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Zende promises Nicole that she and Lizzy will always share a special connection. No one will ever take that away from her. She needs to understand that Rick and Maya have been raising that little girl and share a special bond with her. Zende knows it has been hard but Lizzy will always be a part of her life. It just won’t be as her daughter.

Maya wants to know why they haven’t heard anything. Rick is sure that Zende will get through to her. Maya wonders why she didn’t just listen to him. Rick might have been headstrong. Rick just feels it ridicules that they have to remind Nicole that Lizzy is their baby. Maya thought that this was all settled. Rick knows it will be. Zende better convince Nicole to sign the papers.

Sally stands in front of a fan and says it feels good. Thomas is glad that it is working for her because it isn’t for him. Sally explains that Darlita found an air conditioning company that will fix their old system. Sally assumes this kind of thing never happened at Forrester. Thomas feels she would be surprised at the kind of things that happened at Forrester. Thomas says that Forrester did have some problems with the elevator back in the day. Sally asks if he had issues with their power bill or rent though. Thomas admits that they didn’t. Neither will Spectra once they get the line up. Thomas meant what he said earlier. There is no place he would rather be than with him.

Someone knocks on the CEO door. Rick assumes it is Zende and Nicole. He tells whoever it to come in. Julius walks in. Rick thought it would be Nicole or Zende. Julius heard there was an issue with the adoption papers. Rick tells him that there is no reason to worry. Nicole will sign the papers

Zende needs Nicole to be strong and understand how she is feeling. Zende knows that she is aware that this isn’t right. Zende suggests she doesn’t sign the papers. He asks what they will do. Will they run away with Lizzy? They will be leaving their jobs and everything else. They won’t be welcome here anymore. She needs to think what this would do to Maya. She needs to remember why she agreed to this in the first place. Zende thinks that hanging on to Lizzy like this is not the right way to change things.

Sally loves the new Spectra logo. Thomas knows that not everyone does. Sally explains that Saul has had some issues. He is just a little concerned about all the changes lately. Thomas asks if he would be as concerned if it were her giving all the changes. Sally guesses he is a little jealous. Thomas can have a little chat with him and he will come around really quick. Sally doesn’t want him to worry about either of them. They need to make changes. They can turn this battleship into a luxury liner.

Julius isn’t shocked that Nicole is upset. He cannot believe that Maya wants to confront Nicole again. Maya explains that Lizzy’s adoption is in limbo. Julius doesn’t think that is Nicole’s fault. The girl just found out she cannot have children. Maya points out that she might not be able to have children. That doesn’t change things though. Rick feels that Nicole is just feeling a little overwhelmed. Rick knows that they will work through this and Nicole will sign. Rick is going to speak with Carter and let him know that there is a temporary hold up. Nicole wants him to make sure that this cannot happen again. Julius finds it odd that this is a clerical error. He cannot imagine that it happens often with the amount of divorces that happen around here. You never hear about their documents having issues. Maya assumes you never hear about it because it is an easy fix. Julius believes that sometimes when you are making a life changing choice, it is good to stop and think about what you are doing. Maya believes that this choice was made a long time ago. Julius guesses it was undone. Julius feels that when things like this come out of the blue, they should think about it.

Zende knows how bad Nicole wants a family. He does too. They will have a family. Nicole knows the doctor said it won’t happen. Zende doesn’t care what the doctors say. It might not happen when she is putting as much pressure as she has on herself. They are young and just got married. If they cannot have children right away that is fine. Nicole didn’t appreciate this enough. Zende knows that she has heard stories of people who said they cannot have children but do. Zende assumes it is because they stopped stressing about it. Zende is sure that she will get pregnant when the time is right. Nicole asks what if that never happens and Lizzy is her only chance.

Thomas wonders if Sally is ok with Coco being over at Forrester. Sally guesses she is happy being over there. Thomas knows she is doing a great job but this is her family business. Sally points out that Forrester was his. Sally believes that Coco has matured and is over doing her own thing. She would love to have her here and redeem herself. Thomas knows that Coco forgave her and he forgave her. She needs to forgive herself. Sally thanks him. The two kiss each other.

Nicole feels that if she signs the papers it is like she is saying no to being a parent. She is saying no to her own baby. She is connected to Lizzy. Even Julius sees it. Zende asks if she has been speaking to Julius about this. Nicole thinks that he is right and it might be the right thing to keep the baby. Zende isn’t sure it was right for her to speak to Julius about this. He is the person she should have talked to about this. Nicole feels that Julius understands. She cannot have a baby. Then she heard Lizzy call her mom. Something inside of her just happened. Zende doesn’t get this. He isn’t Lizzy’s father. He wanted to have her first child. Lizzy is Rick’s bio child. She will be a mother but not to Lizzy. He knows this is hard for her but she has to sign the papers. Nicole needs some time. She needs to think. He said he would be there for her. Nicole needs him to try and understand. The two hug each other.

Julius believes that Nicole has enough to deal with. She just learned she is not going to be able to have a child again. He thinks that this isn’t fair. A couple launched into disappear and she is making it worse. Maya knows how bad the timing is. Julius doesn’t think she understands what she is doing to her. If she did then she would stop doing it. She needs to realize how devastating this is. He wonders how selfish she can be. Julius asks how she could live with herself if she knew she took away the only child her sister could ever have.

Thomas knows she keeps thanking him. Sally will do so in as many ways as she knows how. Thomas loves all of them. He suggests that he should be thanking her. Sally didn’t bail out his company. Thomas thinks she inspired him to challenge himself. He wasn’t happy for ages at Forrest. When he came here and felt the energy. Thomas knows her first review didn’t go the way she wanted but the excitement made him remember why he loves this business. He feels she is so fearless and sexy. She is the reason he is here. She saved him. He thanks her. Sally smiles.

Nicole sits alone in the dark.

Maya knows that Julius is worried about Nicole and she is as well. Maya knows that one day Nicole will have a baby. Lizzy is her baby. Julius feels that Nicole only agreed to have Lizzy was because she felt indebted. Maya thinks that this was Nicole’s choice. Julius feels she has a chance to do the right thing, the moral thing. Julius feels she had a great chance with Lizzy, but Nicole gave that to her. She can give that back to her. Maya believes that Lizzy is her child. Julius feels that Lizzy is her child. Zende walks in. He tells Julius that he needs to stop. Maya is Lizzy’s mother. Julius doesn’t think that this is his place. Zende thinks he is wrong. They both know that Maya being with Lizzy is what is best. Zende doesn’t understand him. Zende knows that Maya and Rick have been raising Lizzy. Zende is not Lizzy’s father. They will have a family but not like this. Julius guesses that boundaries are only set up for him. He is Nicole’s father and Maya’s. He comes in here all high and mighty. Julius will never stop protecting Nicole. He feels that if Maya was meant to be a mother then she would have been given what is necessary to make it possible. Zende believes children need love and compassion. Maya has been giving Lizzy that since the day she was born. Zende believes that Lizzy is their child. Zende knows Nicole agreed to it. He knows Julius is a man of his word. He needs to stay out of his marriage and stay away from Maya. Julius walks out. Maya thanks Zende. The two hug each other.

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