B&B Wednesday Update 7/5/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/5/17


Written By Anthony

Sheila demands that Ridge and Quinn tell Eric what they had to say. Ridge wants Sheila to leave. Sheila is not going anywhere. Sheila wants them to tell Eric the truth.

Coco asks if RJ’s surprise involves food. RJ wonders if she is hungry. They are outside of Forrester. Coco is starving and Shirley will probably be out of pigs in a blanket by the time that they get to her party. She never makes enough. RJ asks if Coco would prefer sushi or tacos. Coco wants tacos. RJ knows a great place in the valley that his mother used to go to. Coco asks where his car is. RJ didn’t want to park in his usual spot because it would ruin the secret. Coco asks why his car would ruin a taco stand in the valley. RJ feels that this is all about the journey. He walks over to a convertible. He wants her to hop in.

Bill is lounging around in his backyard with Brooke. He asks on the phone what part of him taking the afternoon off they didn’t understand. He hangs up. Brooke tells him that he can go to the office. Bill has all he needs right in front of him.

Eric wants Sheila to leave right now. Quinn asks what she is even doing here. Eric feels that it is just a bunch of stupid accusations. It means nothing. Eric thinks that this is awful what Sheila is saying. Sheila wants them to tell Eric she is wrong. She dares them.

Inside the car, Coco wonders if this is his car. RJ admits it is Ridge’s. He collects classic convertibles. Coco asks if he has a convertible anytime he wants. Coco thinks he is the coolest boyfriend ever.

Bill wants Brooke to join him in the pool. He asks if RJ is still joining them for dinner. Brooke thinks so but she thinks that RJ might be spending the day with Coco. Bill suggests he could also show up two hours late wondering what went wrong. If he is anything like his father. Brooke playfully slaps him.

Sheila wants to stay as Eric’s friend. She feels that he will need the support. Eric wants Sheila to get out. She is out of her mind. They would never walk in here saying they are having an affair. Ridge doubts they would ever do that. Quinn claims that he means too much to her. Ridge does have something they need to talk about after Sheila leaves. Eric wants to just talk about this now.

RJ and Coco drive down the road. They smile while they are doing so. Coco takes photos of RJ driving. He continues to look at her while she takes them. She starts to post photos on Instagram.

Bill offers to give RJ some tips of this thing with Coco is getting serious. Brooke asks if they are back on the topic of Ridge being a bad example. Bill knows that Ridge is horrible at relationships. Bill doesn’t want Brooke to protect Ridge from what he did. Brooke feels that some things never have to be discussed ever again.

Eric asks if this thing that Sheila has brought up they deny. Ridge confirms that they deny having an affair. Quinn wants to make it clear there was never an affair. Eric wants to know what else there is to this. Ridge begs for Sheila to leave. Eric just wants them to tell him what this is about. Ridge thinks it is nothing. Eric demands that they spit it out. Ridge hated her and would do anything to get her out of his life for good. Ridge saw they had more things in common than they thought. This all started when they went to San Francisco. They went to celebrate and had tequila. Eric asks what this is. Ridge thinks that this is all him. Quinn had no part of this. Eric asks what Quinn had no part of. Ridge kissed Quinn. He wanted to show her he could get her to. Sheila wonders if they are supposed to believe it all stopped right there. Ridge says that no one was drunk and it did stop there. Quinn wanted to tell him the truth but they knew it would hurt him. It isn’t as if her feelings for Eric had changed at all. Eric asks if it was really just a little kiss. Quinn needs Eric to know everything. Quinn says that there were more moments. Inappropriate glances. All meaningless. Ridge feels it was a rush because they hated each other. Quinn felt it was falling back on old patterns. Quinn is telling him now because she cannot lose him over innocent kisses. They were moments that ended before they ever began. Eric feels they are moments that decent people would never have allowed to happen. Quinn knows. Eric thinks that these are moments that end marriages.

Coco and RJ stop. RJ wants to take photos of her with the car. RJ wants her to stay where she is. He wants to take a picture. The two pose together. RJ takes photos of himself with the car. RJ wants to check out the backseat. Coco thinks that there is a lot of room. Coco wonders if they should be back here. RJ and Coco kiss each other.

Bill points out that he always gets what he wants. Brooke says that it happens eventually. Bill will find out what happened. Brooke asks what would happen if she told him it wasn’t important. She thinks that he is impossible. The two kiss again.

Quinn doesn’t think that these kisses are enough to end a relationship. Eric points out that they already have. Sheila told him that is the reason he and Brooke broke up. Quinn admits she went for a walk on the beach and ran into Ridge. Ridge admits Brooke saw them. They were both talking how happy they were they never crossed the line. They were laughing that nothing happened. It was a kiss to say goodbye. Eric knows that is when Brooke came to his room. He remembers Brooke showing up. Her saying that something horrible was going on. Brooke wanted to tell her. The two of them wouldn’t let her. They convinced her to say nothing. Ridge knows that Quinn is right for him. They all know it including Brooke. That’s why she didn’t tell him anything. She didn’t want him to throw away his marriage because of him. Quinn made a mistake. She made many mistakes. She believes in them and their marriage. She wants him to say that he does too. Ridge wants Eric to blame him but not punish Quinn. He shouldn’t throw away what he has with her because of a stupid mistake.

Bill wants to make sure that Brooke texted RJ to join them with Coco for dinner. He was serious about that. Brooke doesn’t want to embarrass him. Bill thinks that she is under the impression that he will embarrass them. Brooke does think he has a directness to him… She thanks him for spending the afternoon with him. Bill thanks her for tolerating him. They kiss.

RJ offers the keys to Coco. She goes behind the wheel. The two giggle and smile. Sally and Darlita text her. Coco accidently runs into someone and they crash.

Eric finds it odd that the two of them claim the kisses meant nothing but they are standing here absolutely mortified. Obviously there was more to it. Ridge promises there was nothing to it. Eric heard that they were lying. He was trying to kick Sheila out and this has been going on and he had to find it out from her. Eric would tell everyone how wonderful and loyal Quinn is. Quinn is loyal. Quinn knows he is upset. Quinn knows it was wrong but she never stopped loving Eric. She doesn’t know what she would do without him. It has never been about the house, the job, or the money. It has always been about Eric. It is because of him. She doesn’t want him to take him away from her. Eric points out that she couldn’t resist Ridge. Quinn doesn’t know why this happened. She just knows she loves him. She knows that this is over. It will never happen again. She wants him to say he can forgive him.

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