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Steffy and Liam kiss in the CEO's office. Liam wonders if she is still stressed. Steffy is ok and wonders how he is doing. She knows that Bill isn’t happy about not getting his building. Liam knows he is angry about that but he has Brooke so he is less grumpy than he could be. Steffy is glad. She has Liam so now she can have lunch with her brother today. Steffy says that they are all going to lunch today and Sally will be there too.

Thomas asks Sally what she thinks about some clothing. Sally thinks they are beautiful and wonders if they are his. Thomas says that they are hers if she wants them. Sally asks if they are for her. Thomas knows they aren’t her usual style but they are a little restrained. Sally thinks that these are a little pricy. Thomas wants her to remember that she needs to make a statement with her clothing. Sally asks if they are going to lunch. Thomas tells her it is with his sister.

Wyatt asks Quinn if someone shot at her. Quinn says she is fine. Eric wonders where Baker is. Ridge tells them that they are next door at Katie’s house. Wyatt assumes that Katie must have saw something.

Katie tells Baker that she heard what happened and is concerned. Baker claims he can see that. Katie is. She lives right next door and has a child. She wonders what would happen if the guy started shooting at her house next. Baker wonders why she says he. Katie knows that there were no witnesses. Katie asks if he has any clues. Baker only has questions right now and wonders if she cares to answer a few. Katie assumes that Quinn said that it was her. She cannot possibly believe that she would shoot at Quinn.

Liam thinks that his day just got more interesting. Lunch with Steffy and Sally Spectra. Steffy explains that Thomas insisted that she come along. He is the only one who will keep her from strangling her. Thomas left the family company to go and run Spectra. Sally totally tricked him.

Sally thinks that breaking bread with the princess should be fun. Thomas wants them all to get along and Steffy will see that today. Sally knows that Rome wasn’t built over appetizers. Sally knows that people need to see that she is reinventing the brand. Sally will be right back unless he wants her to undress right here. Thomas doesn’t think that they would ever make it to lunch on time. The two kiss each other.

Eric asks if Quinn really thinks that Katie did this. Quinn explains that Katie hates her. She fired her like he wanted her to and she didn’t take it well. Wyatt assumes that she threatened her. Ridge tells them that Katie pointed a gun at her.

Katie knows that Quinn made it clear that she tried to kill her. She assumes that is why she is here. Baker knows that Quinn fired her. Baker knows she pulled a gun. Katie knows it was a stupid impulse. Baker knows that the bullet came to this direction. He needs her to come downtown with him. She can answer a few questions. Katie has no issue going downtown if that is what it takes to clear her name. Baker is glad.

Steffy guesses they should get going. Liam is proud of her. Steffy doesn’t want to hear that she is doing the right thing. The last time he said that, she sent Thomas right back into Sally’s arms. Liam asks if Steffy thinks that Thomas will do well at Spectra. Steffy thinks that he will. He is an amazing designer. Steffy doesn’t know how well he will change things there.

Sally walks out wearing the outfit. Sally guesses that this is new and improved. Thomas thinks she is making a statement. He likes it very much. Thomas doesn’t know how Steffy will react but he does have one request. She skip the tiramisu.

Wyatt wonders if Katie really pulled Charlie's gun on her. Quinn confirms that she did. Eric cannot even see that. Quinn was terrified. Ridge thinks that she was trying to intimidate Quinn. Wyatt feels that they need to take this seriously. Eric has a few questions for Katie himself. Ridge wants him to take it easy. Eric is glad she is alright. He needs to leave for a little bit. Ridge wants the police to handle this. Eric wants to figure out what is going on. Wyatt promises that if it was Katie she will find out.

At the police station, Baker notes that Katie looks a little on edge. Katie is sitting at a police station. Baker points out that she is just answering a few questions. She hasn’t been arrested. Katie asks if that is the truth even if Katie has accused her of cheating. Baker wonders if Katie really did shoot the gun. He wonders if she did try to kill Katie.

At lunch, Steffy and Liam are sitting. Liam wonders if she wants to get some wine. Steffy wants a bottle. Liam doesn’t think that they know what Thomas and Sally are having. Steffy tells him that the bottle is for her. She guesses they can wait. Liam promises that it won’t be that bad. Steffy points out they are having lunch with her brother and the thief that stole her entire collection. Liam guesses they can get the bottle. Thomas and Sally show up but don’t sit down yet. Thomas promises that they will be fine. He wants her to trust him. Liam says it is good to see him. Steffy sees that Sally is dressed differently. Sally thanks her for noticing. Steffy would rather have him back at the office where he belongs.

Baker just needs Katie to answer the question. He just needs to know if she shot at Quinn. Katie finds it to be the most ridicules thing she has ever heard. Baker wants her to take a gun residue test. Katie guesses that is why she is here. Baker says it won’t take long. They just need some samples and then they will send it over to the lab. Katie holds her hands (which she had washed before talking to Quinn earlier). A specialist takes a swab of her right hand. She starts to shake a little. Baker wonders if she has changed her clothes. Katie hasn’t. Baker wants her sleeve checked as well. Katie doesn’t think that it will show anything. She didn’t shoot a gun. She didn’t try and shoot her. Baker guesses they will let the evidence determine that.

Wyatt cannot picture Katie shooting at anyone. He wants to know what he is missing. She gave Katie a job. Quinn thought it would make things better but she snapped. Wyatt guesses that the police thought that the gun came from her houses direction. Wyatt wants to see the bullet hole. Quinn doesn’t want to see it again. Ridge tells her that they will be right back. Quinn takes out binoculars and looks outside. She sees a woman inside Katie’s house from the back. Quinn wants to know why Katie isn’t at the police station.

Liam knows that everyone is busy. Thomas thinks that they are making a lot of changes but it is fun. Steffy asks if working at Forrester wasn’t. Thomas isn’t going to compare the two. Steffy doesn’t think that there is a comparison. Sally thinks that Thomas has brought a lot of good things to Thomas. Sally is sorry for stealing and harming her company. She understands she doesn’t trust her. She shouldn’t question how she feels for Thomas though. Sally has so much respect for him as a designer and a person and a man. They are damn lucky to have him at Spectra and to have him in her life.

Wyatt knows that Quinn was shaken up. He wonders if Katie could be the shooter.

Baker says that the results won’t take long. Baker wants to know more about her relationship with Quinn. Someone calls Baker and he tells them to send him in. Eric shows up. He has been told what happened. Baker asks how Quinn is doing. Eric knows she is upset. Katie has nothing to hide from anyone. Eric knows that he and her have been friends for a long time. He admires and respects her. Eric asks if she held a gun on Quinn. Katie thinks it was stupid but she was trying to make her see what it feels like. She didn’t try to kill Quinn. She doesn’t like Quinn or trust her but she wouldn’t kill anyone. She would never do anything like that. Someone is out there who tried to kill his wife. Someone who wants Quinn dead.

Quinn walks into Katie’s house. She asks if Katie is here. Someone walks over and Quinn asks who she is. She turns around and it is revealed to be Sheila Carter.

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