B&B Monday Update 6/26/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/26/17


Written by Anthony

Charlie promises Sheila that there is no need to worry about Eric. He points out that she never mentioned her connection to Eric. Sheila already mentioned that she is old friends with the Forrester’s. Charlie points out that she doesn’t even know who Pam is. Sheila reminds him that this was a long time ago. She wasn’t around. Stephanie and her, were very close. Stephanie was the kind of friend who would take a bullet for her and Eric as well. If something was wrong she was the first person to step in and help. Especially, if it involved a new wife. Sheila wants to think that Quinn can be good for Eric. Sheila wonders if she is wrong.

Eric and Quinn kiss in the CEO office. Eric feels that there is only one problem with working with her in this office. Quinn asks if she is too distracting. Eric wonders what could possibly be distracting. Quinn could just get an office across town. Eric doesn’t want that at all. He loves having her so close. He loves having her, his children, and grandchildren all together. It is what he dreamt of years ago to work with friends and family. Quinn adds in his neighbor as well. She is glad she was able to find a place here for Katie. Eric is as well. He thinks that things will work out really well. Quinn is as well. She thinks she can do anything. Except design jewelry. They both agree this is correct.

In Bill’s office, Wyatt is flattered that Katie thinks that he can help. Katie knows he was amazing at the PR job at Forrester. Wyatt suggests she follow Nicole’s lead. That is his best advice. Katie agrees but she would like to make her own mark as well. She needs to know how things are trending and put more importance into hashtags and followers. Plus, keep Steffy as the sexy CEO. Wyatt knows it will take up a lot of her time. Katie guesses that she said the wrong thing. Wyatt thinks it is fine. He loves talking about how sexy his ex-wife is.

Steffy and Liam are sitting in a tent lounging. Steffy has to admit she fell for it. She loves his romantic surprises. Liam cannot tell if this is a compliment or complaint. Steffy is trying to decide which is better. A day of boring meetings or a day with her handsome husband. She will try to make do with Liam.

Katie is sorry. She knows that it is difficult for Wyatt to talk about Steffy. She shouldn’t have brought it up. Wyatt promises that it is fine. He thinks it is wise that he isn’t over there promoting her. Wyatt knows that Steffy’s followers love behind the scenes stuff at Forrester and love looking at her personal life. The occasional posting with Liam couldn’t hurt. Katie can tell he hasn’t gotten over her.

Liam orders two meals and asks what dessert is better. Liam decides on both. He tells Steffy that this is a spa day. They are supposed to be pampered. Steffy guesses he is accomplishing his mission. The two kiss.

Ridge walks into the CEO office. Ridge can come back. Eric tells him that it is fine. He is about to leave. Quinn will meet him in a little bit. She just has a few things to catch up on. Quinn wants him to make sure he knows what he means to her. Eric is getting a good idea. Eric leaves.

Charlie is no gossip. This case is confidential. Sheila guesses something serious is going on if he has been assigned to look at it. Charlie is head of security over at Forrester. He knows the place like the back of his hand. Sheila is glad that Eric has someone like him to look after him. Charlie would do anything for him. Sheila asks if Quinn was a model and that is how Eric met her. Charlie explains that Eric could have married anyone but he ends up with Quinn. Sheila assumes that he ended up with someone he doesn’t approve of. She asks if she has to talk to him about Quinn. Charlie guesses if she is a good old friend. She might want to.

Liam asks if they are doing a couples massage. Steffy thinks they should cancel the massage. Steffy wants a massage but she has a handsome man with strong hands. Liam likes where her head is at.

Wyatt admits he probably hasn’t gotten over Steffy. He isn’t going to dwell on it. There are a lot of other things he can think about. Like Katie’s new job. He is happy for Katie. Katie knows it is a great opportunity. Katie wants to start with a promotional event. Something big. She was hoping to bounce ideas off him. Wyatt might actually have something that she will like.

Ridge wonders if Quinn is hanging in there. Quinn is doing a lot better now that she knows she doesn’t have someone shooting at her. Ridge wonders what Deacon was talking about when he said she pushed him off a cliff. She asks if he is really going to believe anything he says. Quinn is just glad that Ridge was home when Katie called. It could have ended so differently. Quinn feels that when you almost lose your life you look at things differently. You think about what you want to do and how you want to live. Who you want to be. Ridge asks who she wants to be. Quinn wants to be the woman that Eric thinks she is. Ridge believes she is. He asks if she does as well.

Someone knocks on the Forrester mansion door. Eric walks downstairs and opens it. Sheila is standing outside. Sheila knows she said she was leaving LA and she is. She just needed to see him again. Eric lets her in. He asks if something is wrong. Sheila asks if they are alone. Eric says they are. Sheila cannot leave LA until she knows he is ok.

Liam is giving Steffy a massage. She thinks it is just right. He was born to give her massages. Liam doesn’t think he can very well do his massage with his bathing suit on. The two start to kiss each other.

Katie wants to hear what he has to say. Wyatt suggests the Spencer Summit. Everyone who is anyone will be there. The top people will be there. Last year, Eric’s speech was a huge selling point. Katie wants to do something bigger than a speech. She wants to do a fashion show. Wyatt loves it. Katie wants to debut something new. A swimwear line. Wyatt thinks that might be exactly what Forrester needs.

Quinn admits she isn’t sure what got into the two of them. They went to hating each other to flirting with each other. Ridge doesn’t think it matters. They are friends. She bought him a present. It is in the top drawer. She bought him tequila. She thinks that tequila should just be what it is with no bad memories attached.

Eric is fine and really even better than fine. Sheila is just starting to wonder what he has gotten himself mixed up in. Eric doesn’t think she should have to care after all these years. Sheila will always care. She will always have his back. She always will. He is important to her. Sheila cannot even think of someone causing him harm.

Katie is going to do it. She will have a fashion show at the Spencer Summit. Wyatt knows she came up with the swimwear concept but if she needs help then he will be there for her. He has a lot of free time.

Steffy hopes that Liam rented the cabana for the entire month. Liam tried but management is terrible. Apparently, they have to close every night. Steffy thanks him for doing this. Forcing them to keep the craziness out of their life and take time for each other. The two kiss.

Sheila just wants to make sure that Eric is alright. Eric is happier than he has ever been in his life. Sheila hopes that Quinn knows what an honor it is to be in his life. She knows how she wasted her time with him. Eric is happy she is trying to fix things but that is as far as it should go. He finds it inappropriate that she is questioning his marriage. Sheila didn’t mean to make him feel uncomfortable. If he is happy than she is happy. Eric wishes her well and good luck. Sheila tells him if he needs someone to talk to. Eric will keep it in mind. Sheila looks at him before he closes the door. Eric sighs.

Sheila stands by the fountain outside. Quinn walks over and asks if she can help her. Sheila was just leaving. Sheila asks what she was doing here. Sheila was just visiting Eric. Quinn doesn’t think she gets to do that when she isn’t home. Quinn doesn’t want her husband’s ex-wife coming by unannounced. Sheila wonders if she says that to Brooke as well. Quinn only says it to the ex-cons as well. She knows that Brooke isn’t going to poison him or try to shoot him. Quinn heard all the stories. Sheila doesn’t want her to be scared of her. Quinn isn’t. Sheila wants her to appreciate Eric and know how lucky she is. Quinn grabs her by the arm and tells her she needs to go now. Sheila tells her not to touch her. If she does that again then she will snap her in two. Sheila bumps into her and walks off. Sheila walks towards the gate. She looks back and has an evil look on her face.

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