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Written by Anthony

Sheila informs Eric that she would give anything to not have to tell Eric this. It breaks her heart that Ridge and Quinn could do this to such a great and trusting man. She is so sorry but his son and his wife are having an affair.

Quinn cannot keep living like this. They have been lying to Eric for months. Ridge wants her to think clearly of the consequences. Quinn could lose her husband and he could lose his father. She needs Eric to hear this from her first not Sheila. From them. Quinn isn’t even sure they can get Eric to understand but he will not if he hears it from Sheila first. They owe Eric the truth.

Thomas and Sally walk into their office and are happy that they were able to get good PR for Spectra. Sally knows. Thomas looks around and sees all the Independence Day decorations. He thinks that someone is really festive. Sally mentions that it is Shirley’s favorite holiday. It comes with a big back complete with fireworks. Sally reads a note. Shirley gave the employees the day off. She wants her and Thomas to get over to her house pronto. They have a lot to celebrate. Thomas agrees they have a lot to celebrate. The two kiss each other.

RJ takes a photo of Coco. He tells her that he is serious. She should have been in the calendar shoot. Coco doesn’t think so. RJ does. He thinks the camera loves her. Coco gets a text from Shirley. She wants to make sure they are still going to the cookout. RJ wonders if Shirley really dresses up as the statue of liberty. Coco confirms every year since she can remember. It is insane. Coco is still thinking about earlier. She cannot help but think about what Sally and Thomas pulled. Especially, her sister. RJ feels that it was Thomas’s idea and not Sally’s. Coco knows but she didn’t have to go along with it. Forrester could have had her thrown in jail. Spectra is alive and well because of Thomas. He really forgave her for what she did. Coco hopes she had learned from what she did. She just thinks that she would have expected more from her sister.

Sally thought that was one heck of a kiss. Thomas feels that this was a really big win for Spectra getting the competition between them and Forrester. Thomas thinks that he is really impressed with how Steffy handled herself. Steffy was great on camera. She was a little annoyed once things stopped. Thomas thinks that Steffy is starting to accept his choice that is Sally.

Ridge feels that the truth is that they kissed a few times. Quinn feels that Sheila could go to Eric and tell him. The point is that she thinks she is doing what is best for him. She clearly wants him back. Ridge doubts that would ever happen. Quinn knows that she thinks otherwise because right now she is trying to get rid of Quinn herself. Quinn wants to know how they could put themselves in this position.

Sheila hates to imagine what is going on in Eric’s mind. To think that a woman that he thought was loyal actually isn’t. That his son could do this to him again. Her heart is breaking for him. Eric thinks that this was so important that she couldn’t wait to tell him this. She comes into his house like this and says these things about his son and wife. He tells her how dare she.

Sally could be made at Thomas. Thomas puts on an Uncle Sam beard and wonders how she could ever be mad at a face like this. Sally promised to turn over a new leaf but she went and crashed a Forrester event. Thomas points out that she was just her trusty sidekick and that this was all him. Sally doesn’t think that Steffy saw it that way. Thomas believes that this is the PR that they need right now. Sally needs to create a swimwear line for Monte Carlo. Thomas promises they will do that and then they will be sitting next to all the international buyers and sellers. Sally doesn’t want to embarrass herself. Thomas promises they won’t let that happen. Sally asks if they will show off their new logo in Monte Carlo. Thomas feels it is a work in progress. It gives them a chance to debut their new designs. Sally doesn’t think she would have been able to do this without him. She is just concerned about one thing. The way that Coco was looking at her. She was clearly not happy with her being involved in pulling another fast one. RJ tells her that they have a BBQ to get to. First he wants her to do him a favor.

Quinn thinks what matters is Eric. She keeps thinking what her life would be like without him. She was a horrible person. Her own son lost faith in her. Eric didn’t. He believes in second chances. She has never experienced that kind of faith and unconditional love. She cannot lose Eric. She cannot lose him the way he lost Brooke.

Sheila understands that this is difficult for him. Eric doesn’t want to hear another word. She just wants to make her way back into his life. Then she dares to come into his house and says these things. This is all lies. His son and wife would never betray him like that. Eric wants her gone for good.

Coco asks what kind of favor. RJ knows that this is their first holiday dating. He wanted to make the occasion. Coco wonders what he was thinking. RJ wanted to do a photoshoot of her in something patriotic. Coco takes out a bikini. Coco isn’t going to do it. RJ tried.

Thomas will tells Coco that the whole challenge was his idea. They have to focus on Spectra succeeding. They have to impress everyone. Sally knows they need to show people that they can be just as good as Forrester. Sally wants to kick Steffy’s butt in Monte Carlo. Thomas promises they will kick her ass.

Ridge wants Quinn to know that everything will be fine. Quinn isn’t sure what Sheila will do. Even if she doesn’t have anything on them they will never be free of this secret. At any point, Brooke, Katie, or Ivy could decide that Eric deserves to know. It will haunt them the rest of their lives. They will never know when it could come out. Quinn feels that Eric deserves better from them. She told him the other day. She wants to be the woman that Eric thinks he is. She knows he wants to be the woman that his father thinks that he is. He has to hear it from them. She knows that if there is a man capable of forgiving them it is Eric. It is time they are honest with him.

Eric looks at Quinn’s picture. Sheila is just thinking of him. Eric feels she is just telling him lies. Sheila admits she knew nothing about Quinn. She wants to believe that she is good enough for him. She saw enough that concerned her. She isn’t the only one. She talked to some people and they let some things slip. He needs to remember that Brooke called the wedding off. She thinks Brooke knew about the affair. She saw it today. They looked guilty. They don’t want to betray him but they have no choice. Eric doesn’t think she has changed one bit. She is just as evil as she ever was. Sheila feels that it is Ridge and Quinn who are evil. He is being played by the two people he loves most. Eric thinks that this could only come from her sick and twisted mind.

Coco wants RJ to try on the bikini. RJ guesses he could. Coco doesn’t want to see it. RJ still thinks she would look hot. He does have a surprise though. He asks if she trusts him. Coco does always. The two kiss each other.

Sally asks if this is really her life. She remembers her first preview and now she is sharing an office with Thomas and fixing the company. Life couldn’t get any better. Sally knows that this is just the beginning. She cannot wait to see them in Monte Carlo. They are on their way thanks to him. She never would have been able to imagine anyone like him. The two kiss each other again.

Sheila understands that it is hard for Eric to want to accept this, but Ridge is the one that he should be angry with. Eric will not have his faith shaken. Eric doubts that he saw anything. Sheila sees that this is doing to him. He deserves the truth. Eric thinks she is still the same liar she always was. Quinn and Ridge walk in. Quinn demands she get out. Sheila wouldn’t miss this for anything in the world.

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