B&B Monday Update 6/19/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/19/17


Written by Anthony

Ridge walks into the Forrester Mansion. He finds Quinn looking out on the patio. Ridge informs her that it is safe for her to go out there. Quinn thinks it will take her a while to do so. Ridge reminds her that Deacon is in jail. He admitted to shooting at her. Quinn knows he would have shot her if it hadn’t been for her. She is sorry for what she said after everything. She does love him though. Seeing Brooke and Bill together, seeing all he has lost because of her. Ridge believes that her being safe is all that matters.

Nicole is looking through designs in the Design Office. She starts to think of holding Lizzy in the delivery room and playing with her around the office. Zende walks in and says hi. He wonders if she is alright. Nicole claims she is fine.

In the CEO office, Rick tells Maya that she has to admire Zende. He isn’t giving up on his wife. Rick wonders if she is listening to him. He assumes that she isn’t and asks how she can when she has Lizzy in her arms. Maya heard every word he said. He was talking about Zende and Nicole. Maya wants to know how his conversation with Zende ended. Rick was interrupted by Carter. He needed to see him. Apparently, they have an issue with their adoption papers. Maya wonders what kind of issue. Rick explains it is just some clerical error. They have to sign the papers. The corrections have been made. They just need Nicole’s signature as well.

Zende can see what is going on here. She is worried about not being able to have a family with him. He knows they will have them though. Zende knows the doctors were not definite. They have only been trying for few months. He knows things will happen for them. Nicole hugs Zende. Nicole believes that Lizzy is so beautiful that she doesn’t know how they could leave for Paris like that. It is unbelievable. Coco walks in and asks if Nicole has a few minutes. Zende should get back to his designs. Zende promises that everything will be fine. He promises. Zende leaves. Coco wonders if everything is ok and asks Nicole what is wrong. Nicole admits she might not be able to have more children.

Ridge knows that Quinn will move past all of this. Especially this. Eric walks in. Quinn wonders where he went. Eric had something they needed to handle. He tells them that they have a visitor. Quinn asks who it is. Eric has Sheila come in. Sheila smiles at the two of them.

Maya thinks that after what Nicole gave them, she has to be able to have another child. This was her first child and it cannot be her last. Rick believes that Nicole still needs to sign the papers. Maya will take them to her. Rick wonders if she needs help with that. Maya needs to have a private moment with her sister.

Nicole explains that this could be a result from Lizzy’s birth. Nicole is scared. Coco knows. She doesn’t think that anything is definite. She has so many people who love and support her. Nicole can feel herself changing and becoming judgmental. She still cannot believe that Rick and Maya took off for Paris and left Lizzy. She wasn’t going to let a stranger take care of her. She thinks she spent too much time with Lizzy. Nicole started to see things differently. She gave Maya that baby. She feels like she made a very big mistake. Nicole claims that Maya and Rick are good parents but she loves Lizzy too. Coco assumes she does. Nicole doesn’t think she gets it.

Sheila tells Ridge it is good to see him. She thinks he looks different. Sheila thinks it is nice to properly meet Quinn. Ridge wants to know why Sheila is here. Eric claims that Sheila has had a very trying time with all this too. Ridge once again asks why she is here in their home after all that happened. Eric feels that she was a victim just as much as Quinn was. Ridge would like to know why Sheila was here after all she has done to their family. Eric feels that is why they were quick to rush to judgment. He is well aware of what Sheila did to their family. Sheila doesn’t blame them for anything. She doesn’t expect them to believe she has changed. Especially, what she did to their family. Sheila is deeply sorry. Ridge thinks it is sweet she said sorry, but she can get out. Eric wants to hear her out. Sheila thanks him for bringing her into his home, but she understands why Ridge would be concerned. Eric is trying to be decent. He offers Sheila a glass of ice tea. Eric will go and get her one. Sheila notices Quinn’s portrait. She thinks it is a stunning portrait of the new Forrester matriarch. Eric hands Sheila a glass. Sheila thanks Eric. She thinks it is such a beautiful home. She remembers it well. Ridge is sure she does. Sheila assumes that Quinn was horrified over what happened. Eric is glad that Ridge was there to save her. Eric doesn’t know what he would have done without her. Sheila thinks that she is very lucky. The woman she is becoming right now is largely because of Eric. Only she could have screwed that up. He is lucky to have someone so loyal. Sheila heard that Brooke married Bill Spencer. She would have assumed that he and Brooke would have ended up together. Ridge doesn’t need her to worry about him. Sheila isn’t worried. She knows he can take care of himself. Just like how he took care of Quinn. She thanks Eric for the tea. Sheila thinks that all’s well that ends well. Sheila will be leaving town. If Eric thinks he needs to get in touch with her then he can reach her on her card. Ridge suggests she keep the card. Sheila asks if she can freshen up before she leaves. She goes to the restroom. Eric tells Ridge he knows what she is capable of. He wants to keep her close.

Zende wonders what Rick thinks of his designs. Rick is no designer but he sees some real growth here. He wants him to leave them for Steffy and Ridge to see. Zende asks if Maya is here. Rick confirms she is with Nicole. They needed to get a few signatures from her. The adoption papers needed to be filed. Zende thought that those were filed already. Rick did as well, but apparently they weren’t. This is nothing major. Carter brought over the changes and they just need her to sign.

Coco feels that Rick and Maya are excellent parents. Them going on a business trip doesn’t change that. Nicole knows but she cannot help but think. She hears Lizzy call her mama. She cannot begin to describe what that does for her. Coco thinks she sounds like someone with a lot going on. Nicole hasn’t talked to anyone but her. Coco promises she won’t tell anyone this. Nicole wishes that there was a resolution to this. Maya walks in. Maya needs a couple of minutes with Nicole. Nicole wonders what is going on. Maya explains that Carter dropped off a few papers for Rick and they need to do a few signatures. Nicole asks what is about. Maya tells her it is the adoption papers. Nicole thought that was finalized a long time ago.

Eric had Sheila put in jail for a crime she didn’t commit. Ridge feels that is still up for determination. Eric thinks she is trying to redeem herself. Ridge thinks she just wants to get back with the family. She manipulates people. Eric knows. Sheila wanted to thank them again. Eric will show her out. Quinn wonders if that is really needed. Ridge feels that Eric is playing with fire.

Outside, Eric says he is sorry for Ridge. Sheila cannot really blame him. She thanks him for sticking up for her. She has changed and asks if Eric can see it. Eric would like to believe that anyone can change if they really want to. Sheila is really happy that she found someone like Quinn. Sheila thinks that if Quinn hurts him she will bust him one. Sheila thinks he deserves a perfect wife. Sheila can see herself to the car. Eric wants her to take care of herself. Eric walks back inside. Sheila looks at the mansion with a mischievous smile.

Zende wonders what kind of mistakes are on the document. Eric says it is just a few typos. Nothing relevant. They will get Nicole to sign and be done with it.

Nicole doesn’t understand. They signed theses adoption papers ages ago. Maya knows but there were issues. Maya thinks that once she signs it will be legal. Nicole wonders if Lizzy is not hers. Maya thinks that she is. It just isn’t legal until Nicole signs again. The terms are all the same. She just has to sign by the yellow. Nicole asks if that means she is her mother. Maya is Lizzy’s mother. She asks her to sign the papers. Nicole puts the papers down and steps away from them. She starts to think about Lizzy. Nicole cannot do it. She cannot sign the papers. Maya asks what she means. Maya tells her that she is Lizzy’s mother and Rick is her father. She needs to sign those papers right now.

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