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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/28/17


Written By Anthony
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Zende tells Nicole to look at him. Not to look at Julius. Lizzie needed Nicole to give her life. Julius thinks that the Forrester’s already have everything. She shouldn’t be forced to give up her child just because it wasn’t with Zende. Vivienne wants him to be able to talk to his wife. Rick feels he is one big piece of work. They are family when it suits him. Julius guesses that Nicole should look at Lizzie. They are calling for her to go to her. Vivienne doesn’t want to see Julius bully her daughters. Julius thinks that Nicole is being attacked. He keeps hearing how she is a terrible person. Maya feels that Lizzie picks up on tensions from adults. She has Rick put Lizzie in the den. Maya wants to be the one to tell Nicole she is not wrong.

Katie opens her door to find Wyatt sitting on a toy trick. Katie asks where he found this. Wyatt assumed that Bill didn’t leave a toy in the executive elevator. Katie knows that Will has been looking all over for this. He was having an epic meltdown. Wyatt has to get back to work. Katie doesn’t think he has to get back to work. He can call Bill and tell him that they are having lunch. She can feed him. Wyatt thinks that sounds good. Katie suggests some corn and chicken. Wyatt feels that sounds like a feast. Katie isn’t sure that is a feast but something tells her he doesn’t spend much time in the kitchen. Wyatt wonders why he should spend two hours on something he will eat in ten minutes. Katie doesn’t think that this will take two hours. She wants to talk about the fashion show as well. Wyatt thinks they can talk about that all she wants.

Maya feels that Nicole is justified in the way she is felling. She admits she shouldn’t have asked her to do what she did. She was young and didn’t understand the consequences. She might have known that. There is one thing that is true. She can be selfish. She spent a lot of time fighting for herself. So she might have messed up. She cannot stand how awful the situation is. Maya begs her not to take her daughter away. Zende knows that Nicole loves Maya. She told her that finding her again changed the direction of her life. Zende doesn’t think anyone blames her for what is happening and she shouldn’t blame herself. Julius admits he blames her. When a couple finds out that they cannot have a baby reality sets in. He knows that Maya feels short changed but they all do. She wants to take from her sister. That is wrong. Julius will not let Nicole sign the papers. The baby is hers.

Katie wants to know how hard it is to get a permit for something like this. Wyatt knows that beautiful people in bathing suits is Monaco’s number one business. She should be just fine. He asks if she just went to the kitchen and this just popped out. Katie is superwoman and he should see her case. Wyatt hopes she didn’t mentioned him when pitching Steffy the fashion show. Katie would never do that without his permission. Wyatt asks if she went for it. Katie thinks that she is giving it consideration. Wyatt feels that means she has to ask Ridge. Katie thought that as well.

Julius believes that this is garbage. No signature is going to change the fact of Lizzie’s birth. Maya isn’t trying to cover up Lizzie’s birth. Vivienne looks at the papers. She doesn’t think being right is important in this world. They can both be right though. Vivienne doesn’t think that Julius’s opinion is the full story. Rick doesn’t think that this is to complicated. He is Lizzie’s father. They had an agreement. They knew how things were going to be for over a year. Nicole wonders what happens if someone makes a promise based on facts that turn out not to be true. Nicole didn’t know then what she knows now. Zende doesn’t think she knows now either. Julius thinks that Lizzie’s biological mother is Nicole and that is all that counts. Zende points out the woman that he calls mom isn’t biologically his. She didn’t bring him into the world or give him life. In other ways she did though. Her heart is what he is made of.

Katie wonders what Wyatt thinks about having a few men in suits. Wyatt assumes she means like male strippers. Katie means like having men in suits and women in bikinis. Wyatt feels that is a little sexist. Katie doesn’t think so if they have the men serving the women. Wyatt reminds her they aren’t working together. Katie thinks that is too bad. They make a good team.

Maya admits she was just scared. She wonders if she has ever wanted something so badly in her life but she couldn’t name it. Nicole wanted Maya. Nicole wanted Zende to love her the way he loves her. Nicole knows how heartbroken she was when she thought she had lost him. Maya admits the one thing she has wanted every day of her life always was to be a parent to a child in a way that she hadn’t been parented. She knew it was waiting for her somewhere. She thought she had it once but they know how that ended. Then Nicole came to her and she thought she found the child. Nicole doesn’t think she is a bad mother. The day Lizzie was born she felt so much love. It was because of Lizzie. She wonders how she can live without having that every day. Maya thinks she is human and so is she. If Nicole goes to court she will win and he will win because she will not fight her. Julius wants Nicole to rip up the papers. Vivienne tells him enough. Julius thinks Maya knows how to be a lady. They should handle this quietly. Nicole loves being her sister. Maya knows how much she loves Lizzie so this is her choice to make. Rick points out that this is her daughter. Maya knows but this is Nicole’s choice. They always said that. Maya hopes that they meant it.

Wyatt better get back to work. Katie admits she feels like she should be paying him an hourly fee. Wyatt thinks the food more than covered it. He likes talking about his old job at Forrester. He was good at it. Katie thanks him for stopping by. Wyatt walks out.

Nicole walks over to Zende. He is the only one to trust to tell her what to do. Zende feels that is because he won’t. Zende thinks that Nicole needed things to end this way. She is beautiful and amazing. He knows her. he knows what it meant for her to carry Lizzie. She stood up to her parents and to him. He knows she is scared. She doesn’t have to be. Nicole asks what happens if the doctors are right. Zende doesn’t want her to think like that. Miracles happen. He is one. Zende suggests they were meant to adopt maybe. They could do what his mother did for him. The choice is hers though. He is behind her with whatever she decides to do. Nicole turns around. She takes the papers. She sits down. Maya is sobbing. Nicole turns the pages of the papers and signs them. Vivienne takes a sigh of relief. Julius hopes that no one in this room ever has a reason to regret this date. Maya asks if Nicole is sure. She thanks Nicole. Rick tells Nicole that he is sorry. He hugs Nicole. Nicole just hates that she hurt him. If Zende says they will have a child then she believes him. She loves Lizzie. She isn’t her mother though. Maya is. She always was. Maya hugs Nicole. Zende nods in approval.

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