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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/13/17


Written by Anthony

Katie is warning Sheila not to come near her. Sheila thinks that they are just talking. She asks if she will put the fire pick down. Katie demands that she get out of her house. Sheila is sorry but she isn’t going anywhere.

Eric asks if it is pointless to ask how Quinn is doing. Quinn is still a little shaky. Eric promises to be steady for her. Quinn knows and he always is. Quinn thought she was on her best behavior. The only person she can think of that she upset was Katie and the gunshot test proved it wasn’t her. So, she doesn’t know. Quinn asks who wants her dead.

In Bill’s office, he and Brooke are kissing. Bill suggests that they turn this all around and do it again for like six months. Brooke knows it was an amazing honeymoon, but the dollar Bill Spencer she knows wouldn’t be away from work for six months. Bill thinks he would. Bill loves having her by his side. Liam and Wyatt walk in. Liam reminds them that the honeymoon ended. Brooke guesses he is right. They need to get back to real life. Brooke will be at Forrester. She will see him at home. She leaves. Bill thinks that is a woman. Wyatt knows she is his wife and it took him long enough. Bill has been making up for it. Liam doesn’t think they need to hear about that. Wyatt is happy for him. Bill asks what he missed. Wyatt says that someone tried to shoot Quinn.

In the CEO office, Ridge tells Pam that is all they know about the shooting. Pam feels that is scary. Ridge knows that Quinn is pretty shaken. Pam asks who would want to kill Quinn, since she has been with Eric. She is different. She knows that not so long ago, Ridge hated Quinn but they have come along way.

Bill is shocked that someone tried to kill Quinn. Wyatt guesses that or tried to scare her and they did a good job. She was alone at the house and all of a sudden, a bullet flies by her head. Bill guesses he should ask how she is doing. Bill loves Wyatt but he isn’t a big fan of Quinn. Liam agrees but he doesn’t want her dead still. Bill wonders about the shooter. Wyatt says that she pointed a finger towards Katie.

Pam would be terrified if she were Quinn. She asks what happens if the shooter comes back and has a more successful attempt. Pam suggests they put Charlie on her at all times. Ridge feels they should try to find someone who doesn’t leave his gun. Brooke walks in. Ridge sees that she is home. Brooke says that they are. Pam goes back to her desk. Ridge missed Brooke brightening up the place. He can tell she looks happy. Brooke is and she is committed to her husband. Ridge knows it would have been him had he not screwed up.

Quinn thought it made sense that Katie would take the next step and fire it. That is when Quinn met Katie’s friend Sheila. Eric tells her that Katie has been cleared by the police. Things came back negative. It is alarming that she fired a gun on her. Quinn feels it obvious that Katie hates her. Eric doesn’t think that pulling a gun on someone is unacceptable but Katie is no killer. He has dealt with a woman like that before.

Sheila isn’t going anywhere until she listens to her. Katie doesn’t have to listen to anything. She demands to know what she is doing in her house. Katie thinks that it was Sheila who tried to kill Quinn. It is because she is Eric’s wife.

Bill knows Katie. He was married too her twice. Yes, she will get mad as hell and throw things. No one ever got shot including him. Liam thinks that Quinn can push people until they snap. Bill thinks that if Katie has been cleared then the case is closed. He wants to know who shot at Quinn. Bill wants him to pick a number. It could be anyone. Wyatt asks if anyone cares that Quinn could end up dead. Liam thinks that Quinn will be fine. Bill wants to know where Will was the entire time. Wyatt explains he was out with the nanny. Bill is glad. Bill cannot wait to tell Brooke about Quinn.

Brooke tells Ridge that they have no reason to ever talk about Quinn. Unless, it is about business. She thinks that what happened, happened. They both said they are sorry. Ridge knows she doesn’t want to talk about Quinn, but she should know something happened. Someone took a shot at her. Brooke asks if she is ok. Ridge tells her that they missed on the patio. Brooke is shocked it was at the mansion. She asks if they have any idea who it is. Ridge says that the police are talking to Katie.

Sheila knows they got off on the wrong foot. Katie reminds her that she broke into her house. Sheila notes that the window was open. Katie doesn’t think that means to make herself at home. Sheila wanted to wait for her. Sheila promises that she doesn’t need to worry. She knows nothing about a shooting. Katie texts Sheila’s name. Sheila explains that she has done her time. She is a different person now. Katie wonders why she is here. Sheila needs to her help. She needs her to speak to Eric and the Forrester’s and how friendly she has been. That there has been no trace of the old Sheila. Katie sends the text. Sheila feels that the Forrester’s were a big part of her life. She needs her help.

Eric gets the text message. He is in shock. Quinn asks what it is. Eric explains that the woman she saw at Katie’s. Quinn assumes he means her friend. Eric tells her she isn’t a friend. She is his ex-wife. Quinn asks if that is Sheila Carter. Eric confirms that she is dangerous. She killed people and has been in and out of jail. He heard rumors of identity change. If she is out of jail then they might have their shooter. Eric believes that if Sheila is with Katie that she is in danger. Eric wants Quinn to call Ridge. He needs to get up to the house, so she isn’t alone. Quinn suggests they call Baker. Eric can handle Sheila. He wants her to get Ridge up here.

Bill knows that Katie getting dragged off to the police station will put a damper on Brooke. Liam doesn’t think she was arrested. Bill should call her and let her know. Wyatt reminds him that Brooke went to Forrester. She probably already knows by now.

Brooke is glad that they cleared Katie. She knew they would. She asks who would ever believe that she could shoot Quinn. Ridge agrees, but someone is targeting Quinn. Brooke wants him to be careful. He got involved with Quinn due to his behavior, but maybe he has feelings for her. Ridge needs to find out who shot her.

Katie has no reason to help her so she can leave now. Sheila just needs a good word with the Forrester’s. She asks if that is so hard to do. Katie asks if she shot at Quinn. Sheila didn’t. She has been locked up. She doesn’t just shoot people anymore. Sheila wants her to be looked at as the woman she is now. She is asking Katie nicely. The best years of her life were spent as the Forrester’s. She needs to put her life back together. She asks if she has ever been to prison. It isn’t fun. Katie asks if that is really where she has been. Sheila assumes she thought she was dead or wished she was. She understands. She has done terrible and unspeakable things. Sheila will never be that woman again. She just needs Katie to talk to Eric. He loved her enough to marry her. Katie already told her that her answer is no. Sheila asks her to stop saying that. Eric walks in. Sheila smiles when he says her name.

Bill wonders if Wyatt is alright. Wyatt claims he is fine. Liam believes he is too easy to read to get away with that. Bill isn’t interested in Quinn, but he is in Wyatt. Wyatt knows that this would have made sense before, but she has changed since Eric. Eric is as happy as she has ever been. She has even made friends with Ridge. Wyatt asks who could want to hurt Quinn now.

Ridge walks into the mansion and Quinn is scared. Ridge asks if she is ok. He got her text. Quinn says that Eric didn’t want her to be alone. Ridge will not let anything happen to her. Ridge wants her to relax. Quinn tells Ridge that she went back over to Katie’s to confront her. When she got there, there was a woman who claimed to be an old family friend of the Logan’s. Then Eric got a text and ran out of the house. Quinn says that the woman who was at Katie’s house, was Sheila Carter. Ridge finds that impossible. Quinn doesn’t think so. She is there right now.

Sheila feels that Eric looks wonderful. He is so handsome. Eric wants to know what she is doing here. Sheila is here to make amends. She came to help. She realizes how much Eric values the opinions of people he cares for. Sheila came with good intentions. She knows she has done horrible things. She wants to make things up to him. She wants to be accepted by him and his family again. She doesn’t think anyone has the capability to forgive like he has. Sheila wants to apply changes to her life. Sheila is telling the truth. Eric saw that before. He has learned, the more convincing she is, the more dangerous. She draws people in that she is sorry. A shot was fired at his wife at this direction and suddenly she is here. Sheila wouldn’t have done that when she is trying to make right with him. Eric will not let her harm his family. He will not let her harm his wife. Eric calls Baker. He tells him that he has their shooter. It is Sheila Carter.

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