B&B Wednesday Update 6/14/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/14/17


Written By Anthony

In Bill’s office, he reads off a donation to the University Hospital. He wants to know who did this. Wyatt and Liam are present. Bill can tell that it has the distinct smell of a merit badge. He looks at Liam. Liam sighs. Bill wonders if he started his save the world project with his money while he was gone. Liam tells Bill that Mary from payroll needed emergency surgery. Liam asks if he knows Mary. She has worked here for years. Wyatt can tell he isn’t paying attention. Bill has gotten a text from Katie. They may have found the shooter. Wyatt asks if Quinn is ok. Bill says that the shooter is Sheila Carter. Liam is shocked to hear this. Wyatt asks why he knows that name. Bill says that he is one of Eric Forrester’s crazy ex-wives. The only one who is possibly crazier than Quinn.

In the Forrester Mansion Foyer, Quinn is on the phone. She thanks Eric for calling and wants him to be careful. Quinn turns to Ridge who is in the living room. She tells him that she is fine now and he can go. Ridge knows that Eric doesn’t want him to be alone. Quinn understands, but Eric says that they have Sheila in custody. Ridge doesn’t think that she knows Sheila. This is a pattern. Quinn asks if he means of shooting people. Ridge confirms it is.

Sheila is brought down to the police station by a female officer. She is taken to Baker’s desk, where Eric and Katie are sitting down. Sheila wants to know why they are doing this and asks if she is under arrest. Baker asks if she would like to be. Baker thinks that at the very least they have her on breaking and entering at the very least. Sheila feels she didn’t break anything. Katie tells Baker that apparently, she left the back-gate open. Sheila tells Eric that he knows her more than anyone. He must know that she wouldn’t hurt his new wife. Eric looks at her in astonishment.

Liam explains to Wyatt, that he should hear some of the stories that Steffy has told him about Sheila. Bill knows that Sheila terrorized Eric and any other woman who came between her and Eric. Wyatt isn’t liking the sound of that. Liam is shocked to hear that she is back. Liam assumes that Quinn was in Sheila’s way. Bill guesses that it is a good thing that they caught Sheila. So, Quinn’s dumb luck strikes again.

Quinn suggests it might be time for her to have a drink. Ridge admits he has been told one too many times that liquor doesn’t calm your nerves. It just makes you think it does. Quinn admits that alcohol makes her get in trouble anyways. Ridge asks if she wants to go upstairs and rest. He will stay here. Quinn is to wound up. Her show she took earlier didn’t even help her calm down. Ridge wants to ask her something. If he was a fortune teller, he asks what he could tell her to make her feel better. Quinn doesn’t put a lot of stock in fortune tellers. Ridge understands, but he wants to know what he could tell her to make her believe. Quinn doesn’t put a lot of faith in the future, because it has never been good for her. Quinn suggests he was a fortune cookie and she read him, and he said the one you love will always love you. That would make her happier than anything else.

Baker asks Sheila how long she has been back in LA. Katie thinks that this is so wrong. Baker wants to know where she lives and what he current address is. Sheila tells Katie she is so sorry she was frightened by her. When she wasn’t there… Baker asks what Sheila wanted at Katie’s house if it wasn’t to use Quinn Forrester as a target practice. Sheila notes that she doesn’t even have a gun. She asks if Katie or Eric saw her with a gun. Eric knows she was there. Sheila was there to see Katie. She has always been so friendly. She was hoping that Katie could help her approach Eric, and the other people she has hurt. Sheila thinks that this is such a mistake. Katie guesses for what it is worth, that is the story she told her. Sheila thanks her. Katie cannot say whether it is true or not. Eric believes that people can change. He has always been a firm believer in that. He however, thinks that Sheila may be the exception of that.

Liam knows that Sheila has attempted murder multiple time. Bill brings up that she shot Brooke. Wyatt wants to know why he is only hearing about this now. Liam thinks that he is just hearing about the egregious crimes. Then there is assault, blackmail, and bigamy. Wyatt is so glad that now she is shooting at Quinn. Liam cannot believe he is saying this, but Sheila makes Quinn look like a paragon of mental health. Wyatt doesn’t think that is funny. Bill wants Wyatt to relax. She is under arrest. Wyatt wants to know if they are for sure about that. Bill guesses not yet. The good news is, that if anyone is a match for her, then Quinn… Wyatt doesn’t even want him to finish that sentence. This isn’t the “Hunger Games.” Quinn is the victim here. Bill will get in touch with Justin. He will get together the useful suspects and get some answers. Wyatt thanks him.

Quinn wants to know why Eric hasn’t called her with an update. Ridge guesses that it is because he knows she is being looked after. Quinn wonders when Eric will realize that she isn’t worth all his trouble. Ridge asks what she is talking about. A couple bullets in the house aren’t going to be the end of them. It wouldn’t be the first time. Quinn is serious. She feels that everything goes wrong around her. Ridge wonders if she knows what Stephanie did once. She faked a heart attack. Quinn would like to know how you do that. Ridge tells her that you bribe a doctor. Quinn asks if Saint Stephanie really did that. Ridge doesn’t think that Eric is going to be interested in a woman unless a little trouble comes along with her. Quinn would say that Ridge is just a chip off the old block. Ridge would say that is true. Quinn suggests that trouble is the wrong word. She thinks women want to stand out but are misled from a young age that they cannot be the star of their own movie. They are supposed to be the sidekick. That is why a woman like Steffy stands out. Steffy has always been the star of her own movie. She can tell. Ridge asks about Quinn. Quinn believes that she tries to stand out but then she gets scared when someone tries to kill her. Ridge assumes that happens a lot. Quinn used to think that her mother would try to kill her. It is true. She used to be asleep in her bedroom and would hear the door open. She would see her standing there with the hallway light behind her. She would think that she was a goner. Ridge suggests she was checking on her. Quinn thinks that she was thinking she would just give that little brat just one more day.

Baker tries to make it clear that Katie wasn’t assaulted. Katie wasn’t. Baker needs to know in what way Sheila came off as threatening. Katie thinks that her presence and her voice. She didn’t come here to abuse her. She doesn’t know what would have happened though had she not picked up the firewood pit. She asks if she can go. Katie believes she has spent way too much time here and doesn’t want to spend any more time than she already has. Baker will be in touch. Eric thanks Katie. Katie isn’t so sure how much good it did. Eric reminds her that Quinn is safe. Katie doesn’t think that there is a whole lot she wouldn’t do for him. Katie leaves. Baker can tell that Sheila is awfully quiet. She guesses that if Eric doesn’t believe her then no one will. Eric hopes that Baker will make sure that Sheila gets a lawyer. Sheila doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Sheila really doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her, but Eric.

Bill and Liam are discussing business. Wyatt decides that he will discuss this later. Bill stops him as he moves towards the door. Bill doesn’t want him to put himself towards harm’s way until they know what is going on. Wyatt thought they said it was Sheila Carter. Bill notes that is what they said but they also said it was Katie. So, they will suspect anyone. Bill asks where they were in their conversation. Liam was discussing finding an alternate site. Bill doesn’t want to find one. Liam guesses he will be waiting a long time then. Spectra isn’t going out of business anytime soon. He heard this today at lunch from the horse’s mouth. Bill wants to know what horse that was. Liam explains it was Sally Spectra. Thomas was there too. Bill believes that is the horse’s ass. Liam isn’t so sure. Thomas has large pockets. Bill cannot believe that Ridge didn’t have the sense to cut off his allowance.

Katie gets a text saying Will is over at Brooke’s house. She is to call when it is safe. Katie is glad to read this. She looks over at the telescope.

Ridge asks Quinn if she is ok. Quinn is sick of being scared. She did things out of fear and Eric took that away from her. She doesn’t want to talk about herself anymore. She wants to hear about Ridge. Ridge doesn’t have anything to tell. His son is more like him than he is happy about. Ridge admits that Steffy is running the company better than he ever could and Brooke came back from her honeymoon and told him how happy she was so it was just another day. Quinn asks how that went. Ridge believes a little weird. They were civil. They talked over the corpse that used to be their relationship. Quinn realizes she is partly to blame for what is going on between the two of them. Ridge notes that Brooke was civil toward Quinn as well and wanted to make sure she was ok. Quinn is shocked. Quinn could probably make a list of people who she thought would want to take her out. She cannot even believe a woman she has never even met before came so close to succeeding. Ridge wants her to know for what it is worth, he is glad she isn’t dead. Quinn thinks that is the nicest thing that he has ever said to her.

Sheila wants to know what they would like to know from her. She is willing to tell them anything. Eric is all too aware of that. Baker gets a phone call and he answers it. He tells them that he will be right back. He doesn’t want them to go anywhere. Sheila tells Eric that she has done nothing to lie. She did nothing wrong. Eric feels that is what she has always said. He remembers when she held him at gun point, when she poisoned Stephanie, she tried to drown her, she threatened to harm Thomas. Sheila was a different person then. She is in a program. It is about making amends and facing the people she has hurt the most and asking for forgiveness. She realizes she may not get it. She started with Katie because she has always been so friendly. She didn’t know that someone with a gun would show up at the same time. She didn’t do it. She points out that he has always been able to see right through her. She assumes he can see that she is telling the truth.

Bill is on the phone with Justin. He thanks him. He hangs up. Bill tells Wyatt that Will is safe with the nanny and Sheila is being booked. Wyatt should call Quinn and let her know. Bill imagines that Quinn already does. Liam doubts that Eric is leaving her side. Wyatt guesses he should leave them alone tonight. Bill suggests that is a good idea. He is sure that they have had people there all day. Eric is probably dealing with enough right now. The bright side is that Quinn is finally going to look like the smart choice in terms of Eric’s relationships.

Sheila suggests that she take a lie detector test. Baker can see that she is an old pro at those. Sheila doesn’t think that there is any evidence than she did this other than her being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Baker suggests that there is her history of violence with Eric and the Forrester’s. Sheila doesn’t deny anything in her files but she asks if Eric remembers when she first came to Forrester and how they fell in love. She asks if he remembers their wedding and how happy they were as newlyweds. When they went to Catalina and fell in love all over again. Eric remembers every detail with her. Every single one. Sheila begs him to look at her. He must be able to tell that the demons are gone. Eric thinks that if he recalls correctly, there is a restraining order against Sheila to keep her away from his family. He doesn’t remember if it was temporary or permanent. Baker thinks it is easy enough to look up. Eric feels that if she did violate it, then he wants her in prison. Sheila begs him not to do that. She didn’t try to shoot Quinn.

Ridge promises Quinn that Sheila isn’t being released. Quinn asks if she has been charged. Ridge isn’t sure of that but the police will keep her where she is. Quinn guesses it is over. Ridge wants to know why she doesn’t look relieved. Quinn is aware of another danger and she thinks he should go. Ridge knows that Eric won’t like that. Quinn needs him to leave. Ridge will go and get some sketches and then he will be back after in the guest house. Quinn has never really had a friend before. She smiles as Ridge leaves. Quinn walks out to the patio.

Katie looks out on her telescope and sees Quinn.

Quinn looks out, someone with a gun starts to aim at Quinn again. A shot is fired.

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