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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/21/17


Written By Anthony

Rick begs Nicole to sign the papers. He is Lizzy’s father. Maya is her mother. She already knows that so she needs to do the right thing. They gave her every chance to back out but she didn’t. that was a binding contract just like this one. She needs to sign the papers. Zende walks in and asks what he is doing. Rick needs her to listen. If she isn’t going to do this for him then she needs to do it for her sister and for Lizzy. Zende tells Rick to back up. He is to never raise his voice to his wife again.

Thomas is working in Sally’s office. Thomas takes his shirt off. Sally asks if he is really doing this. It is already so hot in here and now he is making it hotter. Thomas suggests they go and work from him place. Sally thinks that the captain doesn’t leave the ship. If her crew is going to work through the heat than neither is she. Thomas wants to know how Darlita hasn’t found anyone to fix the heat. It is blazing in here. Sally guesses it is an antique. Thomas wishes he knew that. He would have gotten it updated along with all the other things that need to be updated around here. Sally knows he is good at updating things. He should go take a look at it. Thomas is good with a pencil not a wrench. Sally doesn’t think that there is anything he cannot do. Thanks to Thomas they are in a better place. They have a new logo and he has a new tan. Thomas admits he was outside for a long time. Thomas doesn’t think that any of this matters if they cannot get people to take Spectra seriously. He promises that they will make things happen.

RJ walks over to Coco and asks if she likes the jewelry piece he has. Coco loves it. She loves everything about Forrester. She is incredibly grateful to be a part of this team. RJ asks if she wouldn’t rather work at Spectra with Thomas and Sally. Sally wouldn’t mind working there. Thomas is really changing a lot. It is exciting. She is happy where she is. It hits her how close she was to losing all of this. RJ is glad she didn’t. Coco thinks it would have been hard for her to get over.

Sally takes off another layer of clothing. He thinks she is making it hot in here. Thomas believes they both thrive under pressure. He wants the world to know that about them. Spectra is all about new. Sally is going to use that in the next interview. Thomas is glad. Sally wonders if he has heard from the New York paper. Sally finds it weird. Thomas didn’t realize that it would take this long to rep Spectra. No one is returning his calls. Sally welcomes him to her world.

Coco looks at clothes. She thinks that Sally knows she is getting a lot out of Forrester. RJ asks if she minds competing with her sister. Coco thinks it might be kind of fun. RJ is shocked that she has never competed with her sister. Coco points out that growing up they had to stick together. Now that they are branching out things are different. Coco goes over to a mirror. RJ wonders if she is ok. Coco is thinking about Nicole. She has been concerned about her. RJ assumed she was getting better. Coco thinks that things are getting worse.

Nicole promises Zende that it is ok. Zende doesn’t think it is ok. He knows that Rick was yelling at her and wants to know what the hell is wrong. Rick is sorry but he is angry. He doesn’t know why Nicole is threatening his family. Nicole isn’t. Rick thinks she is. Rick tells Zende that Nicole will not sign the papers.

Sally turns on a fan. Thomas knew he would have to do some fast talking but he didn’t think it be so hard to get people to believe him about Spectra. Sally is glad that they are at least taking his calls. Sally knows for her things usually go straight to voice mail. Thomas thinks that is going to change. Once they get the whole line out there, Darlita will have many phone calls. Thomas owes her an apology. He didn’t realize how hard it was for Sally to fight and struggle. She has to fight twice as hard to get people to believe her. Thomas is grateful. She has shown him how much she has had to fight for. Sally knows that he gave up everything to work in this giant sauna with her.

In the CEO office, Maya closes the door. She can tell something is wrong. Nicole is refusing to sign the papers. Rick promises that she will. Zende is with her right now. She has to listen to him. Lizzy is their child and Zende knows that. Maya thought Nicole knew that too.

Zende wants to know what is going on. Nicole needs more time. She doesn’t know why this is so hard. Zende realizes it has been tough for them lately. Things are not what they were expecting. They thought they would get pregnant right away. Nicole knows that Zende has been supportive. This is just her and her feelings she cannot explain. Zende knows that Lizzy means a lot to her but Lizzy means the world to Rick and Maya. They are Lizzy’s parents.

Thomas wonders if Sally has always had to fight this hard. Sally has gotten pretty good at it. You just have to know when to draw the line. Thomas assumes that is why she didn’t come to him. Sally doesn’t want him to worry about her. Thomas thinks that Sally is beautiful and feisty. Sally thinks that comes with being a Spectra. Sally knows she doesn’t have to do this alone. She has a brave and smoking out partner. Thomas needs his family to have faith in his choices. Sally believes that under his leadership, Spectra has a new light. Sally knows that cleansing their name will not be easy. Thanks to Thomas, her dream of being a fashion power house can come true.

Rick believes that Zende knows what is going on. He will get Nicole to sign the papers. He doesn’t believe anyone wants their family torn apart. He hugs Maya.

Zende knows she is dealing with a lot. She is still processing what the doctor told her. He understands she is overwhelmed. She is dealing with fear and doubt. She got to spend more time with Lizzy. It is natural that the bond would grow stronger. Nicole thought that for nine months she was a part of her. Zende knows. She cannot take Lizzy away from them though. He hands her the adoption papers.

Sally never imagined this. Thomas assumes she means him being half naked. Sally imagines that a lot. She means him for forgiving her the way he did and rescuing her. Now they are working together. Thomas knows that Spectra and Forrester have worked together in the past. Sally knows but what she did should have made that impossible. Thomas thinks that ignoring his feelings for her makes it impossible. Thomas kisses her.

Coco asks if RJ thinks she is overreacting for talking to Zende about all of this. RJ doesn’t. He is Nicole’s husband. If she is struggling then the family needs to be there for her. Coco feels that Nicole and Zende deserve to be happy. She wishes there was something she could do to help. RJ knows.

Maya feels sick inside. She wonders what happens if Nicole doesn’t sign even after Zende tells her to. Rick knows he will get Nicole to sign. Rick thinks that Nicole is emotional for a good reason. To bring Lizzy into this is wrong though. Maya knows she is confused but she will not be able to rest easy until she signs the papers.

Nicole knows that Rick and Maya want her to do this. Zende believes it is the right thing to do. Nicole doesn’t mean to scare them. She just feels a pull with Lizzy. She called her mama. She cannot get that out of her head. Zende would never know how to understand that. He knows she is afraid. Nicole asks what happens if she has given up the only child she could ever have. Zende knows she is worried, but so are Rick and Maya. They have been raising Lizzy. This stress isn’t good for her. He isn’t going anywhere. He wants them to have their own family when the time is right. She needs to sign the papers. He kisses her hand. He puts a pen down for her.

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