B&B Wednesday Update 6/7/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/7/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Quinn goes outside on to the patio of the Forrester Mansion. She takes a sip of a drink. Katie is watching from inside her house and tells herself she hates Quinn.

On a plane, Rick tells Maya that in just a few more hours they will be with Lizzy. Maya is sorry she cut the trip short. Rick doesn’t want her to worry about it. She made the right choice. Maya would have loved to stay in Paris but she couldn’t wait. She needs to be home in LA. Rick feels she got a lot accomplished. Maya will feel better when she has Lizzy back in her arms.

Nicole walks into Brooke’s living room holding Lizzy. She tells Zende that she ate all her breakfast this morning. Zende is proud of her. Nicole thinks that they will be doing artwork today. Lizzy loves art and is such a natural. Zende thinks that Nicole will be the best mom. He has no doubt in his mind. They are going to raise some incredible kids. They will be kind and giving. They will have a little one like Lizzy running around in no time.

Maya knows that they weren’t in Paris long but it feels like forever. She hopes that Lizzy remembers how. Rick doubts she has forgotten. Maya is her mom. Maya knows that they had so many great people taking care of Lizzy. Rick doesn’t think that they had to worry about not having anyone to look after Lizzy. He heard that they were fighting over who got to take care of her. Maya thinks that Lizzy is lucky. Maya knows that Nicole really stepped up. Rick thinks she is probably ready for a break.

Nicole tells Zende that Lizzy is resting right now. She should be good by the time that Rick and Maya get back. Zende thought that they would be gone a few more days. Nicole guesses they decided to hop on a plane this morning. Nicole didn’t think it was right to have Rick and Maya away from Lizzy for so long but at the same time she enjoyed spending the time with her. Zende knows that Lizzy sure does love her. That makes two of them. Zende kisses Nicole. Julius walks in asking where his grandchild is. Nicole tells him that she is taking a nap. Rick and Maya are coming back today.

Ridge walks into the mansion living room. He tells Quinn that he ran out of coffee in the guest house. Quinn can see he helped himself. Ridge can see she likes her coffee strong. Ridge wonders where Eric is. Quinn says that he isn’t here. He left for the day. Ridge assumes she would already be at the office. Quinn isn’t in any rush. Ridge promises her that Katie will not be there. Quinn is worried about what Katie will do now that she is fired.

Ivy shows up at Katie’s house. Katie doesn’t think that this is a good time. Ivy wanted to see how she was feeling. Katie wonders how she thinks she is feeling. She was just fired by Quinn of all people. She is so angry she could scream. She hates her.

Rick points out that they wanted to take Lizzy with them. They just couldn’t without the nanny there. Maya knows. She thought the trip was only going to last a day or two though. Rick thinks that everything worked out. Maya would have asked Nicole or her parents to look after Lizzy but Nicole and Vivienne work all week and Zende is designing. She didn’t want to throw that on them. Rick guesses that if there is a next time then they will ask everyone. Maya cannot believe that Nicole told her she wasn’t a good mother when Lizzy is the most important thing in the world to her. Rick knows that and Lizzy knows that. So does everyone else. Maya suggests that something is going on with Nicole. It doesn’t sound like herself.

Julius thought that Maya was staying away longer. Nicole explains she changed her mind and left early. Julius knows she has done an amazing job with Lizzy. She will make an amazing mother no matter what the doctors say. He is sure that his baby girl was born to be a mother. Zende thinks she is right. She will make a great mother someday. Zende says goodbye to both of them as he goes off to work. Julius doesn’t want her to lose faith. Nicole thinks it is hard not to sometimes. Julius knows. She just needs to think about it happening. He has seen her with Lizzy. She has a special gift. There is no way she will be deprived of having her own child. Especially, after she gave her own daughter to Rick and Maya.

Quinn doesn’t even like being alone with Ridge. Quinn cannot keep having them put in these situations. She is planning on staying away from him. She promised. Ridge guesses they agree. He asks why she is still talking about this. Quinn thinks that Katie will hold this over their heads. She might tell Eric. She held a gun on her. Quinn thinks that Katie is dangerous.

Katie knows they keep telling her that nothing is going on. Ivy assumes she doesn’t believe that. Katie doesn’t. They are always so close to each other. Ivy knows that Ridge was comforting her. Which makes sense after she pulled a gun on her. Ivy would be upset as well if Quinn fired her but it isn’t anything personal. It is just business. Ivy thinks that she is afraid to set her off. Katie wonders if she really thinks she wants to tell Eric. She doesn’t. Quinn is dangerous though and she cannot stand by and do nothing. She needs to be stopped once and for all.

Rick tells Maya that they are landing soon. Maya is glad they will get to see her little girl.

Nicole knows they should be landing soon. Maya said that they will be heading straight here. Nicole knows it will be good for Lizzy to have her parents home. Julius wonders about Nicole. Nicole doesn’t think that this is about her. She has enjoyed her time with her and would like to help out again. Julius wants Nicole to be in charge of Lizzy next time. Not Pam or that Coco girl. He doesn’t think that this is fine. Julius is starting to question everything. She had this baby. She wasn’t prepared for the bond she has with this baby. She cannot forget whose child this really is.

Ridge needs Quinn to let this go. Quinn asks if she has ever had a gun pointed to his face. She cannot get this out of her head. Ridge points out the gun wasn’t loaded. Quinn doesn’t think she knew that. Ridge knows she didn’t tell Eric. Quinn knows that there is nothing to tell him. Ridge wants to focus on that. Quinn knows that Katie blames her. Quinn thinks that he should have heard all the things that Katie was saying. She has never seen Katie like this. Quinn thinks she is losing her mind.

Ivy understands she is disappointed. Losing her job must be sad. Katie thinks it goes beyond that. Ivy suggests that there is something else that she could do at Forrester. Katie knows the only reason she was given the job was to keep her quiet. She asks why everyone allows Quinn to get away with what she does. She treats Ivy like crap. Good and honest people are hurt by her. She gets away with it. Quinn doesn’t deserve to live. Katie wants her to leave right now. She needs to get out of her house. Ivy leaves. Katie looks over at the mansion.

Quinn knows that Katie is watching them. She cannot wait for them to make another mistake. Ridge will not let her have any reason to think that and Katie will soon realize it. She will give up. Quinn hopes she is right. Quinn feels a little better. Ridge thinks that is progress. Quinn doesn’t think she will ever feel comfortable around Katie. Ridge realized that Quinn is a survivor. He knows she will survive this. Katie isn’t going to screw her up. Ridge leaves.

Julius feels that Nicole and Lizzy look great together as mother and daughter. He is serious the way that she looks at her. He knows that she knows she is her mother. Maya walks in and tells Lizzy she missed her so much. She grabs her from Nicole and asks how she is. Nicole says she woke up from a nap. Nicole will always be here for her. Maya thinks that Nicole is the best aunt that Lizzy could have. Julius asks how Paris was. Maya thinks it went well. She canceled at the last minute. She missed Lizzy so much. She missed her every minute she was away. Julius thinks it is hard for a parent to be separated from their child. Maya knows. She tells Lizzy that Rick missed her too. He is at work by will be home soon. Then they will all be together again. Maya missed her. She is everything to her. She is her world. She loves her so much.

Quinn walks back out on to the patio. She looks out into the distance and thinks of Ridge telling her that Katie isn’t dangerous. Katie has a gun on her and pulls the trigger.

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