B&B Friday Update 6/30/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/30/17


Written by Anthony
Pictures By Christine

The Forrester crew is setting up a photoshoot outside. Steffy walks over to Katie and Liam and asks if everything is ready. Katie tells her that Jarrett is setting up a few things but that everything should be ready to go soon. Liam knows that he will be here soon with his crew. Wyatt promises that Bill isn’t going to write a false review or anything. Wyatt thinks that is funny. Steffy asks if the reps from the charity are here. Katie confirms they are. Wyatt feels that this should go over really well in Monte Carlo. Steffy wants them to keep up the good work. Steffy knows that this is a test run but she wants them to treat this as the real thing right now. Steffy can only imagine what Thomas is doing at Spectra right now.

Thomas is working on a sketch. Sally cannot get over this. She is working at her company and she feels like she has class. Thomas tells her that this is just a logo. Thomas promises that with these designs things will be ok. They have to be careful though if they are going to realistically compete with Forrester and Steffy.

In the CEO office, Ridge tells Eric that it sounds like everything is going great on the sky lounge. It sounds like the shoot is about to start. Eric informs him that they asked him to model some of the swimwear but he passed. He didn’t want to upstage the boys or Rick or Carter. Ridge thinks he looks great in a bathing suit. He could be on the cover of the magazine. Ridge isn’t so sure that the charity they are representing would appreciate that. Ridge know someone who would appreciate it. Eric appreciates her as well. Quinn is the reason for the spring in his step these days.

Quinn wants to know why Sheila is here. Other than her obvious attempt to intimidate her. Sheila asks if that is how she is feeling because it is not her intention. Sheila is just a friend of Eric’s. She asks if she needs a reason to be here. Sheila is not here to hit on Eric. She wants his happiness. Sheila asks if she feels guilty and if there is something she should feel guilty about.

Carter walks out to the shoot. He asks where Zende is. He thought he was a part of this. Rick tells him that he is busy designing for the shoot in Monte Carlo. Steffy calls Thomas. Steffy asks how it is going. Thomas has freedom and his dreams coming true. Things are going fantastic. Thomas isn’t going to be able to make the Monte Carlo fashion show. Steffy never said he was invited. Steffy asks where Sally is even from and assumes it is the middle of nowhere. Thomas guesses it is funny. Steffy is doing a charity show and they are streaming it live if he wants to check it out and see what he is missing. She hangs up.

Sally wonders if that was the princess. Thomas confirms it was the one and only. She asks what is wrong. Thomas needs them to get buzz going about Spectra.

Pam is at her desk. She doesn’t want Charlie to get her wrong. She respects Eric’s ability to forgive and think people could change but to invite this woman back into the house. It is right here on the internet. She has been in prison more than once. She has done so much to hurt her family. Charlie asks if she has a picture of the black widow. Pam shows him. Charlie so no. He asks if that is really Sheila Carter. Pam asks why. Charlie wonders if she remembers the woman asking all the questions about the Forrester’s. Pam wants to know what she asked him. Pam needs to know what Charlie has done.

Quinn wants Sheila to leave. Sheila assumes that she is upset. Quinn is upset. Her husband’s ex-wife shows up at her house and tells her how much she cares about her husband. Sheila just wants Eric to be happy. Quinn thinks that they are very happy. Sheila assumes that she, Eric, and Ridge are. Quinn wants to know what she is getting at. Sheila says nothing. So long as she is a loving and devoted wife she has nothing to worry about. Sheila says goodbye. She leaves. Quinn looks at her portrait.

Eric feels that things have been rough lately even before the shootings. Spectra stole their entire line. They had to bounce back. They worked their tails off. They are now working on this new line together and Quinn is by his side. Ridge doesn’t think that this is too bad. Eric doesn’t think so at all. Quinn calls Ridge. She needs to see him now. Ridge asks if there is a problem. Quinn confirms a huge one. She is at the house. She asks if he can get here as soon as he can. Ridge will be right there. Eric asks if he needs any help. Ridge doesn’t think he can in this situation.

Sally asks if he and Steffy have always been competitive. Thomas knows he could swim the entire length of a pool before she could. It doesn’t really mean anything though since he is her older brother. They are competitive though. It brings out the best in them. Forrester is on top right now. They have to find a way to compete somehow. That is completely unique. He has an idea. It is a page right out of her book.

Jarrett tells Steffy she is wonderful. He just needs her to give him that line one more time Steffy says that they have swimsuits, sun, and a whole lot of fun coming up on Eye on Fashion. Jarrett loves it. Jarrett asks the camera man to get that prepped. Jarrett hears that this is a teaser. Jarrett asks what kind of a teaser. Steffy tells him it is a kind of beach on the party. It is a beach party, a fashion show, and a charity event. This was all Katie’s idea. Wyatt smiles.

Sheila is sitting in a café looking at pictures of Ridge and Brooke through their breakup. She starts to think of Charlie telling her that Ridge is fine with Quinn. Sheila wonders if Ridge and Quinn are together. She wants to know how they could betray Ridge like that.

Ridge cannot believe that Sheila came over. Quinn doesn’t want him involving Eric in this. Ridge wants to know why. She is coming here to see him. Quinn tells him that she came over to see her. Ridge wants to know why. She doesn’t even know her. Quinn feels that she thinks she does. She was probing about who lives here and then asking questions about him living in the guest house. She knows it sounds crazy but she wonders if she knows about their secret.

Sheila shows up in the Forrester lobby. She tells Charlie they need to talk. Charlie wants to know how she got on the premises. Sheila told him that she is friend of the family. Charlie wants to escort her out. He knows she is Sheila Carter. Charlie wants to know what she wants. Sheila is on Charlie’s side. This is about Ridge and Quinn. She thinks something is going on behind Eric’s back. She feels that Eric is too good a person. Sheila had an interesting conversation with Quinn earlier. She was acting like a woman who was guilty as hell. Sheila wants to go to Charlie’s car. She wants him to take her to the Forrester estate.

Sally thought that they weren’t going to be underhanded anymore. Thomas feels it is healthy competition. Thomas suggests they go and make a splash.

Steffy assumes that Katie is a nice addition to the company. Jarrett agrees she is brilliant. She is good. Katie is honored that Eric asked her to head PR. She actually started in PR so it is nice to get back to her roots. She has a lot to pull off and asks if Wyatt can help her out. Katie tells Wyatt that she feels bad taking all the credit for this. Wyatt thought this was her idea. Katie knows it wasn’t all her idea. It wouldn’t be happening without him. Steffy tells them all that the shoot is ready.

Charlie and Sheila show up at the mansion. Charlie is uncomfortable with this situation. Sheila knows he knows something. She asks if he has seen Ridge and Quinn together. Charlie thinks those are her words. Sheila thought Charlie would be more loyal to Eric. She thinks that Eric has a right to know what is going on. Sheila looks into binoculars.

Ridge feels it is impossible. Sheila doesn’t know about them. Quinn doesn’t know how she found out but she was asking all these questions about them. She asks what happens if she knows.

Steffy, Ivy, Maya, Nicole, Carter, and Rick are all posing for a fashion shoot.

Sally and Thomas look behind a rack of clothing. RJ and Coco watch in enjoyment.

Eric looks at a photo of him and Quinn and smiles.

Ridge promises that Sheila doesn’t suspect anything. Quinn knows she didn’t come to chat. She is on the hunt. Someone must have given her a hint. Ridge wonders who. Brooke doesn’t want this to get out, Katie just saved her life, and Ivy isn’t going to say anything. He wants her to stop imagining this. Quinn thinks that Sheila is dangerous and doesn’t know what she will do.

Charlie tells Sheila that time is up. Sheila wants to see this with her own eyes. Sheila thinks that Quinn was nervous the moment she mentioned Ridge. Sheila thinks he would have seen that Quinn is hiding something. She bets he knows that. Sheila thinks if he is hiding something it would be a big mistake. She needs to know. She demands he answer her.

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