B&B Tuesday Update 6/20/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/20/17


Written by Anthony

Zende asks if Rick really thinks it is nothing major with Lizzy’s adoption papers. Rick tells him that they just need to get signatures again. Nothing is changing.

Maya wants to know what Nicole means by she won’t sign the adoption papers. Nicole cannot. Maya thinks she can. Maya thinks it is a done deal. They decided this a long time ago. Nicole doesn’t know what to do. Maya doesn’t understand the hesitation. She just needs to sign the papers. She doesn’t understand what is going on. Maya doesn’t mean to snap but she doesn’t know why she needs to sign. Lizzy is her daughter. She needs to sign the papers.

Julius finds Carter outside in the hallway. He asks if he has seen Nicole. Carter only just got here. Carter suggests that she could be with Maya signing some papers. Julius asks what legal papers the two girls are signing. Carter tells him that it is just adoption papers that need to be updated. Julius wonders if this is something he needs to be concerned about. Carter doesn’t think so. Sometimes the papers don’t get signed properly and they just need to make corrections. Everything will be fine once Nicole signs the papers.

Rick doesn’t think they will ever be able to tell Nicole how much they appreciate Nicole for giving them a baby. He knows that he is having difficulties trying to have a baby of his own but he knows it will happen.

Maya doesn’t know what is going on. She knows it isn’t like Nicole though. Maya needs to know why there is suddenly trouble for her to sign the adoption papers. Nicole thought the adoption was finalized and legally binding. Nicole thought it was over. She thought it was done. Maya doesn’t think she is making sense. Maya wants her to be straight. She wonders what is going on. Nicole spent all that time with Lizzy and she is the best little girl. She loves her so much. Maya knows. Nicole loves the way she looks at her and the way she feels. The way she is in her arms. Maya wants to know what she is saying. Maya wants to back up a little bit. She feels for Nicole. She honestly believes that things will work out and she will be pregnant. Maya is Lizzy’s mother and has been since conception. Nicole understands but she is feeling so many things. She doesn’t know what to trust anymore. Nicole is trying to be a good person and do the right thing. She cannot sign the papers right now. Maya is going to leave the papers with her so she has them when she is ready. She doesn’t want her to take too long. They need to get this settled.

Zende finds Coco backstage. Coco was going to go looking for her. Zende asks why. Coco just had an interesting conversation with Nicole earlier. She heard what happened. Coco hopes that things work out. Zende wonders why she was looking for him. Coco says it was about Nicole and that conversation. She isn’t sure she should say anything. She is only telling him this because she is concerned about her. Coco is worried about Nicole’s relationship with Rick and Maya’s daughter.

Maya walks into the CEO office and finds Rick. Rick kisses her. He asks what is the matter. Maya was just with Nicole. Rick wonders where the adoption papers are. He asks what happened.

Julius walks into the Design office where Nicole is. He wanted to take his little girl to lunch. Nicole isn’t hungry. He assumes she has been with Maya. He heard that there was some glitch with Lizzy’s paperwork. Julius guesses that until she signs the papers the adoption isn’t legal. Nicole claims it is just a technicality.

Coco feels that this possible infertility issue is messing with Nicole. She thinks that she is starting to spiral from it. One minute, she is saying that Rick and Maya are Lizzy’s parents. The next she is saying that giving up Lizzy is a mistake. She is worried about her. Zende knows that Nicole has always been in touch with her feelings. Now she has to go through this whole adoption thing all over again. Coco asks what he means. Zende says that there were some mistakes on the adoption papers. Coco thinks that is just what Nicole needs. Zende feels that they will be fine. Nicole has always been strong. This is why he fell in love with her. Zende will be there for her every step of the way.

Maya had no choice but to leave the adoption papers with Nicole. Rick doesn’t understand. He asks what happened. Maya thinks that Nicole needs time. Maya guesses that the time Nicole had with Lizzy has changed things. Nicole couldn’t sign the papers.

Julius doesn’t want Nicole to pretend to be strong and put up a front. He can see she is struggling. He wants to help wherever he can. Nicole feels it is like she has been hit all at once. Everything was fine. She was happy and rounded. She was Lizzy’s aunt. Then the doctors said that she was damaged inside. That she might never be able to have another child. Nicole wants a chance to be a real mother. She asks what happens if Lizzy is her only chance to be a mother. She wants to keep Lizzy with her. Nicole doesn’t think her feelings make any sense. Julius thinks that she is concerned because Lizzy is her daughter. Julius doesn’t think that Maya is Lizzy’s daughter. Nicole is. The adoption isn’t legal. Julius recognizes the bond. He has seen the bond. Lizzy knows she is her mother.

Rick cannot believe that Nicole will not sign. Maya assumes she needs time. Her sister is going through a very challenging time. She is processing things. She feels terrible for her. Rick thinks that Lizzy is their daughter. Maya knows but she doesn’t want to push Nicole. Rick thinks that this is Lizzy they are talking about. This is their legal right to their child. Rick is going to get the papers signed.

Julius feels that Nicole is a natural mother. Nicole doesn’t need to hear this right now. Julius feels that this is exactly why it is happening right now. All of a sudden Lizzy’s adoption isn’t official. She is Lizzy’s mother. It doesn’t change anything. He doesn’t want her to sign the papers.

Coco thinks that Zende can count on her. Nicole needs all the love and support she can get. Zende is glad to know what Nicole is thinking. He enjoys having Coco as Nicole’s friend. He doesn’t think Nicole needs to be pressured.

Rick walks into the Design office and demands Nicole the sign the papers. He asks if she has any idea what she has done to her sister. Rick knows she is giving Nicole the benefit of the doubt. He knows his wife. He asks what kind of game she is playing. Rick has been Lizzy’s constant along with Maya. Day after day. Month after month. They are Lizzy’s world. He asks if she has even thought about her once. Nicole has only been thinking of her. He doesn’t know what it is like to care for her. She does. She gave her away. She found out she might never be able to have another child. Rick understands she is scared about her future but she could still have a child. Miracles happen. Rick will be there for her but no matter what she is struggling with right now, she is not Lizzy’s mother. He is her father and Maya is her mother. That has been the case since the beginning. She needs to do the right thing and sign the papers. Rick will not have his daughter taken away. It is never going to happen.

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