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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/3/17


Written by Anthony

The Forrester crew continue to play outside and pose for pictures for the shoot. Thomas and Sally spy on them. Thomas whispers something to Sally and the two walk off with outfits.

Sheila wants to know the truth. She wants Charlie to tell her if Quinn and Ridge are having an affair. She doesn’t think that Charlie even needs to say anything. It is such a shame. She wonders how they could do this to Eric.

Quinn feels that Sheila knows something and she isn’t making this up. Ridge wants to know how she could have found out. Quinn doesn’t know but she was asking a lot of questions. Ridge doesn’t think that is good. Quinn gets a call from Eric. She says hi. Eric is heading home. He asks if she is still at the house. Quinn confirms that she is. Eric will see her soon. She hangs up. Ridge wants her to pull it together. Quinn suggests that they tell Eric the truth.

Steffy, Rick, Maya, Nicole, Carter, and Ivy continue to pose for photos. The photographer loves it. Katie thinks that is awesome and a wrap. Liam tells Steffy that was awesome. Jarret goes live from Forrester. He notes that everyone seems to have their clothes off including Steffy who is co-CEO. Steffy informs Jarret that he is a little overdressed. Jarret supposes they are right. He asks what is going on here. Steffy explains that they are having a fashion show at the Spencer Summit. It was Katie’s brilliant idea. This was kind of a little teaser for what they are showing off in Monte Carlo. Jarett asks if she wishes to comment on the recent scandals of Spectra stealing from them or Thomas jumping ship to Spectra. Steffy would rather not talk about that. Thomas would. He walks in with Sally. They are wearing bathing suits. Steffy asks what he is doing here. Thomas heard all the talk about a fashion show in Monaco. He wants to challenge them to a fashion duel.

Eric asks Pam if the fashion shoot is going well. Pam feels that there are a lot of very beautiful almost naked people out there. She is a little disappointed they are not featuring her crochet bikini. Eric suggests maybe next time. Pam wonders if he has seen Charlie. Eric hasn’t recently. Pam admits she has been getting into some tiny arguments recently. Eric hopes they can work it out. Pam knows it isn’t like he is spending time with another woman or anything.

Charlie wants to see Sheila’s binoculars. Sheila tells him to stop. She is trying to see Ridge and Quinn. Charlie wants to leave. Sheila says they are staying where they are.

Quinn cannot live like this anymore. She needs air.

Charlie tells her this is a waste of time. Sheila sees them. She thinks they are acting nervous like they are going to get caught. It is two people hiding a dirty secret.

Steffy wants to know what Thomas is challenging them to. Thomas wants to challenge them to a fashion show down. Thomas feels it would be great PR. Steffy doubts that Spectra is ready for Monte Carlo. Thomas feels the world will be pleasantly surprised with Spectra. Steffy guesses that it is up to Liam and Wyatt if they want Spectra around. Thomas is sure that they will be alright with it. He asks if Jarret remembers the queen Mary show. Jarret remembers the duel of Sally senior going at it against the Forrester’s. Jarret asks if Steffy accepts the challenge.

Pam doesn’t want to chat his ear off. She knows that Quinn is expecting him. Eric is fine. He loves getting to talk with her. Eric cannot imagine Charlie doing anything to challenge his relationship with Pam. Pam doesn’t think that Charlie has been showing the best judgement. Pam hopes that they put all of that behind them. She leaves. Eric looks at his wedding photo. He thinks of marrying Quinn. He remembers kissing her in Monte Carlo. He remembers telling her that he couldn’t imagine his life without her. Eric leaves.

Sheila thinks that Quinn is panicking like her whole life is crashing around her. Charlie wants to know how she would know this. She is jumping to conclusions. Sheila can read her body language. She is going crazy. Her hands are flaring. She is acting like an adulteries woman. She can see Ridge acting so disrespectful. The two of them should be ashamed. Charlie doubts she knows what they are saying. Sheila bets he already knows what they are talking about. Sheila bets that Ridge is having an affair with Quinn. Sheila has proof they are cheating. Sheila cannot let them get away with this.

Steffy suggests that this is something they discuss in private. Rick is sure that Steffy wants to discuss this with Ridge before making any calls. Thomas thinks it is fine. Ridge is not here right now. Wyatt understands that Thomas wants to be a part of the summit but it is clear this is a poor attempt at a PR grab. Thomas knows it is but there is more to it than that. Wyatt doesn’t think that piggy backing on to this is the way to go. Thomas is shocked that Liam isn’t in on this. Spectra is going to double the founds for the fashion show. Jarret asks if Steffy accepts the challenge. Steffy accepts. Thomas is looking forward to it. Steffy is as well. Jarret says that this was a wrap. Coco cannot believe Sally did this. Sally doesn’t want her to get mad at her. This was Thomas’s idea. RJ thinks it will be fun. Steffy asks Thomas what the hell that was. Thomas is all about taking risks these days. Steffy feels that he is turning into a Spectra overnight. Steffy hopes he realizes that they will be showcasing swimwear not clown costumes. She thinks that Spectra is going down.

Charlie feels they are trespassing. Sheila thinks that this breaks her hear. Sheila thinks that this is wrong. She asks how they could do this. Quinn storms off and Sheila watches. She thinks they are heading to the guest house. Charlie wants to go back to Forrester. Sheila guesses he can go but she is staying. Charlie wants to know what she is going to do.

Quinn and Ridge walk into the guest house. Ridge doesn’t think that telling Eric is an option. Quinn wonders what they do. Ridge doesn’t think they have to do anything. Sheila is probably bluffing. That is what she does. She causes trouble. Quinn thinks that Sheila is on to them. Quinn cannot keep quiet anymore. Ridge will not let Eric see Quinn like this.

Eric calls for Quinn in the main house. He asks if Quinn is here. Sheila walks out from around the corner. Eric wants to know what she is doing here.

Katie guesses that Thomas just did that. Wyatt assumes that Steffy is ok with it. Katie doesn’t think that Thomas gave her much of a choice. Wyatt feels that this will be an even bigger event for her to promote. Katie guesses with his help. Steffy believes that Thomas is latching on to the family to be successful. Sally feels that they are a legit fashion house now. Steffy reminds Sally that she is not a legit fashion house. Thomas guesses they will see about that. Steffy knows that they will.

Ridge wants Quinn to stop freaking out. Quinn thinks that this was enough to be wrong. Ridge feels telling him makes no sense. Quinn wants to find a way for Eric to forgive them. Ridge doesn’t think that Sheila knows anything. They will say nothing.

Sheila assumes that Eric was expecting to see Quinn. She was just here. Eric knows. Eric asks if she saw here leave. Sheila didn’t. Eric thought she left LA. Sheila guesses that was the plan. She knows that he is a kind and generous man. Eric thanks her. Sheila thought that her happiest time of her life was being married to him. She is a better person now. She knows that Stephanie was difficult and a hard woman but she was completely loyal to him. She thought that Quinn was good for him. She was thrilled for him. She deserves to be with someone who loves him unconditionally. Sheila doesn’t want to say this. She gets no pleasure out of saying any of this but he deserves honesty and truth. She expects him to do the same for her. She is sorry but she thinks that Quinn and Ridge are having an affair. Eric thinks that is unbelievable. Sheila is sorry but it isn’t. She thinks that Quinn is having an affair with his own son. Eric smashes a glass.

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