an evil smile on her face.

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