B&B Tuesday Update 6/27/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/27/17


Written by Anthony

Steffy and Liam kiss in the CEO office. Steffy still feels so relaxed from the spa yesterday. Steffy thinks it was the surprise that she needed.

Katie is standing outside of the CEO office. She remembers Wyatt’s suggestion of the Spencer Summit and her idea of making a fashion show. She wants to debut a swimwear line. Katie walks in and finds Steffy and Liam kissing again. Steffy is claiming they are being annoying newly weds. Liam heard that Katie got Wyatt’s old job. Katie did and has an idea she wants to run by Steffy. Liam should get to work and says goodbye to them. Liam leaves. Steffy would love to hear her idea.

RJ and Coco are taking a selfie in the photo shoot room. RJ is going to post it. Coco guesses they are officially official then. RJ agrees. Zende walks in. RJ tells him that he was going to look for him. RJ needed to know if he was finished with his dress. Zende hasn’t been able to finish it yet. Most of his time has been spent dealing with Nicole. RJ is sure that Ridge will understand. Zende thinks he has figured out part of the issue. Julius is messing with her head.

In the design office, Maya explains to Vivienne that Nicole won’t sign the adoption papers. Vivienne is sure that she is going through something. The doctors told her she might not be able to have another child. She might just need a little time. Rick is sorry but he and Maya are Lizzie’s parents. They just want a signature. Vivienne is sure that Nicole understands that. Maya asks why she is doing this then. She wants to know why she doesn’t understand that she is Lizzie’s mother.

Nicole walks into the Forrester Mansion and Julius follows. Nicole doesn’t want to talk about this. Julius can tell that this choice is weighing on her. Nicole came to pick up some papers from the office. He shouldn’t have followed her. Julius asks if she still has the adoption papers. Nicole has them in her bag. She has not signed them yet. Julius hopes that she never will.

Wyatt sits in Bill’s chair and starts doing work. Liam walks in and asks if he ever works in his own office. Wyatt gets work done here. Wyatt informs him that he really isn’t his brother and this has all be a cruel joke on him. Liam tells him that isn’t the case but Katie got his old job at Forrester. Wyatt asks what the issue is. He assumes that Liam thought he would be upset by that.

Steffy knows that Katie just started and she doesn’t need to put pressure on herself. Katie has been having fun brainstorming. Steffy knows that Wyatt is the king of promoting and marketing. Katie explains that she is aware of that and this is something he might have come up with himself. Steffy is curious. Katie has one word. Swimwear.

Coco knows that Nicole is having issues having a baby. Zende knows it has been a struggle and now Julius wants her to keep Lizzie. Coco thinks that they should talk to Vivienne about this. Zende agrees. If he has any chance of saving his wife then he needs to talk to her mother.

Maya plays with Lizzie. Maya loves Lizzie. Maya promises that she will be right here. Vivienne doesn’t know what to make of this. Nicole wants a child so badly. Rick knows she does but hanging this over their head isn’t the way to go. Vivienne feels that something else is getting to Nicole. Vivienne doesn’t think it is something but someone. Julius…

Julius wants to see the papers. He looks at them. He can see that they thought that this was a done deal. It isn’t though. He doesn’t think that this is an accident. It is a gift from the heavens. It is a sign that Lizzie belongs with Nicole.

Wyatt speaks to Katie all the time. She told him that she was taking his old job and Wyatt didn’t think it was a big deal. Liam is just a little shocked that he isn’t jealous. Wyatt has no reason to be. She is a friend and he is happy for her. Liam knows that she is already pitching ideas to Steffy. Wyatt predicts people will be pleasantly surprised when they find out what she has in store. Wyatt thinks she will be a real asset to Forrester.

Katie wants to catch the public’s eye. Especially, after Spectra stole their designs. Steffy knows that was totally humiliating. Katie wants to take buzz somewhere international to give them buzz. Steffy asks where. Katie says the Spencer summit. Steffy asks what it has to do with swimwear. Katie believes everything. It is the idea place for a fashion show.

Coco feels for Nicole. She cannot even imagine what she is dealing with. She thinks it is sweet that Zende is trying to protect her. RJ thinks that is what a guy does for a girl.

Maya explains that Julius said that Lizzie wasn’t her real daughter. That legally and genetically she isn’t. Vivienne is so sorry. They will figure this out as a family. Zende walks in. He knows that they are concerned but there is a lot going on here. Vivienne was being filled in. Zende assumes she knows what Julius is up too. Zende doesn’t think it is his place to convince her not to sign the papers. He needs to be stopped.

Julius has always been straight forward with her. Lizzie is her baby. No one else gave birth to her. Nicole knows. She doesn’t want to have these feelings though. She cannot help it though. Julius feels she gave up the only child she could ever have. They are talking about her life and family. She needs to think of herself for once.

Wyatt has always had nothing but respect for Katie. He wants Liam to think about everything she has been through. Liam admits that she deserves a medal for putting up with Bill. Wyatt feels that she basically ran this place as well as Forrester at one point. She is in charge of the PR now. Wyatt thinks whatever she does will be exciting.

Katie wants Steffy to imagine them in Monte Carlo revealing the new swimwear line. Steffy thinks it is sexy and glamorous. It might be challenging but it has a lot of potential. Steffy is really impressed. She came up with this on her own.

RJ guesses his own problems don’t compare to what Zende and Nicole are going through. Coco asks if he is having problems. RJ believes that her being into techno music is a big problem. Coco feels it is the best. RJ doesn’t know how much longer he can take this. Coco wonders if there is any way for her to make this up to him. RJ doesn’t know but he can try.

Rick feels that Julius is taking advantage of Nicole. Maya doesn’t think it is not ok for Julius to put this in her head. He said that she was lucky to have had one good year with Lizzie. She should just hand over Lizzie to Nicole. Vivienne doesn’t think that he could really mean that. They need to speak to Nicole right away. Zende suggests they go to Eric’s house where Nicole is to convince her to sign the papers right away. Maya grabs Lizzie. She asks Rick what happens if they don’t get through to her. Zende promises they will. They have to stop Julius.

Julius believes that their family has suffered because of Maya. If Maya was meant to have a child then she would have had the means. Nicole points out that she cannot have a child either. She wonders if she is being punished too. Julius believes that Maya is the only one being punished right now. Nicole made the choice to do it. Julius feels she is too young to make that choice. Julius thinks she is suffering because of Maya. He wants the best for Nicole. She has made a sacrifice for Maya. What she has done to her is just wrong.

Steffy will give her idea to Ridge for consideration. She is definitely on to something. Steffy will talk to her later. Katie calls Wyatt. Wyatt asks if this is the Katie Logan. He asks if she pitched the idea. Katie said that she enjoys it and thinks it is sexy and glamorous. Wyatt feels those were his trademarks when he worked at Forrester. Katie cannot thank him enough. Wyatt feels they came up with the idea together. If she needs anything then he is more than willing to help. Katie will keep him posted. She says goodbye.

Julius feels she has been given the second chance to give Lizzie a life in a traditional home. She carried Lizzie and created her. Not Maya. Vivienne walks in and asks what kind of nonsense he is putting into their daughter’s head. Julius feels it is the truth. Vivienne doesn’t want to hear it. Rick asks how he can say this to his daughter. Maya doesn’t care what he says to her but she will not let him come between her and Nicole. Julius thinks that is Nicole’s child not hers. Zende promises that they will get through this. She needs to stop listening to Julius. He knows she was raised to respect her father but what he is encouraging her to do is not fair to her. It isn’t fair to Maya or Lizzie. She cannot let him do this. Zende will always be there for her. She will be a mother one day but not to Lizzie. Rick is her father and Maya is her mother. The woman raising her since birth. Zende wants her to let this go so they can move on. She needs to sign the adoption papers. Nicole is crying.

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