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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/23/17


Written by Anthony

In the CEO office, Eric tells Ridge he has to thank him again for saving Quinn’s live. Charlie rolls his eyes. Quinn is just excited to get back to normal. Pam suggests whatever normal in this family is. Ridge feels they have to get back to work. Ivy agrees. She knows that they have an important meeting with a supplier unless she wants to reschedule. Quinn wants to keep that meeting. Pam better get back to the phones. Katie guesses she better take off. Eric wanted to ask her something. Pam explains that a reporter called and wanted a statement from him about Sheila. Eric wants her to tell the reporter that Sheila’s arrest was a big mistake and Deacon is in custody. Eric thinks that she left LA.

Brooke is talking to a doctor at lunch. Brooke hopes that if he sees Hope… The doctor will tell her that Brooke is as enchanting as ever. She says goodbye. Sheila walks over. She figured she would be surprised to see her. Brooke wants to know why she is here. Sheila figured she would run into her. She is so glad that she did. She wanted to say she was sorry for everything she did to hurt her.

Wyatt and Bill are in his office. Wyatt cannot believe that Deacon asked Bill to post bail for him. Bill guesses that he must have thought history would repeat itself. Wyatt asks what that means. Bill feels that it means that he is delusional. Wyatt thinks that his mother could be dead right now because of him. Bill doesn’t think that one little bullet could kill Quinn. That is if you could even find her heart. Wyatt doesn’t think that is funny. Bill believes it is a little funny. Wyatt doesn’t. It is his mother. She could have been killed. Bill guesses that he is right. He is just so used to taking pun shots at her. Wyatt knows that she is the woman that he hates. Bill doesn’t hate her… As much as he used to. He still isn’t buying any of that. He knows that Quinn has her claws in Eric so deep and he treats her like a queen. Wyatt points out that he treats Brooke like a queen and treated Katie like one as well. Bill feels that Quinn owes Katie big time for what she did.

Ridge suggests they get back to work. Ridge knows Eric wanted to talk too Katie about something. Eric did. He wants her back at Forrester. Only this time in a position more appropriate to her talent. Katie asks if he is sure. She overreacted with Quinn. Eric does want her back. He wants her in marketing. He thinks her business skills are good. She can work with Nicole. The same thing that Wyatt used to do when he was here. Katie asks what Quinn thinks. Quinn guesses that Eric is right. She wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Katie. She got Ridge to save her. Charlie guesses it is fortunate that she and Ridge are living under the same roof. Pam gives him a dirty look.

Brooke understands that Sheila was falsely accused. Sheila admits that she was disturbed and deeply so. Brooke asks if she isn’t now. Sheila has many regrets. She would like to focus on the good times. Her marriage to Eric and the pride she felt. She destroyed that. At least now he has a wife worthy of him. Sheila asks if Quinn is. Sheila wonders if Brooke likes Quinn.

Wyatt thinks that Quinn has thanked Katie many times for what she has done. That doesn’t mean that things are going to change between them. Bill agrees. The two are polar opposites.

Sheila feels that Brooke doesn’t like Quinn. Brooke didn’t say that. Sheila knows she didn’t in words but she did notice the little reaction. Sheila assumes that Quinn is a good wife to Eric. Brooke has to get back to Forrester. Sheila is glad she got the chance to say how sorry she is. Sheila thanks Brooke for letting her speak to her. Brooke walks off. Someone bumps into Sheila and she tells her to watch it in an angry voice.

Katie doesn’t want Eric to get her wrong. She is grateful to come back to Forrester but she assumes that Steffy should be involved in this. She is the CEO. Ridge points out that this is the first that he has heard of this too. Eric believes that Ridge would have no issue with this. Ridge doesn’t and he doesn’t think that Steffy would either but he should ask. Eric feels that Katie is back at Forrester then. Katie thinks that Wyatt is a tough act to follow. She guesses she did though. Eric knows that Quinn is being quiet. He wonders if she is ok. Quinn is fine. Deacon is in jail and there is no longer a threat from him. Ridge believes that is where Sheila should be. Not their family home. Quinn believes that Sheila has a real fondness for Eric and the life she shared with him in the past.

Sheila has a drink at the bar. She starts to think of dancing with Eric and sharing drinks with Eric. Kissing Eric as well. Pam and Charlie sit down at a table near her. Pam thinks that Charlie was way out of line making the remark about Quinn and Ridge. He needs to let it go. Charlie wants to be his badge… Pam doesn’t want to hear him say they are having an affair again. Charlie thinks that Pam cares about Eric. Charlie wants to keep digging. He wants what is best for Eric just like her.

Wyatt knows that Quinn isn’t on his list of people he likes. Bill doesn’t think that Quinn is on his list at all. Wyatt thinks that if he is hoping that something will happen with her and Eric… Bill doesn’t care about that at all but she will probably do something to screw up her marriage. Wyatt doesn’t think she will do that ever.

Katie is going to go check in. Quinn tells Katie that she wants to say thank you. She saved her life. She also hopes that they can turn a page on things and move on. Quinn knows it would be for the best. Especially for Eric. Katie guesses she is right. They don’t have anything to worry about from her. Katie walk out.

In the design office, Brooke tells Eric that this is great news. She feels that PR is a much better fit for Katie. Eric agrees. He wants to know how the meeting with Giovanni went. Brooke explains that he had a plane to catch. He sends all his love. Eric assumes the meeting went well. Brooke thinks it was good until Sheila showed up.

Pam thinks that Charlie is like a dog with a bone. Pam thinks that Charlie is in hot water with her. Charlie thinks that he could believe it with anyone but him. Pam believes that Quinn has been through a lot thanks to Deacon. Charlie feels that is because of how Quinn treated him. Pam thinks that Deacon is a walking disaster. Pam feels that he is obsessed. He needs to drop it. Charlie just wants to do what is best for Eric. Pam tells him to stop all this silly nonsense. Pam asks him to not do more harm than good. Pam leaves. Sheila walks over. She overheard him saying something about Eric. Charlie asks who she is.

Katie is in Bill’s office now. She tells Wyatt that she realizes the reason she is back at Forrester is because she helped save Quinn’s life. This is a great opportunity and she wants to make it work this time. Wyatt still cannot thank her enough for what she did for his mom. Wyatt guesses she is basically taking over his old job there. Katie guesses so. Which is a little daunting. She hasn’t ran Forrester in a while. Wyatt thinks it is all fun and exciting. Katie admits that the digital realm was a little outside her comfort zone. She was hoping to pick his brain a little bit. Wyatt asks if she wants his help.

Brooke was as shocked as Eric probably was when he first saw Sheila. She was oddly pleasant and happy to bump into her. She seemed genuine at least as genuine as Sheila can be. She was concerned about Eric’s wellbeing. She even questioned Quinn as his wife.

Ridge asks if Quinn is ok with Katie returning. Quinn thinks that she seems excited. Ridge didn’t ask her that. Quinn guesses it is important to Eric. Ridge knows she has a job that is better suited for her. He believes she isn’t going to be a problem. Quinn guesses this chapter is behind them. Their secret is safe.

Sheila assumes he is Charlie by the ID he is wearing. She couldn’t help but notice. Charlie thinks she was listening in on a private conversation. Sheila overheard him being concerned about Eric. She is as well. Charlie wants to know how she knows Eric. Sheila is an old friend. Charlie wants to leave. Sheila asks if this has anything to do with Quinn. She can tell that he doesn’t like Quinn so much. She has heard she is a loving and loyal spouse. Sheila has a confession. She is a sucker for a guy in uniform. For years that is all she has seen. Charlie feels that if she is so close to the Forrester’s then who was the blonde that just ran out on him. Sheila thinks she looked familiar. Charlie says that is Stephanie’s only sister. She has lived in LA for a long time now. Sheila has been gone a long time. Sheila knows this seems strange but he seems concerned about Eric. If something is going on with Eric and his marriage, she would like to help. She wants him to tell her.

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